Wednesday, 16 November 2016

What I Streamed in October

Here is what I streamed on my iPad in the month of October.  Most of these are/were watched during runs on the treadmill, and during my workout/strength/stretch sessions that I do each day.  I need something to distract me from what I am doing and this seems to help.  Well it helps during the workouts and all the stretching I do but not so much with runs on the treadmill.  Those always suck no matter what you watch.  Our dishwasher is also still broken so I have to wash my dishes by hand and so I watch tv on my iPad too while I do that.

I started out October with all 3 Austin Power movies.  It had been years since I watched these and I happened to come across them on Shaw Free Range looking for something to watch while I ran.  I ended up spending the next few days finishing off all 3.  I had forgotten a lot of what happened so it was like almost watching them again for the first time.

Season 2 of The Ranch was released on Netflix Canada on October 7th.  It took me a bit longer to watch this season then it did for me to watch the first.  It wasn't nearly as good and if I thought the end of the first season was horrible then the end of this season is horrific and I knew exactly what was going to happen and I was so mad.  That being said, it's an easy watch and Fez is in it this season so an even bigger That Seventies Show reunion if you were into that show.  There are 10 episodes in this season just like season 1.

Easy was a new Netflix original that came out the end of September I believe.  It is a very interesting show and it is again, 10 episodes long.  The first 8 episodes had zero reoccurring characters and the only similarities is that they are late twenties/early thirties living in Chicago.  One episode was even in subtitles which made it hard to watch while I was doing my stretching as I listen more then watch most days.  The last 2 episodes saw some cross episode happenings but you really had to pay attention which you didn't really have to for most of the previous shows.  Despite it being one of the strangest shows I have watched from a character development perspective, I really enjoyed it and I really hope there is a second season.  Reviews described it as a real life sex and the city but based in Chicago.  I would say it is definitely more realistic and relatable then SATC but I don't know if I would have made the connection of it being a realistic version of it.  But then again, I don't get paid to write TV reviews either.

Near the beginning of my stretch/strength sessions, I finished Easy and so I needed something to watch.  I had heard something about Mascots that was an Netflix Original movie so I decided to try it out.  This was not a great movie.  In fact, I am not sure if I would recommend you to watch it although I think Greg might have liked it.  It has Gabe from The Office and Jane Lynch and I think thats it for famous people but I don't really remember now. The most interesting thing about it were the Canadian references - teams in Calgary, Medicine Hat and Winnipeg.  I never looked into why these references existed and if there was a connection somehow because I guess I really didn't care.  I suggest watching at your own risk.  And don't blame me if you don't like it haha.

The Age of Adaline was discovered on Shaw Free Range.  I had kinda heard of it but wasn't sure what it was about.  I thought it was a really long movie since it took me several days to watch it but when I just looked on iMDB it is only an hour and 52 minutes long. I didn't know if I would like it but I really did.  I almost got really mad at one point because of what I thought was going to happen but then it was ok and it all kinda worked out.  It's kinda strange to watch in some parts but I can't tell you how otherwise I will ruin the movie for you.  It was a very romantic movie and I loved it very much and you should all go watch it.  And seriously Blake Lively is seriously insanely beautiful.

I ended October off by finally starting to watch the Gilmore Girls.  I never watched it while it was on originally except for one episode which I think based on what is happening now is coming up probably soon or at least this season.  My roommate watched this show which is how I saw one of the episodes.  I honestly have no idea if I even like this show but I know I don't like Loralei and I only like Rory sometimes but I seem to really like all of the secondary characters like Suki and Emily especially.  As I type this I am on the first episode of Season 3 and it all I have streamed so far in November and I still have 4 seasons to go so it looks this version will be pretty sort next month hahaha.  Most everybody I know has watched this show already and I don't know if I would recommend it to you if you haven't so maybe you pick??  I had hoped to be all done by the time the Netflix special was released on November 25th but that is not going to happen - the episodes are really long and there are tons in a season so it makes it hard to binge watch. But legitimately,  I have been carrying my iPad around for all of my cleaning and listening to the Gilmore Girls so that I can eventually and hopefully sooner then later be finished and then I can move on to something else to watch.

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