Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Local Eats: Brasserie

Last Thursday, my good friend Terra and I had a date to see Kinky Boots (AMAZING, BTW)  and we like to go eat somewhere fabulous when we go out together and she picked Brasserie in Kensington and it did not disappoint.

My evening started off with my first of two Justin Truedeau's.  It is a drink made from rye, dubonnet, egg white, lemon and bitters.  I have no idea what dubonnet is or was but I love me a drink with egg whites in it.  Plus with a name like Justin Trudeau, how could it be anything less then perfection?  HAHA just kidding.  Kind of.  

After we each ordered ourselves a drink, we started with some parmesan truffle french fries with garlic ailoli sauce.  I wish I would have remembered to take a photograph of them, they were THAT good.   A lot of restaurants offer truffle oil fries but very few do it well.  Fortunately for Terra and I, Brasserie did.  

We both ordered a couple of small plates for our meals instead of a big main course.  Terra had beef tartar (no surprise there  haha) and French Onion Soup.  French Onion Soup is always something that I wished I liked since there is something very sophisticated about it but I don't like onions or cheese so it poses to be quite a problem for me haha.  I ordered first some delicious, perfectly seared scallops.  It was served with marinated mushrooms, parsley salad and cold pressed olive oil.  I loved the scallops but the mushrooms were so hot that I couldn't eat them and made me afraid to try the parsley salad.  The scallops were some of the best I have ever had so it made up for the spicy mushrooms for sure.  

Lastly, I ordered their caesar salad.  This salad, generally speaking, when done right, is my second favourite salad in the whole world.  This salad was served with 2 slices of bacon, crispy capers, croutons, parmesan cheese,  egg and a garlic lemon aioli.  I don't like crispy bacon so that didn't get eaten, but I devoured the whole salad.  It was perfectly done.  If you look in the photo, the capers are the dark coloured things to the right of the egg.  I mentioned to Terra that I had no idea what they were but that they were delicious, she then told me they were capers.  I still have no idea what a caper actually is but turns out I do like them, at least like this anyways.  And I am not sure what they sprinkled on the egg but I really wish I did.  It would be the perfect addition to eating hard boiled eggs at home.  Probably the best restaurant caesar salad I have ever had.  Notable/The Nash's would be a close second.  

We had a really great experience dining at Brasserie.  The service was fantastic - the servers were very friendly and had great interaction with all the guests.  It has a great atmoshsphere and a really great vibe.  It wasn't too busy but reservations are recommended as it is not a large restaurant.  It is located in Kensington at 1131 Kensington Road NW and is right across from Starbucks.  Parking can be a challenge so be prepared to walk if necessary.  

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