Thursday, 1 December 2016

Finley's California Favorites

Here is Finley's Favorites!

Favourite Disneyland ride?: Splash Mountain.  She loved this ride last time and this time went on it 3x.  But you can't tell how much she loved it from the look on her face haha.  I was trying to keep my sunglasses on and this was Penelope's first time on it which is why she is further back.

Favorite Universal Studios Ride: Harry Potter.  Finley loved this ride, this whole area.  She loves Harry Potter and is still upset we won't let her watch the 5th movie but was consoled by a Hermoine wand.  She rode this ride 3x.  Once with me and twice with Greg. 

Favorite Ride Overall: Splash Mountain,

Favorite Food Of The Trip: Corn Dogs we had in the Honey Bear restaurant or something like that hahaha on Day 1 for lunch.  Actually it is what she and Penelope had not all of us. 

Favorite Characters Met: Finley loved meeting Rapunzel, Minnie and Mickey the most.  I wasn't surprised about Rapunzel as that is still hands down her favourite princess but the Mickey and Minnie surprised me. 

Coincidentally, or maybe not, all 3 were met on day 1 at Disneyland

Favorite Beach: All of them she said but she did love looking for tidal pools in Laguna Beach so she wanted that to be shown on her favourites.

Favorite Animal at San Diego Zoo: The one humped camel.  This girl loves her camels.

Favorite Disneyland Moments: The parades

The holiday festival parade which we saw on Day 1

And the Paint The Nite parade which we saw on our last night there.  THIS IS AMAZING.  I think this was a favourite moment for ALL of us!

Favorite Moment Of The Trip: Having FUN with the whole family.  Such a sweet sensitive soul

Mission Beach as the sun set.

Least Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror.  She still hates this ride with a passion.  She hung on to us for dear life and a tear (or 5) was shed before we even got in the ride.  Penelope loved it only because she knew Finley did it and I know this because she was pretty much terrified of every other ride she went on.  

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