Monday, 24 October 2016

Fit Week and Weekend In Review

This week did not start out as good as I had hoped given how much progress I had had the week before.  Monday I felt great but I must have tweaked my foot or something because shortly after I picked up the girls from school and walked home, my achilles felt really tight, the whole top of my foot was really tight and the bottom of my foot, below the toes was sore too.  I went to bootcamp and it pretty much sucked because I was so limited.  I was feeling so discouraged but as Shannon said, that's how recovery to some injuries work.  Tuesday I decided to take the whole day off from everything and I think that was a great idea.  I did do some achilles stretching though and that felt ok. On Wednesday, I felt good again so I ran for 18 minutes on my treadmill.  I would have ran longer because I was feeling really good but somehow I think the magnetic thing that powers it came loose and it reset and I lost all my run data.  I did luck out because I was just hitting the 18 minute mark and was about to slow my treadmill down to walking pace and I had glanced a where I was.  I had ran/walked about 2.56km.  I finished up with some core work and some more stretching.  On Thursday, I ran again and this time made to 3.71km in just slightly over 30 minutes.  I was pretty pumped with my run given how my week had started.  I did some stretching and called it a day.  On Friday, I was gonna run again on my treadmill but I just wasn't feeling it so I did my ankle rehab exercises, 20 crunches, 50 bicycles, and 20 double leg drops with butt lifts and I did a few arm exercises on my TRX.  No idea what the arm exercises are called as they were some random ones I remembered from bootcamp.  On Saturday, I took another full rest day and then on Sunday, I ran outside for the first time in 13 days and pulled out a 38 minutes 5km doing  3 and 2's.  I was feeling pretty good about myself I cannot lie.  Both my knee and ankle felt really good although when I finished I had some knee pain but that is pain that goes with tight it bands so I made sure I went and rolled out my quads + it band and stretched out my hips and hamstrings too.  Now that I am able to run 5km distances, I have to make sure I get back doing all of my normal running stretching and strengthening exercises on top of my ankle rehab ones.  No idea where I am going to find all of this time but somehow I got to fit it all in to prevent any more injuries from occurring as I gradually increase my running distance.  

I had to borrow Michelle's watch for my run on Sunday because Greg lost mine.  He borrowed it when he ran a relay in Banff on Saturday and somehow it never made it home.  We have searched our house 4x over and the car as well and my watch is no where to be found.  :(

Our weekend kicked off on Friday when we dropped Finley off at a playdate and Penelope and I went shopping for her friends birthday party that was the following day.  We picked out a Monster High Doll and a Barbie paint book for her.  Penelope was very excited to go home and wrap it. She loves wrapping presents even if she wastes more then I like to see.  

We came home from shopping and Penelope made a birthday card for  her friend while I cooked supper. Greg and I had Greek Ribs for supper and they were so good.  Probably the best I have made in a long time. I don't normally make 2 meals but we only had a few ribs and Penelope wanted a quasadilla so she had that instead.  After supper, Greg and I hung out downstairs looking at replacement watches  for the running watch he lost and Penelope played shopkins in her room.  I went and picked up Finley from her playdate and both kids went to bed early because they both had big Saturdays and I also went to bed very early as I was also very tired.  I had been dealing with headaches every single day and it was a bit much.  

On Saturday, we all slept in a bit before we all got up and got ready for birthday parties.  Finley was having her 8th birthday party at 11:30 at Lloyd's Roller Rink and Penelope had her friend's party at 1230 here in our neighbourhood.  Thankfully Uncle Brad + Kari came and watched Penelope from 11 to 1230 and dropped her off at her birthday party so Greg and I could be at Finley's birthday party.  But more on that later.  

We left Finley's party at 230 when it ended and it took us forever to get home.  They were paving at Macleod + Southland so it was down to one lane in either direction which led to backups every where.  Even back roads and short cuts were backed up.  We eventually made it back to our community and stopped for slurpees before we picked up Penelope from her party.  Penelope had so much fun and both girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Finley's gifts and their goody bags.  Greg made homemade shrimp fried rice while the girls went for a bike ride around the block with our neighbour.  Both kids went to bed early and Greg went for beers at Jack's house and I went to bed and watched Saturday Night Live which was amazing from beginning to the end.  

Despite having the worst sleep ever, I woke up early and went out and got a run in.  As you read earlier in this post, I managed to pull out a semi decent 5km.  I came home from that and cleaned up the dishes from the night before because I was lazy and didn't do it.  I hate when I do that and it is very rare that I do but I seriously get mad at myself when I wake up to a messy kitchen.  

After I cleaned up, I spent a bit of time reading Gabby Bernstein's "The Universe Has Your Back" which I am finding to be incredibly challenging.  I find myself to be a mostly positive person but I find it hard to be a believer in "you get out what you put in".  Hopefully this book will continue to challenge me on this and I can make some more positive changes.  I promise to review it when I finish it.  

After some reading while Greg went for his 10km run, I got out my day planner, the master copies of my daily to do lists and then transferred that into a notebook where I cross off all the things I get done.  I constantly add to the list on each day because some things come up that I don't normally do.  I make sure that my to do list notebook, my day planner and the calendar on our command centre wall all match so that I don't forget anything and can alter our schedule when necessary.  I do this every Sunday usually.  Also at this time, I got a head start and did 2 loads of laundry that are normally done on Monday and Tuesday. 

It was a beautiful Sunday and Pizza basked in the sunlight that came in through the front door while Finley and Penelope played outside with some friends.  They rode bikes, chalked up the driveway and who knows what else until it was time for Finley to go grocery shopping and for lunch with Greg.  Penelope and I had some lunch and did some baking.  

We baked Ayesha Curry's Chocolate Chip Cookies and they are just as delicious as the first time I made them.  I doubt I will ever use a different recipe when making chocolate chip cookies.  We also used the ripe bananas to make some banana bread from a recipe that was my Grandma Taggart's and written out by my Aunty Sandy.  It makes my heart happy to share these recipes and make the same memories with Penelope that I had baking with my Aunty growing up. 

I almost never make banana loaf because mine never ever turns out but this one did and it was so good.  My house smelled so good, it looked good and it tasted delicious.  This is another one that I will always turn to when my bananas get too ripe to eat.  

Once the baking was done, Greg and Finley came home and the girls played outside some more.  Finley played on the swing and Penelope took what chalk we had left and coloured the swing set pink and white because it is now her castle.  She has such a cute imagination.  I also started to make some light sabres out of pool noodles for the girls and a few of their friends but after I got them cut, I couldn't find any tape to use for the handle.  It was going to be a party favour for Finley's party but I changed my mind so I now have a ton of pool noodles in my garage if anybody needs some haha.  I will have to finish the sabres on Monday after I go buy some tape.  

I then focused on drinking some water after drinking like NONE on Saturday which is just wrong on so many levels while working on some blog posts for this week and watching the Patriots game on the iPad.  Have I mentioned how much I love Shaw Free Range TV???  I love being able to watch so much tv on my iPad since we have no tv on our main floor and I get bored cleaning or blogging or washing dishes with nothing on.  It comes in handy from time to time.  

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching football and then it was soon supper and bath time with a early bed time for some tired kids.  It was a nice laid back day to prepare us for the busy week and weekend coming up.  Hope you all had a good weekend!

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