Friday, 2 December 2016

Greg's California Favorites

And here is our final instalment of our Disneyland trip, Greg's favourites

Favorite Disneyland Ride: HyperSpace Mountain.  Greg LOVED this ride and we went on it 2x and would have done it more if we could have made it work with all our fast passes or the line wasn't crazy.  This used to be just space mountain but it was refitted to a star wars theme sometime since we were there last.  I am not big into star wars but it was pretty awesome.  

Favorite Universal Ride: Transformers.  This was Greg's favourite ride last time we were here too.  Penelope hated it but Finley still loved it.  I really like this ride and I love how Universal really works it with the carts and screens and you don't even notice it.  

Favorite Ride Overall: HyperSpace Mountain by a nose he said

Favorite Food: This little bistro we found by googling OC Favorites and it was ranked #5 out of 10. It was called Bleu Bistro and was really really good. 

Favorite Characters Met: Greg couldn't decide between Optimus Prime, Chewy and Flynn Rider.  Flynn Rider even made fun of Greg for the button he was wearing that said "Celebrate Greg" haha.  But if you ask me it was Chewy and then Flynn by a nose.  He talked about both after the fact and not so much Optimus but we met Optimus last time so maybe that is why.

Favorite Beach: He loved both Mission and Manhattan Beach.  Mission for the Sunset and Manhattan for the first relaxation part of our trip. 

Favorite San Diego Zoo Animal: Sorval.  This was mine too.  It was by far the coolest animal we saw there!!!  I want a pet one! 

Favorite Disneyland Moment:  Jedi Training

Favorite Moment of Trip: Doing nothing on the beach

Least Favorite Ride: The Silly Swirly.  Super lame ride but it is a good kid one which Universal lacks so it works.  This is the ride where they thought I wasn't 14 hahaha.

Least Favorite Part Of Trip:  Traffic to and from universal Studios from our hotel in Anaheim

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