Friday, 28 October 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Finley!

Dear Finley,

Today we celebrate your 8th birthday!!  It's been 8 crazy years since you came bouncing into our lives early that Wednesday morning.  

You are a reader.  You read all the time.  We have to tell you to turn your light off every night otherwise you would read forever and sometimes you do.  You love reading the Rainbow Fairy books.  You tried to take out every single one our local library had on their shelves and were so upset when I told you couldn't have all those books.  I managed to find a whole bunch second hand and Penelope is so excited to give them to you for your birthday today.  You also love to draw and write stories.  You have pictures all over your bedroom and notebooks full of stories.  You seem to really love drawing out star wars characters these days - at least the ones on the good side which your dad says isn't actually a thing but whatever hhaaha.  You have recently gotten into Pokemon cards and I don't even being to pretend to understand this but you take yours to school and you and your friends play in the field or something like that with them haha .

You love your kitties - both Luci and Pizza.  Luci still doesn't much like you even after all these years but Pizza sure does and you seem to still love her even after she peed in your bed.  Mind you, you did have her locked in your bedroom at the time so that is probably why.  

You started going backpacking with your dad and sister this year and a few times Uncle Brad and K came along with you guys.  I think you went on 4 trips but it might actually be 3.  You love carrying all the stuff on your backpack which is kinda crazy to me but you truly are your daddy's girl.  You still love camping, biking, hiking and playing outside with the neighbours.  You took a year off from soccer last summer and have come back stronger then ever and you just made the indoor developmental Academy B team which is pretty good.  And even more importantly, you love the game again.  You had lost that for awhile.  You love the game of volleyball despite never having played it.  I think your cousin Madi has a lot to do with this.  You got a volleyball this summer and your daddy has taught you some stuff.  You look forward to the day you can play volleyball in school.  I love you like to be active and healthy and I hope this continues on the older that you get.  

You love all things pasta and hate all things sandwiches.  You will on occasion eat a grilled cheese but you would prefer not to. You also love nachos and breakfast wraps that your dad makes for you.  You love the cinnamon buns with icing from Cobbs and Pumpkin Scones from Starbucks.  You like bananas but hate banana bread.  Even with chocolate chips.  You love melon and grapes and pineapple and love pineapple juice.  You have progressed tremendously with sushi and we have finally reached a point where you will eat enough of it that we no longer have to get you a side of rice to go with it.  

You love school and all the learning that goes with it.  Your favourite subjects are math and science which even further proves that you are your father's child - not that we needed that haha.  You like being with your friends and thrive on being a teacher's pet.  You are eager to learn and the teachers love that about you.  You love that you are known as the best math student and love it even more when your friends come to you for help.  You still want to move to Houston and work for NASA and even more importantly, you want to be the first female on the moon. You also want to make the Canadian Olympic Volleyball and made sure that our dentist knew that.  I love that you have these huge dreams and that your father and I will always encourage you to dream big and will do all that we can to make sure those dreams come true.  Michael Phelps once said "Anything is possible as long as you dream." And he is not wrong. 

You and your little sister get along as well as 2 sisters can.  You fight about 60% of the time , 20% of the time you barely tolerate her and the last 20% is you two actually getting along well.  You both drive me crazy but I low that you are no different then I was with my sister.  One day you will both grow up and realize how much you both need each other.  Until then, I will try to tolerate how awful you are to each other.  But if I am being honest, it is mostly Penelope provoking you and you just losing your temper trying to deal with her.  We try to get you to count to 10 before reacting but it rarely works.  But what can I say, you come by it honestly.  It's one of the few traits that you inherited from me haha.  

Thank you Finley for choosing your dad and I to be your parents.  It is our most favourite thing to do and we hope that we are doing right by you and that you one day grow up and continue be the sweet, sensitive soul with your compassionate heart that you currently are.  We hope that this next year we will be even more full of amazing adventures with you.

Love always, 

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