Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fit Week In Review

This week's Fit Week In Review is a day late since I was in Invermere over the weekend and didn't get a chance to write my blog up on Sunday night and was too busy on Monday morning to get it posted it early enough.  Over all I was happy with my week given both my sprained ankle and insanely awful cold.  


On Monday evening I finally made my return to bootcamp and I was so happy to be back.  I am not allowed to do too much because of my ankle and almost everything I did was modified.  I did push ups and superman's from my knees, I warmed up with 3 laps ran around the baseball diamond but for the rest of the running I did step ups on a baseball bench instead, I did one legged planks, I did a lot of squats instead of other things which is both good for my bum and my knee and I did lunges on my good leg.  I did pistol squats mostly from my good leg but I did get a few on my bad leg too.  I did some core and thought I was going to die.  It's amazing how much you lose being inactive for almost an entire month!!  By the end of the class my ankle was pretty sore despite doing so much modified activity but that is to be expected.  

Tuesday's are normally run days but I am not doing back to back workouts yet since my ankle is still really weak.  I woke up and my ankle was sore and the rest of my body ached from the workout the night before.  I took it easy for most of the day and by late afternoon my ankle was feeling good enough to get some stretching, balancing and strengthening in.  I switched my balancing from my balance board to my bosu ball since it's softer and better for where I am strength wise right now in my ankle.  It felt really good to work it all out. 

On Wednesday morning, Greg texted me after he got to work to see if I could go to bootcamp in the morning since he had to work later and then was going out for dinner with one of their vendors who were in from Chicago.  It was pretty chilly and I considered not going but I did and again did modified workouts.  Basically the same as Monday night but instead of step ups to the baseball bench, I did high knees very slowly.  And the best part was that my ankle barely hurt as we finished up class.  I was hopeful that things were on the mend finally for good. 

Thursday again was just more stretching, strengthening and balancing.  I added 5 pistol squats with my trx on my bad leg and it felt pretty good.  However, by the time Greg got home from work on Thursday night, it was really sore.  Greg said that this is going to happen while I recover my ankle injury because they are one of the toughest ligaments and bones to heal.  I was really discouraged by this and the fact that I have now basically lost all of the last 3 years of hard work training and running and it feels like it's all for not.  I am trying to remain optimistic since I did have a good week but some days it is truly hard. 

On the weekend, I had a much needed break from injuries and my crazy life in general and headed out to Invermere for a few days of relaxation with one of my best friends.  We drank wine, we sold some girl guide cookies hahaha and we ate and ate and ate.  It was a great time for sure.  But now it is back to real life and rehabbing my ankle and trying to get my cardio back up some how.....

hope you all have a fit week!

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