Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A FOUR Day Weekend Recap, Parent Teacher Interviews + A Sugar Update

It was a very long and busy weekend for us and so this is a very long post hahaha.  Finley and Penelope had Thursday off for parent teacher interviews and Friday off for a PD Day.  Greg attended parent teacher interviews on Wednesday on his own as Finley wasn't feeling well.   Both had great progress reports where a common theme - yet again - was for them to slow down and focus on their work.  They both finish very quickly and it is right but it is not neat and occasionally missing commas, capital letters etc.  Penelope also talks a lot in class.  She has been moved from all her friends but she will talk to anybody.  The problem is that she can talk and get all her work done correctly but her classmates get distracted and don't finish.  Greg asked if she listened when she was told to quit talking and she usually does not.  Finley needs to add more to her stories - more steps and more photos and focus on neatness.  These are the same comments that Greg got growing up as well.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.  Both kids are beyond their grade level for reading and ahead in math so Mrs M. gave Greg some math websites for Finley to work on her math and he showed it to Penelope too.  Hopefully they can improve on these areas by the end of the school year.  Other then those small things, all comments were really positive.  

On Thursday morning, Finley was feeling a little better so we headed out to the library to return some overdue library books and pick out some new ones to read.  I think each kid got like 7 books.  I try to limit the amount of books we take out from the library - not because I want to discourage their love of reading but because we tend to lose track of books and I hate paying for books!!!!  After the library, we went to Walmart where we picked up some crafting supplies to keep the kids busy and a birthday present for an upcoming birthday party.  

The girls wanted french fries for lunch so I turned on the oven and started the fries and soon our house was full of smoke because when Greg had make supper a few days earlier, it appears he spilled something in the oven and didn't tell me.  I opened the back door and front door and most of the smoke got out before our fire alarm went off but everything smelled kinda funny after that.  I turned on the self cleaning thing of the oven and it cleaned most of the crap out.  Needless to say I was not that happy.

Thursday afternoon, Finley started to feel not good again so she went to have a nap while Penelope played outside on her skateboard.  She wanted to go for a bike ride but since her bike hadn't been ridden since last fall, so Greg had to put air in the tires and check the brakes.  She wasn't initially happy about going on her skateboard but soon she remembered how much fun she had on it.  

Thursday night Finley finished up her Leprachaun Trap before she went to bed.  I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it so I knocked it over and wrote a note that said better luck next year.  Was this right? I have no idea but Finley was really annoyed haha.  I also headed out for a 5km run.  I don't really like running at night but when kids are out of school it was that or 5am.  Now, I do prefer the earlier mornings but it was too wet out the day before and I knew the sidewalks would be treacherous.  

Friday morning so both girls go to the dentist for their 6 month check ups.  Penelope had no cavities yet again and got her photo taken to go on the cavity free wall of fame for the rest of the month and have her name entered in for a prize that they draw for on the first of each month.  She had some plaque on the bottom of her back teeth but they said that was normal for kids her age and the front of her teeth were great.  She has lots of spacing between her teeth so lots of room for her adult teeth to come in.  She has lost 2 teeth so far.

Finley also had another cavity free check up.  She has to work a little harder on flossing her teeth because she has no spacing between her teeth.  She still has some baby teeth but the dentist referred her to an orthodontist so they can look and see if they can do some preliminary work on her incisors or something like that.  The dentist said that she has almost no room in the back for any of her adult teeth to come in so they (the orthodontist) will probably have to do something about that. She also got her photo taken for the wall of fame.  

Both girls left with bags of new toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, lipgloss and treats and were very happy with that.  

The rest of Friday was pretty lazy until Greg got home.  I had a headache so I had a nap while Finley watched more "how to" videos on YouTube Kids and Penelope played in the backyard and did some puzzles.  Nothing too exciting. 

After supper Greg got home from work and did tune ups on all the bikes so Penelope could go for a bike ride.  Penelope thanked her dad by finally taking the inflatable christmas decor off of our front lawn haha.  As I write this on Monday afternoon, there is no snow left in our front yard but still lots in the back yard.  

Finley and Penelope rode their bikes around the block about 6 times before their hands were too cold to hold onto their handlebars.  Mittens and/or gloves were not an option for these 2.  Both were very excited to be back out on their bikes.  And even though you can't really see, Penelope is wearing her fleece kitty cat onesie pajamas with rubber boots for her ride.  

After the bike ride, I made some popcorn from my popcorn popper.  I bought this on some crazy sale at walmart for like $8 but had never used it.  I made some and then melted some butter and put some sea salt on it.  The kids loved it, it was alright.  I want to make some fun popcorn - does anybody have any good suggestions?  Using the popper made my fire alarm going off despite there being no smoke compared to what happened the day before.  We settled in upstairs in the bonus room with our popcorn and watched MasterChef Junior - this has become our Friday night tradition and we love it.  

On Saturday morning, Finley had her final Saturday morning Tech Training.  It was supposed to be the end of soccer until evaluations began next month, but they extended tech training for every Tuesday until April 11th so soccer may not be done for us completely until like July or August depending on what soccer camps the girls do.  We have been carpooling with another one of Finley's team-mates because her dad got a job in Fort Mac and her mom works evenings, so we drive to the week day practices and then her mom drives on the weekends sometimes.  I kinda like going Saturdays because then I can get to the Farmers' Market but I was grateful for her driving this time since I really wanted to get my 12km done.  Greg wanted to run to so we decided to do a bike and run with Penelope.  We went to Fish Creek because it would be easier for Penelope rather then dealing with streets, however Fish Creek was wayyyyyy icier but she had a good time.  She biked about 8km and headed back to the car with Greg while I finished out my 12km.  All of us were happy. 

We got home just before Finley got home from soccer and mere minutes before we had to take Penelope to one of her bff's birthday party.  

Finley played outside for a little bit with one of the kids who lived down the block from us until a few months ago.  His parents got divorced and he moved to somewhere north of Edmonton and was just back visiting his dad for the weekend.  Then, we left and went to pick up Penelope from her birthday party so we could head to Chinook Centre for the Soccer wind up party. 

Before the wind up party, I headed to the new Sportchek Women store, which is located inside Chinook, right beside Nordstrom where I received a gait analysis on my running form.  It was a really neat experience that I will share with you later this week.  

The wind up party was so much fun even if we aren't really winding down at all.  The girls had so much fun bowling, eating pizza and just hanging out with one another.  We lucked out with a great group of kids and parents on this team - which comes in handy when you are spending 4 days a week with them haha.  

We were all pretty tired after our busy Saturday so we picked up Vern's Pizza (our favourite) on our way home and then just hung out for the rest of the night.  The girls played on their iPads while Greg and I laid on the couch watching hockey and just being lazy.  It was really nice.  

On Sunday morning, we met up with Brad and my soon to be sister in law, Kari.  We were originally going to go for a hike but it was pretty avalanchy in most areas and Greg decided he didn't really want to go for a hike so we thought a nice easy bike ride around the Glenmore Resevoir would be nice......

This was where the bike ride turned from really nice to complete disaster haha.  Greg wiped out shortly after this photo was taken followed immediately by Penelope.  We really should have turned around at that point but we did not.  And it was insane but it was still pretty fun.  You can read all about our adventurous bike ride tomorrow on the blog.  

After our 2 and a half hour bike ride that covered almost 16km, we decided we earned a good brunch.  Our first choice was the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus but even at 1pm, it was still lined up out the door.  Kari and I were far too cold to even consider standing outside for a table so we headed to Sidewalk Citizen instead since we had to go downtown to MEC anyways.  It was crazy busy there too but we managed to find 2 tables side by side so we could be together although I was too far away to talk to anybody but Greg.  This pizza was what Greg and I shared and it was amazing.  It had fennel, chunks of pork loin and bacon and parmesan cheese.  The Sidewalk Citizen is the best bread around and is found at many local restaurants.  So delicious.  I cheated on my sugar hiatus and had a hot chocolate from Phil + Seb's but I figured I had earned it given my bike ride plus Greg had some too.  But then, we promised the girls Village Ice Cream if they finished the bike ride and it is impossible not to have it when you are there because it is the best ice cream in the whole world and I don't even really like ice cream.  It is made with all natural ingredients so I figured it wasn't too bad plus I don't ever crave ice cream and my real goal was to cut out all the other high sugary drinks and snacks that I was consuming and I have succeeded at that.  Despite these 2 semi slip ups, I am still happy with myself and the progress I have made on my sugar hiatus.  I no longer crave my sugary drinks but it is hard sometimes to not purchase a delicious mars bar when in a grocery store but so far I have gone 15 days without anything like that and that is really good for me.  I also noticed that I prefer my sugar less tea warm instead of hot now and I have no idea why that it is, but whatever works right??  And the key to having enough energy for running and bootcamp is to eat really big breakfasts beforehand and to have snacks ready in my car for when I finish so I don't end up eating something I know I will regret.  Looking forward to seeing what week 3 brings. 

We headed to MEC because Greg wanted to return a backpack and I wanted to try on a pair of Hoka's but they didn't have my size and they don't carry altras.  We went to Strides in Canyon Meadows too and they didn't have any Hoka's or Altra's in my size.  I decided to order the Altra Torin's online anyways since I knew my shoe size and worst case scenario I would have to pay to send them back to Amazon but I am fairly confident I will like them.  

While at MEC, Finley tried out one of their bikes.  She needs to size up on her bike this spring.  This model, which she loves, is last years model but for some reason it is still the same price as the new model that came out this year.  Greg is hoping this one goes on sale otherwise she will have to get the newer model that she doesn't love as much because it is better he says.  I think the new model is pretty sweet looking if you ask me.  We also went to Pure Cycle which is next door to Strides and her try the Trek bike which had different gears then the Ghost one at MEC but she didn't like that one but I think it was more because she didn't want a purple bike haha.  

We finally made it home after a long day of being out.  The girls and I each had baths and I proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the day.  I was pretty banged up from our bike ride and just tired over all. Greg got his hair cut and picked up supper from Sobeys and before you knew it, it was finally bed time and to reset for the week ahead.  The girls went to bed early and were asleep instantly while Greg went and got groceries and I watched another episode of Fixer Upper (I am obsessed).  

Our weekend was long and busy but so many memories made.  Looking forward for a nice week before Grandma Gail comes to visit and spring break starts!  Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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