Monday, 14 November 2016

The 2016 Fall TV Season UPDATE

So I had blogged about new TV shows this fall HERE and now I am going to review the shows that I have watched so far.  

Vice Principals (HBO) - I have not watched any of this and Greg has watched one episode and he hasn't deleted so it must be good at least a little bit haha.

Pitch (FOX) - I started watching this show but I was bored by it and half way through and figured that it was going to be the same show each night and so I never finished it.  A lot of people I know really like it but it wasn't just for me.  

Designated Survivor (ABC) - Greg is still watching this show and he is enjoying it.  He says it is weird thought watching Keifer Sutherland as President instead of trying to save one like he did in 24.  

American Housewife (ABC) - Where do I even begin with this one.   This show got some terrible, bad reviews and after watching the first episode, I understand why.  It started out with the main character finding out that her neighbour was moving and she would now the second fattest person in her community.  She didn't want this title so she decided she would sabotage the house sale with telling horror stories to potential buyers until her husband encouraged her to find a buyer for the house that was fatter then she was instead of trying to make her feel better about herself.  She also discouraged her oldest daughter from drinking smoothies because she didn't want her to be like "those people" meaning skinny people.  She called people fatties and awful horrible things that I guess is socially acceptable to call people if you also consider yourself to be one??  She found a bigger girl to buy the house but she happened to me extremely homophobic and racist but after contemplating for a minute or two, she decided it was worth having someone who thought like that if it meant she wouldn't be the 2nd fattest person in the neighbourhood.  It was at this point that I turned it off and deleted all 3 episodes from my PVR and deleted the series recording as well and then I pondered how this show was ever created and made into a series on any network.  It was so disappointing and offensive that I don't recommend anyone ever watching it ever.  

This Is Us (NBC) - I love this show.  I don't remember the last time I loved a show like this.  Maybe not ever??  I will admit though that I never clued in on how it all fit together until almost the end of the second episode.  Apparently the majority of the world figured that out at the end of the first one.  I find it to be incredibly realistic and easy to relate to.  I look forward to it every week and anxiously await for it to be uploaded on Shaw Free Range so I can watch it on the iPad like the weird person that I am.  I learned recently too that the guy who played Jess on Gilmore Girls is the guy who plays the dad married to Mandy Moore on this show.  I had no idea.  I saw an article about him and how he was the golden buy because of his 2 hit shows and I was like who the heck was he on this show as I didn't recognize him and thanks to IMDb, I found out that he was Jess.  I had no idea and see no resemblance from Jess to the dad.  NONE!!  Mind blown.  Any way, the more you know right??

Lethal Weapon (FOX) - Full disclosure I fully expected to hate this show and not make it through even one episode but surprisingly, I really like it.  It's funny and ridiculous and borderline cheesy but in a good way.  It's kinda similar to the movies but still really different and original at the same time.  It's one of those mindless shows I can put on and sit it on a counter and clean my kitchen or a bathroom.  

Timeless (NBC) - Greg watches this show but he does not like it.  He said it was terrible and did not elaborate for me.

Divorce (HBO) - I was really looking forward to this show since it had Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Shannon in it but so far it has been meh.  It's dark and depressing which should have been a given with the title but it's darker then I thought.  It is a lot of work to force myself to even watch this show but somehow can't not delete it permanently.  The good side is that it is only 30 minutes long.

The Good Place (NBC) - I have not watched this yet but I still have all episodes on the PVR for me to watch eventually.  I really want to watch this show which is why I haven't deleted it yet.  I have a very full PVR hahaha.  

Conviction (ABC) - At first I was undecided about this show but I have come around on it.  I would like to think that they have these departments in all police stations or wherever they are located but I don't think they do.  Basically they look at all older cases that are flagged and see if they were rightfully put away.  Sometimes the sentences are overturned or other things arise.  I have come to enjoy it.  Plus the main girl wears Louboutins...enough said haha.

Notorious (ABC) - I didn't last 20 minutes into this show.  It looked awful and cheesy and shouldn't be watched by anybody anywhere.

Bull (CBS) - I have never watched this show but Greg watches it and he likes it and I believe he said he is Bull.  Not even sure what this means ahahah.  

MacGyver (CBS) - I recorded this but we never watched it and I never had much interest in it and we don't watch much tv anymore and my PVR is full of shows piling up so I just deleted it.  

So there is my update on new shows for the fall.  There were some hits, some total misses and some that are just ok.  What do you think about the new tv shows this year???

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