Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October Goals In Review

You can read my October goals HERE

Here is how I did!

1.  In terms of empty calories, I did really good.  I only had pop once and that was while we ate out.  I had 2 slurpees - one after finley's birthday party and we were stuck in traffic forever trying to get home and after soccer practice one night when I had 2 girls in 2 different locations at the same time have soccer practice and Greg was out of town.  I deserved that treat. I still ate potato chips but I like to think it was less then I did in September?   The biggest one though is Starbucks.  I went from almost everyday in September to only 9x in October. I am really quite proud of that number.  I hope to reduce to 4 in November.  Once a week is not terrible to allow myself a treat of that nature.  

2.  There were 7 bootcamp classes scheduled and I attended 5 of them which is really good.  I worked out a few times on my own at home towards the end of the month when I felt myself getting stronger.  My ankle itself doesn't hurt much but my achilles does and so do the muscles and ligaments on top of my foot and on the bottom of my foot just below the toes.  This has improved tremendously though from the beginning of the month to the end. 

3.  My goal was to be able to run 5km by October 31.  I nailed that goal on October 23rd!!  I am not as fast as I was but I will get there.  I was doing run 3 walk 2 but I think I will up that in November!  I ran 11x for a total of 32.71 km which is double what I ran in September.  I am really quite pleased that all of my hard work rehabbing this ankle injury is paying off. 

4.  Meal Planning was on point this month.  We ate out 3x in October and all 3 times were planned in advance and not because of my poor meal planning or executing said meal plan and none were at McDonald's either.  Hoping this trend continues going forward too.  

5.  As I saw my ankle injury recover so did my confidence too which had basically disappeared in September.  No matter what anyone says otherwise, exercise makes you happy and I finally close to where I was in August.  I am happy and healthy and I am enough.  

Check out tomorrow's post for November goals!  Did you meet all of your October goals?

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