Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Superstore Click + Collect

We hosted Thanksgiving this year and needed to pick up the groceries for the meal prior to our feast as Penelope calls it.  I didn't want have to deal with the craziness of grocery stores that typically occurs before Thanksgiving so we decided to try to out Click and Collect which is a program that Superstore introduced a few months ago.  We had wanted to give it a try for a long time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.  

I went into my PC Points app thinking I could do the click and collect from there but it has to be done from the superstore click and collect website so I googled those exact words and it took me to the site.  I entered in my location and picked the store closest to me.  At first I started creating my grocery list by the aisle but stopped after my first try with brussel sprouts and realized that this was going to take forever doing it like this.

So I decided to use the search function instead which helped me get through my list so much faster which I appreciated.  I found it interesting that some things you found but were not able to add to the grocery list.  I don't understand why they were there for me to select if I could not actually add them to my cart.  You have to be very exact with your search though, spelling has to be 100% right as it doesn't auto correct like google does and you can enter in fancy bread as a search item either.  I had search bread and then scroll through to find what I was looking for.  I also found it odd that I had to enter how many actual brussel sprouts I wanted instead of by weight.  

And then when I got to my cart, I saw the little note beside the brussel sprouts that said "not sure about the amount but about 2 lbs" so that really puzzled me since it did ask me for the amount of them when I added them to the cart.  I also appreciated the notes that they automatically add to your fruit selection.  We did not buy any meat so I don't know how that part of it works.  I forgot to add the turkey so Greg went to grab it when he picked up the order. 

Once I made sure I had everything in my cart, I went to select a date and time for pick up.  I picked 5 - 7 for my time slot since Greg was picking it up on his way home from work since his park and ride spot is right at Superstore.  This must be a popular time for pick up since it is more money to do it then any other time. Fortunately, Superstore sent me a $5 coupon for signing up for Click + Collect so it was free.  I linked my PC Points card to my order and added a few extra items into my cart to get the bonus points too.  You need to have a valid credit card to do the program even though they don't charge it and you can pay with an alternative method at pick up.  I suspect they do that to charge some kind of service fee if you don't follow through with picking up the groceries. 

I hit checkout and submit and my order was done.  We had until midnight to change anything on our order otherwise it was set in stone.  I said no to all substitutions but when I got the email saying my order was ready for pick up, they did substitute my regular can of whipped cream to the light version which I didn't care about since we were only using it for Pie Face anyways.  You have the right to decline all substitutions at pick up.  They give you a number to call when you arrive for pick up and they have designated parking spots for you wait for your cart to arrive.  They also have all your groceries bagged but you do have the option at checkout to use your own bags if you want.  I didn't look at the receipt so I don't know if they charge you for the bags or not.  

Overall I was really happy with the experience and I would most definitely use the service again.  My only complaint was that we ended up getting zero PC Points and I suspect that was because  the offeres expire on Thursday so the ones I tried to take advantage of on Wednesday were no longer value on Thursday.  And then because I couldn't alter the list after 12am on Thursday, I couldn't load the new offers which would have gotten me new points.  I did mention that to Superstore when they sent me a survey about it on Friday.  I hate grocery shopping as much as I hate snakes and I rarely do it anyways.  But if I have to do a big run like this whether it's a holiday or not, I would use this.  Greg liked it but he also likes grocery shopping and takes one of the girls each weekend out for lunch and then they go and get the groceries so he's on the fence if he would  use it again or not.  

I definitely recommend that you give it a try for yourself and see how great it is!

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