Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a crazy busy weekend with Grandma Gail visiting from Saskatchewan! Greg had Monday off work too so our weekend was extended until yesterday giving us 4 days of fun leading into Spring Break for the girls.  They don't go back to school until next Monday.  

Gail arrived in Calgary after school on Friday where the girls quickly brought out Triominoes for them to play.  I think they got 3 games in before Gail had to leave to meet Brad + Kari at IKEA to do some shopping.  The girls asked to go with Grandma Gail giving Greg and I some free time to ourselves.  

Greg and I headed to The Smith which is located in Canyon Meadows.  We were there at Thanksgiving and it was pretty good.  We again ordered the truffle fries and they were amazing.  Seriously I could order 2 of these and be set for my entire meal.  But as you will see in this post alone, I am a sucker for anything truffle related.  

Saturday morning saw me up early and getting 12km run in with Greg.  I wanted to keep it simple and just run around Bridlewood + Evergreen but he wanted to go on an adventure so we headed to Marshall Springs entrance of Fish Creek.  It was actually pretty good for about 3km and then we turned and went up some stairs that we typically use for bootcamp workouts and it was so snowy and icy but once we got out of that section it was smooth sailing until we got home.  While we were out running, Grandma Gail and the girls went to Tim Hortons for breakfast which is something they always do when she visits. 

When we got back home we found Grandma Gail and the girls playing triominoes.  I am not sure how many times that game got played this weekend.  The girls love to play games and Grandma Gail isn't one to say no to that.  After a quick shower and some lunch, we packed up and headed to meet Brad + Kari in Canmore.  

Our first stop in Canmore was at the Canmore Museum + Geoscience Centre.  It is also home to their city hall.  It's a very cool building inside and out.  The girls LOVED this museum.  They got to do a scavenger hunt and got to pick out some rocks after they found all of the items on their list.  Penelope also put her rock under the microscope to check it out as well as her damaged thumb.  It's a very small museum but it is filled with lots of fun and interesting artifacts.  

The weather was very weird - it kept going back and forth from sunny and clear to cloudy and snow. We spent some time walking up and down main street looking in all the different shops.  We stopped for ice cream at Mooses's (I think) and then walked to CommuniTEA for some afternoon tea.  Penelope was being a brat and had to go stand outside and so decided to dance and put on a show for everybody to see.  Turned out to be not much of a punishment haha.   We stopped at the Olive Oil shop and had truffle salt butter oil popcorn.  It was delicious.  Penelope hated it so I ate hers too hahaha.  

And finally, we ended our day at Sage Bistro and Wine Lounge for dinner.  This was the whole purpose of our trip to Canmore as we were going to have dinner where Brad and Kari are probably going to have their wedding reception next summer.  The restaurant has lots of windows for amazing views and although you can't see it very well, Penelope is actually double fisting her chocolate milk and water.  The food was very good and my favourite was the garlic butter for the bread.  I normally don't eat butter but it was amazing.  Unfortunately, my body doesn't like butter and I paid for it most of the night but it was worth it.  We also had the fries for an appetizer with their truffle aioili sauce.  I also don't normally eat sauces like that either but I tried this one because it had truffle (I wasn't kidding when I said i was a sucker for it) and I really liked it.  Thank goodness we ordered two of these appetizers.  We all enjoyed our entrees and then Kari politely used her bride card for us to try the Smores Cake.  It is typically only available in the wine lounge upstairs and they have two different kitchens and don't allow menu items to go to different floors, which is fair.  But after Kari explained why we wanted to try it, they made an exception for us.  The girls absolutely loved it.  It was pretty good I must say.  

The second late night in a row got Penelope as soon as she got in the car and she slept all the way back to Calgary and was asleep again as soon as she hit her pillow.  

On Sunday morning, Brad and Kari came over for brunch and we had waffles - courtesy of Kari, while Penelope helped Brad make the berry sauce and helped Greg with the whipping cream.  She was supposed to watch the bacon too but she forgot and it came out crispy much to Kari's delight haha.  I have never been one for waffles but they were really good and now I want to get a waffle iron for myself hahaha.  

After brunch, Greg, the girls and Gail went to Southcentre Mall for CANstruction and for me to make a return at the children's place.  CANstruction is done every year and we love it.  The event is held around the world and challenges teams to design and build colossal structures made entirely out of cans of food.  The cans of food are then donated to local food banks.  Such a great cause!!  The downturn in oil prices has seen the number of participants reduced over the last few years but there were still some awesome ones on display.  Since 2006, CANstruction has provided more than 355,909 pounds of food to Calgarians in need.  

This one was done by the city of Calgary and was called Everyday UnspoCAN Heroes.  They showed how important fire fighters are to our city and safety.  More than 8500 cans were used in building this structure.

My other favourite was Brion Energy's structure.  It was called CANada's True Heroes and it depicted the fire fighters in Fort Mac last summer.  When thinking of heroes and villains, there was no greater local villain in 2016 then the Fort MacMurray fire.  And there were no greater heroes than then emergency responders who helped to bring this beast under conrol and ensure the safety of the community.  Some families lost their homes, which meant they might have visited the Food Bank for help.  This structure depicts the ultimate battle of good v evil: a fire fighter standing tall against the flames that engulfed trees, houses, buildings and spanned more than 500,000 hectares.  This structure is composed of more than 4000 cans.  

CANstructions runs until for the next 5 or 6 days and I really recommend you go check it out!!  

After we left Southcentre Mall, we headed home but Greg decided to show Gail how far the city went south so drove down past Legacy and then turned right and took a scenic road home.  How we ended back on 22x I will never know haha.  But the kids were getting bored so they played the alphabet game that Kari taught them last summer while driving home from a backpack trip.  Basically you have to find one letter of the alphabet on a sign and keep going until you get to Z.  You can only get one letter per sign so it makes it a little difficult.  We finally got to Z and thought we were going to be stuck on that but just before we turned into Bridlewood off of James McKevitt, we found this conservative sign that had a Z in it.  We did it!!!!  It's a pretty fun game to play if you ever have bored kids (or adults) in the car.  

When we got back from that, Greg went grocery shopping because we had no food and the girls and Grandma Gail played several more games of Triominoes.  I wasn't kidding when I said I had lost count of all the times they played haha.  I laid on the couch with Pizza watching MasterChef Canada.  

Brad and Kari came back for supper and I have no idea what was going on when I took this photo for Kari to look the way she did haha.  Greg made the best mashed potatoes for supper that night.  I had 2 big helpings and pretty much of nothing else haha.  We also discussed when Kari becomes Aunty Kari since they are engaged.  Greg came up with Fiaunty combining Aunty and Fiancee but I don't know if either child will remember to call her that hahaha.  

After Brad + Kari went home and the girls went to sleep, I made some gross tea in my new mug from my bestie.  The best way to my heart is definitely a fun new mug!!!  I drank my tea and went to bed pretty early because I was so tired.  

Greg had Monday off of work so we headed down to the Calgary Zoo.  Usually public school has spring break one week and Catholic has it another week but this year they are both at the same time and the zoo was cray-cray.  So many people everywhere.  But despite the business, we all had a great time and the girls were able to get their faces painted.  The downside was that Finley took her glasses off to get her face painted and left them there and forgot until we had left the zoo and were on our way to lunch.  I called Customer Service at the zoo who didn't have them and then transferred me to security.  They hadn't been turned in yet but they were going to check on them.  As we were leaving lunch, they called me and told me they had them and we detoured on our way home to pick them up.  I am just grateful they were found unlike Penelope's at Chester Lake.  

Almost every time we go to the zoo, we go to Peter's Drive In since it is in close proximation.  Brad was finished school at Sait and met us there.  It was delicious as always but I really need to learn to not have a milkshake no matter how good they taste.  They make me so sick and cause me so much pain in my stomach, it's not a fun thing.  It's been almost 7 hours since I had it as I type this and my tummy still hurts.  

After we got home from Peters, I had a nap and the girls played games and watched videos on wolves while I think Greg played on his iPhone.  Nobody was really hungry because we had a late lunch at Peters but Greg made some pasta for Finley because she had a outdoor soccer practice to help get them ready for evaluations that start next week.  

She said the fields were a little wet but nothing too bad and she was dressed warm enough and wasn't cold at all.  She's been playing soccer 1 - 4x per week since October and will hopefully get a short break from April 12th until the season starts towards the end of April.  She loves soccer but she is getting tired from it.  

While Finley was at soccer practice, Penelope and Grandma Gail played triominoes and frozen scrabble and shopkins go shopping before watching another video on wolves.  When Finley got home from practice, everybody went upstairs to watch Inside Out while I worked on this blog.  Soon it will be bedtime for all as Greg heads back to work tomorrow and Gail heads back home to Saskatoon and we continue our spring break adventures.  

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!

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  1. We got a waffle iron for Christmas and use it all the time. It beeps, you pour the batter in (the purchased one at our house), it beeps again and you pop it out. I don't even clean it..... I was annoyed with the extra gadget to find a place for in my already small kitchen but in the end I, and especially the kids, really like it!