Monday, 9 January 2017

11 of 37 by 37 "Successfully" Completed.

Last January, I made a post that you can read here on 37 things I wanted to do by my 37th birthday in September or at the very latest by December 21st, 2016.

My 37 things ranged from wearing a lipstick to making my laundry room more functional to writing 3 blog posts per month. 

Here are the things I did do:

1.  Do A Headstand.  This I have worked on and I can get a way from leaning on the wall for about 5 seconds on a good day.  I have to use a pillow otherwise my head hurts too much hahahahah.  I will continue to work on my headstand so that one day I can do a handstand.  

2.  Wear Lipstick.  I wore more lipstick in 2016 then all the 36 years before COMBINED!!  Except for my graduation day and my wedding day I have always been a lip gloss kinda girl.  I still have nearly a full tube of my wedding day lipstick and I have been married for almost 11 years.  I ordered 2 new lipsticks last week that are definitely much more everyday shades rather then going out shades.  I did have the perfect every day shade but I lost it somewhere after only wearing it a few times haha. 

3.  Drink More Water.  This I have definitely improved on but I am still not very consistent.  I am either over the top in water consumption or consumed none at all. There is literally no in-between.  This is still something I need to work on going forward in 2017.  I actually had this written down twice in my list haha. 

4.  Stretch More.  Especially The Calves.  This I really didn't do that well until I sprained my ankle in September and suffered through most of 2016 with 2 major injuries that I realized that if I want to continue running and eventually get to a  full marathon then I should probably do it.  I try to do it everyday but I have only done it once this year so far.  I hope I fall back into my daily routine once school is back in session again. 

5.  Read At Least One Book Per Month.  I read 13 books last year which is pretty phenomenal for me seeing as I barely read 2 books per year.  I hope continue on reading a lot this year as well.  

6. Write A Minimum of 3 blog posts per week.  That is 156 blog posts for the entire year and I did 168 which is fabulous compared to the 66 I did in 2015.  I hope to again continue to write 3 - 4 posts a week.  And find more content to write about.

7.  Work on washing, drying, folding and putting my laundry away all at once.  This is still a struggle but I would say I do this about 90% of the time these days. 

8. Organize The Garage and Keep It That Way.  We did pull everything out of our garage this spring and then put it all back in.  We have kept it organized since we did that which has been extremely phenomenal given the usual state of our garage hahah. 

9.  Make Laundry Room/Mudroom More Functional.  I hate that they are combined but the alternative is moving my laundry into the basement and I am not down with that.  Greg took over this project and he really did a great job with it.  I am much happier with this room now.  

10.  Run Further then 21.1km.  On July 30th, 2016 I ran 22.03km which is 1km longer then my previous best.  Not great but still inching slowly towards a full marathon distance. 

11.  Run 3x per week.  This was done consistently until I sprained my ankle and then I was forced by my physiotherapist to not run.  I am including it because injury made me stop not me being lazy.

Here is What I Didn't Do:

1.  Meditate.  I didn't even try not once but I received a meditation pillow for Christmas so now I need to try.  I think it will be good for me.  I downloaded a meditation app that I hope will help too.  I am not into chanting or anything like that but more of the calming of the mind aspect of it.  

2.  Workout 300x per year.  I didn't track this officially but I am sure that I didn't hit 300 workouts haha.  I am keeping track better this year of every physical activity I do so I will know for next year.  

3.  Run 1000 miles.  I am not sure why I ever set this goal so high because it will probably never happen.  1000 miles is 1600km!!!!!  That is insanity.  Well for me anyways.  Even if I didn't hurt my hip at the beginning of the year or sprain my ankle in September, I never ever would have broken this goal.  

4.  Go Backpacking.  I had a 5 day trip planned with Greg and the girls and I bailed a few weeks before we were supposed to go.  There was no way I was doing that.  Camping is one thing but backpacking?? No thanks.  I have no desire to wear the same clothes for 5 days and carry my food and sleeping stuff on my back.  PASS.  

5.  Do 100 sit ups 5x per week.   I absolutely did not do this.  I absolutely did not even come close.  Which brings us to #6.

6.  Lose my "baby" belly.  Yes I still call it that and yes I still have it.  I am starting to believe that nothing short of starving myself will get rid of it and I refuse to ever deprive myself from good food. 

7.  Yell less.  This is never ever gonna happen.  I am a yeller and I come by it honestly.  My mom was too and I turned out fine so I am not worried that my kids are damaged because of this.  I don't yell initially but after you ask your child every day 14x a day to remember to put her apple cores in the garbage and you still find them on desks, on floors and in her winter boots then you start to lose your shit.  And if you don't, well then I guess you have some special talent that I was not equipped with.  

This brings my total to 18 things either done or not done.  The other 19?? Well they are really hard to measure to know for sure or they were just super lame and stupid.  I am not disappointed that I only officially did 11 things "successfully" out of 37.  I didn't try all that hard to overcome any of them really and I am a firm believer that you only get what you put in.  

As I said earlier in a blog post, I have no real goals for 2017 other then stay healthy and run at least 700km but I think I will have some intentions  each month or every few months.  I haven't really sat down to think about what these will look like but I am going to try this week to do that.  I do think my first month will focus on figuring out a morning routine that works for me and my family and my life style.  I hope the beginning of your year is going great!  

Do you have any goals or intentions that you are working towards??

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