Monday, 10 October 2016

Thankful Grateful Blessed

I am grateful for friends who become like family and are always there when you need them.  Whether it's a playdate, lunch, babysitting, coffee, wine or a weekend away.  You know you can always count on them when you need them most.  This is how our Thanksgiving weekend kicked off.  Babysitting, Playdate and a simple afternoon full of chatting and chocolate chip cookies.   

I am happy I found Pie Face and that my mom and sister came up for the weekend.  The girls were so excited to get pie face for Grandma and everybody loved it except for Penelope.  She loved it when others got pie faced and hated it when she did.  

I am grateful, thankful and blessed for the amazing healthcare that we as Canadians are privileged to have.  It is not a total disaster like Trump said it was in the Town Hall last night.  Penelope had a ear infection and we headed to South Calgary Campus where we were in and out within an hour and Penelope was feeling better by later the next day.

I am thankful we tried out the smith which is a new non chained restaurant in South Calgary.  I eat parmesan truffle fries at every single restaurant I go to that has them on the menu and these were by far the best I had ever had.  I want to go back like now to have them again.  It's a great restaurant with some good food at reasonable prices.  

We watched Harry Potter movie #4 with Finley on Saturday night.  She loves Harry Potter and was quite upset that she couldn't watch the rest of the movies for awhile since they are too scary for her.  She is going to love  Harry Potter World next month!!!

I am thankful, blessed and grateful for a kid who loves washing the floor.  She washes it almost every single day and is always excited to do it.  I hope she always wants to wash my floor.

I am thankful that my mom, sister, husband and older daughter all slept in on Sunday morning so Penelope could have some one on one time playing games.  She beat me at the Shopkins version of Go Fish, Shopkins version of trouble and Frozen Monopoly.  I did manage to beat her at Candyland.

I am grateful for all my family that came to our house for dinner on Sunday night.  Greg cooked a great turkey and I made a killer kale/spinach caesar salad with a recipe I got from a friend after she made it for us a few weeks ago.  It is amazing, no lie.  I will share it on here shortly.  

I am happy that I finally perfected my Aunty Sandy's pumpkin pie and wish she could have been here to see me finally do it.  I made 5 pies this weekend and 3 were her recipe and they all turned out. I am also thankful that we still have one pie left for us to eat today!  Yay for leftovers!

But more then anything in the world, I am beyond thankful, grateful and blessed to have these 3 in my life.  They all drive my crazy almost all of the time but my life would be nothing without them in it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

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