Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Becky's California Favorites

So we each decided on our favourites in a variety of categories and here is mine!

1.  Favorite Disney Ride:  I pretty much loved every Disney ride I went on except for 2 (see further down below) but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Holiday Haunted Mansion.  After seeing it all decked out for the Holidays I don't know if I could ever go back on the regular ride and be entertained.  A close second would be Soaring Around The World, which used to be Soaring Around California.  The revamped ride was amazing and I loved every second of it.

Favorite Universal Studios Ride: I was heading into Universal thinking my favourite ride would be the new Harry Potter ride but it was for the second time in a row, The Simpson's ride.  I have never watched the tv show other then being in the same room on the rare occasion that Greg watches it but I love it.  You go into a little cart and because of the 3D screen it feels like you are on a legit roller coaster and it is fantastic!!

Favorite Ride Overall:  The Simpson's by a HAIR

Favorite Food in California:  It was this peach and beet salad that I ordered on our first night there and it was amazing.  It was at JD Schmidt's which was located near the Honda Center where the Ducks play and Angel Stadium where the Angels play.  I wish I had taken a photo but instead you are getting a photo of the transit station entrance.  Isn't it amazing?  I think it is the prettiest transit station in the entire world.

Favorite Character Met: We met 27 characters but most I have met the previous 2 times and God knows I love Cinderella and I always enjoy meeting her but I loved meeting Gru from Dispicable Me which is one of my favourite movies.  We also met the girls and the minions!  The new Minion Land at Universal is really well done.

My Favorite Beach: I loved Manhattan Beach which was the first beach we visited and I was quite torn between there and this one and ultimately went with Mission Beach in San Diego.  We had spent the day at the San Diego Zoo and then we headed down to the USS Midway and the Waterfront before ending the day at Mission Beach where we played in the sand and water before having supper at The Draft which had this view from the windows.  It was amazing!

Favorite Animal at San Diego Zoo: The coolest animal I saw at the Zoo was probably the Sorval but I think my favourite moment was watching this bear playing in the water.  We spent a lot of time watching him play and it was fantastic.  Another favourite moment was probably towards the end of our day at the zoo when we saw 2 gigantic turtles having sex.  The noises they make are quite ridiculous.  Adults were snickering and kids thought they were fighting.  

Favorite Disney Moment:  The Jedi Training was super amazing.  I am pretty sure Greg wished he was in there getting the training too.  A must do for every Star Wars loving kid

Favorite Overall Trip Moment: I have two: 

The first is the whole entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Although I didn't love the main attraction which is the ride, I loved everything else!!!

Our first stop in Harry Potter World was Ollivander's which was so cool.  They actually had things mechanically set so it was like magic.  They didn't have Ollivander sorting the wands but she did look a lot like Professor McGunigal.  This is actually the busiest attraction inside Harry Potter Land and lines for it by the end of the day are almost 2 hours.  We were the first ones in for the day. 

Hogsmeade was so awesome.  I felt like Hermoine Grainger there haha.  We drank frozen ButterBeer and ate lunch at Three Broomsticks.  It was so freaking amazing!!!

My second favourite part of our trip was experiencing the holiday magic of Disneyland.  I already thought Disney was the most magical place in the whole world but Holiday Disney just takes it up a whole other notch!!  IT IS AMAZING!!!!

My Least Favorite Ride:   Teacups.  The girls and Greg were spinning it so fast that I thought I was going to vomit but fortunately I did not but I felt very nauseous every ride I went on after that hahaha.

Least Favorite Moment: Ride Operators thinking that I was 14 and not old enough to ride with Penelope haha.  Once it was an old guy at Universal who said I couldn't ride with Penelope and I was like why not (even though I knew why) and he laughed and apologized.  And then our last day of Disney some girl much younger then me asked me how old Finley was because you can't ride with anybody under the age of 14 if you are under the age of 7.  I didn't say anything but I was really mad. Greg thinks I should be flattered but I most definitely am not.    Flicks Flyers was a close second.  Same with the Swirly Ride at Universal.

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