Friday, 11 November 2016

California Dreaming

We leave for california tomorrow and we are all very excited.  This trip was supposed to be in May of this year but we postponed it indefinitely after Greg's company announced in March that it was doing massive layoffs in early April.  We didn't want to spent thousands of dollars if Greg wasn't going to be working.  Thankfully he kept his job and his project was approved keeping employed for awhile to come.  

Finley meeting Rapunzel for the first time.  She still remains Finley's most favourite princess.
We were trying to figure out when to reschedule our trip and we noticed that the New England Patriots were playing in San Francisco in November so we decided to do that.  But then we tried to get tickets to the game and it was going to cost us $1200 just for tickets so we crossed that off the agenda but still stayed with the same week because it worked well with greg's project timeline.  We had planned to fly in to San Fran and then drive to LA stopping in Big Sur and then back to San Fran for the football game and then fly home.  Once we decided we weren't going to the football game, I didn't want to go to San Francisco anymore.  It seemed to be cruel to make me go somewhere where the patriots were playing not being able to go.  Finley was disappointed to not go to San Francisco but we told her instead we would drive to San Diego for the day and she could go see her one humped camels at the San Diego Zoo.  This was a good compromise and even though Zoo tickets are crazy expensive there, it was still substantially cheaper then the football game sadly.  

The girls were so little when we went in August 2013.  Penelope had just turned 3 a few days before. 
Last time we went to Disneyland, we bought the California City Pass because it worked out well for us.  It has been changed over the last three years so we did not buy it this year as there was no value for us.  We booked our 3 days at disneyland through Expedia which is where we booked our flights and hotels and then bought San Diego Zoo tickets and Universal Studio tickets separately.  Greg, surprisingly, paid an extra $50 at universal studios to get in an hour early for Harry Potter Land.  This is what Greg and I are most excited about.  It only just opened in April in California.  The girls are not tall enough to ride it but are still excited.  Greg has been reading them the Harry Potter Books and they have watched the first 4 or 5 movies already.  Greg had to stop at 4 or 5 because they get to scary for Finley and she cried for days about this.  She is upset that she can't go on the Harry Potter ride but is excited for some Harry Potter Souveniers.  

Because Penelope couldn't go on all the rides that Finley did, she got to meet a few more characters .  This is one of my favourite ones. 
Penelope is very excited to go back to disneyland since she was so little when we went last time.  There were a lot of rides she couldn't go on and she is very much looking forward to riding them - especially Tower of Terror.  She knows how much Finley hated this ride last time and how much she still hates it.  I predict that Penelope will say how much she loves it even if she absolutely hates it just to infuriate her sister.  It is the same reason why Penelope insisted on having a Darth Vader shirt and bringing it on our trip.  She plays the role of bratty little sister to perfection.  

This is absolutely my most favourite photo ever. Sometimes the best photos are not from the actual moment itself but those leading  up or after it. 
Registration for SeaWheeze 2017 happens to take place on Wednesday when we are in California.  As luck would have it, Wednesday is our beach day and registration is at 10am LA time so we will just let the girls sleep in and then I can (try) to register for the race and then hit the beaches.  I keep telling myself that if I don't get in, it will be ok because I have ran it the last 3 years so I won't be disappointed if it indeed happens.  Because who wants to spend a day in sunny california sad and depressed right? My back up plan is to do Vegas instead in November 2017.  But let's be real, there will definitely be some sadness if I don't.  Especially if all of my friends get in.  But such is life.  

Jessie is one of my favourites.  Another great photo taken before the official photo
 Many have asked if I am worried about going to the United States following Tuesday's Presidential election.  I am not but I am grateful that I am going to a blue state.  That probably helps.  I am not happy about the election results, how could I be?  There have been some peaceful riots and protests but none so far in the LA area.  I would be lying if I didn't hope that there would be one somewhere near us just so I could see it in real life (still peaceful of course) but I doubt the main street around Disneyland is a hot protest bed.

Going on the Transformers Ride legitimately made Finley think that Optimus Prime saved her life.  This started a year long obsession with Transformers.  This made Greg so happy.
I am also excited to see the new International Terminal at the Calgary International Airport.  It looks so bright and awesome!!!

The Simpson ride is so awesome.  I don't think Penelope got to ride on any rides at Universal so this will be really fun for her.  

I have written some blog posts to post while I am away so watch for them.  Ok let's be real, I have one ready and several to hopefully get to today.  I am taking the girls to see Trolls to help distract them from the excitement they are feeling today since Greg had to go into work to finish some things off before we left.  

Here's to 8 great days in California.  See you next week!

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