Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Painting Wine Glasses

On Saturday night, 7 girls headed down to Via Cibo in Deerfoot Meadows to for a paint your own wine glasses class that we were finally able to get to.  We had been trying to get to one for months but the days never worked out until now.

You could pick from 4 types of glasses to paint: red, white, beer and stemless.  Originally I grabbed a red and a stemless as I don't care what kind of glass I drink wine out of as long as I like it but then I went back and switched to white because it looked bigger and easier to paint haha.

We thought it was going to be like canvas paint night where you all have to paint the same thing but it turns out you can paint her feature glass or you can do what you want.  We didn't know that so we all hit up pinterest and google for inspiration.  

My white wine glass was going to be the pink one of these or so I hoped haha.

My stemless glass was going to be like this but instead of glitter since we had none, I would use dots instead close together to resemble glitter.  I was excited to start even though I knew 10000% mine would not turn out anything like the above.

They had strawberry watermelon sangria on for $5 and they were so delicious.  If you ever go to Via Cibo and they have these on the menu, try it.

So  here is my attempt at my "fancy" stemless glass.  See nothing like the inspiration.  They had no bright pink so I had to make my own and I wasn't happy with it at all. 

And here I had started my white wine glass.  I would have to several coats of the white to get the coverage I needed and I was into that plus they had no hot pink so it wasn't going to be right and I was worried about doing good polka dots.  So after I got this far, I took off all the paint off of this with baby wipes and finger nails.  

I also decided I hated the fancy part on this stemless glass so I scratched that all off too.  I still have black paint under my fingernails as I write this Monday afternoon.  I decided to turn this into a running stemless wine glass with dots everywhere haha in all kinds of colours.  

I had no idea what to do with this one so I decided to paint the whole thing black and then I sat and watched everybody else's artwork and was not inspired to do much.  Eventually I decided on more dots.

This is my end result.  I didn't love them but I didn't hate them either.  The thing is, I have zero expectations when I come to things like this because I seriously have zero talent when it comes to creativity and then bringing that creativity to fruition.  But I keep doing this knowing that because I actually enjoy it even if it's not great.  I enjoy the time spent with great friends and even more time away from my family (I do love them, but it is needed) and I enjoy pretending that I know what I am doing and that it will look exactly like I have in mind haha.  I enjoy these far more then painting canvas because wall space is valuable and sparse and these are good for wine drinking and you can never have too many wine glasses haha.  

If you are interested in taking a class, this is their Facebook page and it is only $30 - a cheap and fun night out!  

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