Friday, 4 November 2016

Five On Friday

1.   Last Friday night I made Finley's birthday cake.  I left them in the pans too long and they stuck to the pan.  The first one I took out was a minimal break that I was able to sorta glue back together with frosting.  I destroyed the second one pretty impressively so Greg switched my first one to the top layer so the bad layer would be covered.  However when we put the not so bad layer on top, it fell further apart as shown.  I had zero interest at making another cake at 9pm so I went to Sobeys to find a cake that I could easily dissect to make it into the cake I wanted for Finley.  I found the one below with pretty purple icing and had a plastic pumpkin on it that was easily removable.  I made the eiffel tower by using a cookie cutter I got at michaels for 70% off so it cost me $1.69 and I already had the pink sprinkles because we always have pink sprinkles.  The eight I made out of sugar 8's also at michaels.  They are $4.49 but I had a 50% coupon for those.  I thought it turned out really well and Finley loved it.

2.  On Sunday, nobody had any ideas on what to have for supper so Penelope decided she was going to plan it and cook it with Greg's help. She and Greg went down to freezer and picked out chicken drumsticks and decided she wanted honey garlic sauce with them.  She also wanted a salad and picked ice berg lettuce, oranges, tomatoes, peppers and I think that was it.  She then chose a poppyseed dressing to go with it.  She was so excited and proud of her meal until she took a bite of her salad and caught a piece of tomato.  Turns out she doesn't like cold tomatoes, only hot ones in pasta.  Such a funny girl.  It was a great sunday night meal.  

3.  The girls were off for 4 days last weekend.  They had a pd day on halloween and it was faith day on tuesday so they had that off too.  By the end of day 4 they were both driving me crazy and when we got to Finley's tech training, i noticed that she had marker all over her face and that she broke her halloween aero bar in half and licked each end and then decorated all around her eyes with melted chocolate.  I made her go to a bathroom and clean her face the best she could.  The chocolate came off but because she used smelly markers and not washable crayola ones, it didn't come off.  Greg showed up tech training and eventually took her home so she could have a bath before school the next day.  When I got home her face was still pink with marker and red with scrubbing it off.  She went to school on Wednesday with a pink face as shown below.  As I write this Thursday night, she is almost finally back to normal.  

4. This weather right now is amazing!! This photo of the temperate was taken yesterday afternoon and it is supposed to stay like this until at least Tuesday.  I went for a run and wore shorts and a t shirt and it is NOVEMBER!!!!!  Seriously so amazing!!!!!

5.  I can't think of a fifth thing to write about, my mind is a total blank.  So I will let you know of two albums I am listening to non stop these days.  The first is Joanne by Lady Gaga.  Joanne was inspired by her aunt who died a long time ago and was a victim of sexual assault which is something Lady Gaga is very passionate about.  It is more folksy and intimate then her last album which is basically awful.  The second album I am listening to This Is Acting by Sia.  This is her 7th album which is shocking to me as I thought it was only her second.  I need to go check out her first 5 albums to see what they are like.  This album is really good but I love pretty much everything I hear by her.  Both albums are available for streaming on Apple Music which I love!!

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