Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Biking Adventure Within The City

On Sunday, we met up with Brad + Kari at North Glenmore Park with a plan for a quick bike ride around the reservoir and then head out somewhere for brunch.  This bike ride, however, was anything but quick hahahaha. 

The pathway from our car we went towards South Glenmore Park was perfect.  It was a little chilly and we had scarves, ear warmers and mitts to help keep warm.  The paths seemed fine and we had not a worry in the world about our bike ride until we got to the massive awful hill that goes down into a long path to the next hill...

We went down the big hill and Greg wiped out and Penelope wiped out in a reaction to him wiping out.  We probably should have turned around at this point but we thought this would be the worst that we would hit.  It turns out this was some of the best we would see.

After Greg wiped out, we walked about 3km through this snow.  We all took turns helping to push Finley and Penelope's bikes because it was hard.  My arm felt like jello from pushing my bike and it isn't even heavy.  

Eventually we found some pavement and we were prematurely excited by it.  It didn't last long.  

We encountered this and this continued up a really icy hill which was so hard to get up.  I was so frustrated and tired and we were still only about 4km, which meant we still had more then 11km to get back to our car because going back was not an option at this point. 

We had to climb over the fence and put our bikes over the fence and walk up our bikes that way.  Once we figured out to do that, it got so much easier to get the bikes up.  Penelope pulled herself up the whole way on the ice along the fence, she was quite proud of it.  Greg went up and down this icy hill 3x to get his bike up and to get both girls bikes up.  At the top of the icy hill, we did find a cute little squirrel who had no friends with him that we could see. 

This was another icy section where Greg actually slid down to come get mine and Penelope's bikes.  By this time, I had fallen off my bike 2x and each time had gotten progressively worse.  The first time, I landed on my back and was cushioned by my backpack and got my bike on the inside of my knee.  It was a little sore but then shortly after that, I went through a long icy puddle and because I didn't have enough a speed, I ended up falling off.  Falling into the coldest water my body has ever touched.  My entire right leg from the knee to the foot hit the water and it was numb.  I fell right on my knee cap (the other one of course) and that hurt but it was more the cold that was bothering me then the pain of falling.  Damn that water was cold though.  I didn't feel warm until I got home hours later and laid in my bathtub for a long time.  

We reached another puddle and this time, the girls and I walked around it.  I was not chancing get wet even more and I didn't want the girls getting wet either because they would not be happy.  

Brad biked my bike through the water and Kari brought the girls bikes through while we walked through the trees.  It was getting more adventurous every time we turned a corner.  Despite all of this, we were still mostly having fun.

After this point, we had some great pathways to bike but it was definitely colder - partly because we were wet and partly because the sun had disappeared and it was mostly cloudy out.  We biked a long time before I hit some ice on my bike going too fast and wiped out.  This hurt but it was kinda funny. For as hard as I hit the pavement, I am surprised I wasn't hurt more haha.  We were pretty close to the Starbucks at Glenmore Landing and you have no idea how close I was to heading there and just wait for Greg and the girls to finish the bike ride.  My hands were so cold at this point because the mitts I had worn were wet and my other ones that I had in my backpack weren't warm enough for me at that point.  

When we came down the overpass near Rockyview General Hospital, we ran into this guy who said the next 50 yards were just treacherous and we should turn around or detour.  He took off and we decided that it couldn't be any worse then the previous 13km we biked through.  We were less then 3km from our car, there was no way I was detouring to get back now.  I was done and needed to be at my car.  We kinda laughed as we biked/walk biked through the sections he warned us about.  If that was the worse we would have encountered, we would be so happy.  We all laughed at what he called treacherous.  

Just before the above photo was taken, I wiped out for a 4th and final time.  I should not have been on my bike but I was just thinking about finishing this bike ride and getting warm and totally wiped out hard.  I hurt my knee again and the ankle I sprained 6 months ago.  I was terrified that all of the hard work I did all winter rehabbing my ankle was going to go to waste because of my being stupid and so I cried.  I cried because I was worried I hurt myself and cried mostly because I was so tired and cold and just wanted to be done with this run.  The lake you see above isn't even a pond or any type of body of water, this was all snow melt.  It was insane.  

When we finally got back to the car and Greg tested my ankle and it moved well and didn't hurt.  I didn't twist anything so that is good.  My bike fell on me which hurt my knee and my ankle.  Both were super swollen on Sunday night but on Monday morning, the swelling was still on my knee but no bruising - just really red.  The swelling was gone on my ankle and just bruised.  I took Monday and Tuesday off and hope to get back to bootcamp and running today.  

As much as I hurt myself and as much as I hated all the puddles, snow, ice and hills, it was a fun bike ride and made for great adventures and great stories.  But that being said, I hope our next bike ride isn't quite as adventurous haha.

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