Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Change Of Stocking(s)

I must apologize for my lack of blog posts, I seem to spend most of my time being consumed by the Gilmore Girls and the girls crazy soccer schedule hahaha.

Anyways, for the last few years and the beginning of this Christmas season this is what my stocking mantle looked like.  I liked it up until this year until, just like the Christmas tree I posted about last week, when I found it too blah so I decided a change needed to be had.

I had the striped stockings in my Christmas bins for when my mom + sister were here last year for the holidays and found the 2 solid red ones at Dollarama for a steal at $2 a piece.  I had liked it for the last week or two but yesterday as I was sitting on my couch looking at my other Christmas decor and my tree, I decided the red had to go.  I hate red and even at Christmas, it was no longer tolerable.

So I was at London Drugs, picking up some photos I wanted developed (thee best place to get photos done FYI), I looked at their Christmas display and saw that their stuff was 30% so I took a look at the stockings and decided on these.  I loved that they were white and really stood out on the mantle and I loved the fur on the top too.  I put the initial things that I finally found at Michaels and hung them up and I am happy as can be.  I had wanted to do the initial things last year but was never able to find a F so it never happened.  This year I found all 4 and was sooooooo happy haha.

I really like the stockings and will probably have to promise Greg that I won't change anything up for several more years but I think he is safe haha.  I think I am now super happy with my main floor Christmas decor!!

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