Thursday, 3 November 2016

November Goals

1.  I want to continue my running and hopefully increase my distance to 8km by November 30th.  I was hoping for 10km but we are spending 8 days in California and lets be real there will no official exercise done except all for strolling through disneyland.  I am going to try to switch from 3 and 2's to 5 and 1's.

2.  In November, there are 9 bootcamp classes scheduled and I have to miss 2 of them because of California so my goal is to not miss any of them.  I also hope to accomplish at least 2 - 5 workouts at home outside of running.  

3.  In October, I greatly reduced the number of times I visited Starbucks and I want to see that trend continue this month with limiting myself to Starbucks once per week.  I might break that rule during my trip because American starbucks is just so much better then the canadian and I have no idea why. 

4.  Continue to make healthy choices and limit eating out or eating crap out of boredom and laziness and not out of hunger.  I only had pop once in October but I did have 2 slurpees and I did have chips on several occasions.  I hope that while in California I can still eat healthy despite living in hotels and amusement parks for a week.

What goals do you have planned for November??

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