Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

In January, I was active for 27 out of 31 days which has me very happy.  2 days I had migraines, 2 days I just needed to do nothing.

I only managed to get on my bike trainer for 2 days.  I biked 20 minutes the first time and 30 minutes the second time.  In February, I need to aim for 4 days on my trainer - at least 1x per week.

I attended 5 bootcamps this month out of a possible 7.  I missed one for a migraine hangover and 1 for another reason I can't remember but on that day I managed to get in a 6.18km run outside later that afternoon.

I ran for a total of 13 days out of 31.  I did 7 runs on my treadmill which is shocking of itself for a total of 31.43km.  I ran 30.52km outside when weather conditions allowed me to do so for a total of 6 runs.   My total km ran both inside and outside was 61.95 which is my highest run total since July.  Yes that's right, JULY!!  I was like how is that possible, what happened in August - why did I only run 59.89km and then I remembered I spent the first week and a half tapering for my half marathon and then ran it and then my feet ached from my flawed shoes (IMO) and I barely ran after the race.  And then well we all know what happened in September.  Damn sprained ankle.  Anyways, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for all of my handwork in January until I saw so many of my running friends posting how far they ran in January and I admit, I started to feel a bit defeated in their numbers.  I mentioned this to Greg last night and he told me that running is a pure individual sport where you really can't compare your success to others.  He said I need to focus on how far I have come since my injury and be proud of that progress and keep working towards my goal.  He was right and I do feel proud of that 61.95km that I ran this month even if it is peanuts compared to others.  We were all successful in what we set out to do this month regardless of km ran.  I must keep that in mind.  In January 2015, I ran 12.63km and in January 2016, I ran 42.11km so this is my best January ever by almost 20km!!!!!

My goal this year is to run 700km which when broken down is 58.33km ran per month so I am 3.67km ahead and I hope it stays that way throughout the year!!

I stretched a total of 15 days this month and did my strength training only 9 times this month.  I foam rolled 13 times too.  Although some of the days I foam rolled and stretched multiple times per day.  I really need to focus in February and do this all every day as it is very imperative to me staying injury free in 2017 which is another goal.

We did one hike in January thanks to a very busy soccer schedule every weekend.  We hiked Johnston Canyon and did almost 6km of hiking.  It was awesome.  I can't wait until soccer season ends for a few weeks before evaluations and soccer starts up again for the outdoor season!!!

This is the treadmill interval workout that I used each of the 7 times I ran on it this month.  I never made it passed the 36 - 39 interval once any of those times.  When I was running one of the intervals at the 9mph, I thought I broke my treadmill but it was just how I landed on the treadmill and it seemed to recover after that.  I haven't ran this much on my treadmill since I first started running in November 2013.  If you are looking for a good interval treadmill workout, I really recommend this one.

I completed only 5 home workouts, including the one shown below.  I love working with kettle bells. I did 3 core workouts which is wayyyyy less then I would like so this is also something I would like to improve on this month going forward too.  I found these really easy workouts to do after you wake up and before you go to bed that I saved.  I managed to do the wake up one 2x and not once did I ever do the bedtime one hahahahaha.  I haven't decided if I should keep this one on my activity tracker in my bullet binder or not haha. 

So this concludes my January By The Numbers - Sweat Edition and although I have mentioned some areas that need improving in February, I am so happy with all the progress that I have made in this month.  I worked really hard and it showed in all my numbers.  Here's to an even better February!

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