Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Penelope California Favorites

 Here is Penelope's post on her most favourite things about Disneyland.

Favorite Disney Ride: It was Splash Mountain which was of no surprise.  She was terrified but had been looking forward to all these rides that she miss out last time.  The first time we went on, she insisted on being in-between Greg and I the first time, the front the second time and on third time, it was just Greg and the girls since it was too cold for me (it was after the sun set and cooling down) so her and Greg sat in the last row together.

Favorite Univeral Studios Ride: The hippograph in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  She rode it 5x.  And when we were waiting for Greg and Finley to finish riding the Harry Potter ride yet again, one of the Hippo Operators came and asked Penelope if she was going to come ride again hahaha. 

Favorite Ride Overall: Splash Mountain.  She loved getting wet!!!

Favorite Food: Originally she chose the Turkey Dog she had on our last night in Disneyland in Toontown but it was changed the following day when we went to In and Out for burgers and milkshakes.  One of the workers gave them these hats and Penelope kept hers on until she got on the airplane and fell asleep.  She got tons of compliments on it.  

Favorite Disney Characters:  Belle, Olaf, Anna + Elsa

Belle is almost impossible to meet these days and she is rarely at the Royal Fair with the other Princesses.  Greg saw her leaving the Royal Theatre after her performance and figured we could meet her there after  her show on Friday.  Penelope loves Belle and really wanted to meet her so this what we did.  We showed up at the end of her show and was going to wait for her to come out so Penelope could meet her.  We didn't come for the whole show since we did it last time and it never changed since then so we passed.  However, we overheard another mom asking someone who works at the Royal Theatre and she said if you watched the show you can stay inside and she will come out for photos and autographs.  So we snuck both girls in over the railing and I went in too and we got her photo and autograph and Penelope was thrilled!

Olaf was another favourite of Penelope's - perhaps her most favourite.  She was wearing her Olaf shirt and he was beyond thrilled to see himself on her shirt.  I have no idea who was playing Olaf but whoever it was, they were amazing at their job.  

Her final favourite was Anna + Elsa. They were pretty awesome too.  I was very excited to see them too.  Sometimes I feel like I live in Erindale hahah. 

Favorite Beach: Laguna Beach

The girls built sand castles, tunnels and circle drives.  They played in the water and explored the rocks looking for tidal pools.  They loved all 4 beaches they visited but this was probably their favourite.  

Favorite Animal At The Zoo - to nobody's surprise, it was the giraffe!

Favorite Disney Moment: Penelope loved all the rides she got to go on this time.  Last time she missed out on so many rides and was left to the lame rides in Bugs Land but this time she got to go on every ride, some multiple times, except 2!!  She was a very happy kid!  This photo below was taken from the Big Thunder Railway.  We rode this 2x in a row and we all liked it.  I don't remember this ride well from Disneyworld and it was being refurbished last time so this was the first time for both Finley and Penelope.  A pretty swell roller coaster!

Favorite Moment of the Trip: Penelope loved Paint The Nite Parade which was freaking awesome.  She loved this and Belle's float!

Her second favourite moment of the trip was everything about Disneyland

She said it was very magical!

Least Favorite Ride: The Pirates of The Caribbean.  Don't know how anybody could hate this ride but she sure did. 

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