Thursday, 17 November 2016

Lululemon Mini Tote

I needed a new carry on bag for our trip and was having trouble spending what Lululemon was asking.  All their expensive bags were even more expensive thanks to their price hike on August 1st so I had been hesitant in making the plunge.  On Halloween, I was at Chinook Centre trick or treating with Michelle and the girls when I mentioned I needed to stop at Lululemon because I was finally going to buy this bag.  She had attended a Lululemon special invite only party after hours a week or so earlier that I was unable to attend with her and bought it for herself at a discounted price.  She wasn't loving it and was going to sell it on one of the buy and sell sites so I bought it from her at the discounted price and we both ended up very happy.

Here it is full with all my carry on necessities - at least for this trip.  I also use this bag for soccer practices and carry my books to read and water to drink and my wallet.  This bag has come in very handy and it is such a great size and it has both the cross body strap and shoulder straps which I love in a bag.  

The flight to LA is just over three hours long so I don't need too much to keep me occupied.  I bought a few more word search books since the one I had from our last trip was almost full and I bought 2 magazines while I was at Walmart.  I bought a 20 pack of pens from dollarama since I lose them constantly and they were only $3.  The water bottle is empty for filling up once we get past security, the sleep mask is actually for once I get to the hotel as I don't think I will sleep much, if at all, on the plane.  I reserved a bunch of books at the library and this is the only one that looked remotely interesting and so it is coming with me.  Hopefully it is good.  The iPad and headphones go without saying.  

My buttercream scarf is also in my bag but wasn't shown in the photo.  This is just in case I get chilly on the plane or waiting for take off at the airport.  I love buttercream scarves - they are so soft and pretty!!

So as much as I love my bag and I do - it is very useful and functional for myself, I am very happy that I didn't have to pay full price for it.  If you are looking for a similar bag, watch WMTM on the lululemon app or website and maybe it will go on there for you.  It is updated every Thursday morning.  

Thanks again for selling it to me Michelle!!

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