Thursday, 9 March 2017

What I Streamed in February

February started out with me being so excited for Santa Clarita Diet.  I had no idea what it was about and I don't love Drew Barrymore the way most of the world does but I love me some Timothy Olyphant.  He is so beautiful and I was excited to binge watch it while I ran on the treadmill.

February 3rd came and my entire social media feed was obsessing over it so I was excited to watch it on Saturday morning until I started watching it and it was about zombies.  I hate zombies and have zero interest to watch anything about zombies no matter how cute the lead actor is.  So I switched to the show below....  If you are interested in watching this show, it is on Netflix Canada currently.

I watched a few more episodes of The Office but got to the point where Dwight is going to get himself fired or quit to protect Angela and I don't like those episodes so I kinda just stopped watching it.  Greg said it is only 3 episodes but I really hate it but maybe I will push through it eventually.  This is still available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

I found this one by accident and I am disappointed that there was only one season on Netflix and since it was in 2015 I wasn't overly optimistic about a second season but then I looked on iMDB and saw that a second season started in January I believe.  This made me happy.  This show is freaking hilarious.  Tracey is the main character who has a very religious mom and is dating another very religious and very sexist man.  She tries to seduce him and he is horrified and she breaks up with him.  The rest of the show is about her awkwardness about sex and having sex and oral sex and hiding it from her religious mother and sister.  It is definitely on the raunchy side but really funny.  It's only got 10 or 12 episodes but man do I wish there was more.  It is currently available to stream on Netflix Canada.  

Michael Bolton released a Valentines Special and it was hilarious. He called it the Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Day Special.  He partnered with The Lonely Island and some other fine comedians and writers.  While the title makes you think it will be some romantic special, it is really anything but.  No idea if it is still on Netflix Canada but if it is give it a watch, it is like a really long SNL skit with lots of former SNL cast members on it.  

I actually started Angie Tribeca last month and I watched I think one or two episodes and was unsure about it.  I pushed through and finished off Season 1 and I can't wait for season 2 to be available for streaming.  It's actually really funny once you get used to the humour used to write the script.  It is available for streaming on Crave TV in Canada and on TBS if  you live in the USA.   I definitely recommend this show too. 

Season 2 of LetterKenny was uploaded onto Crave TV on Christmas Day but for one reason or another, I never did watch it until February.  My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough.  I love this show and everything about it.  I even love every single character and storyline.  My most favourite storyline is when Wayne (guy on the left) wants to run for 4H president or something like that against the longterm president. They decide to hold a real election and the other guy made a commercial making fun of the conservative commercial on Justin Trudeau about him just not being ready but had nice hair.  It was so freaking funny.  But unlike Justin Trudeau, Wayne was not successful in his nomination.  The other funniest episode was when Wayne and his sister inherited $5000 and they had to invest it back somehow to help LetterKenny and all the people who live there had some idea based on some reality show that currently airs or has aired on TV.  Seriously so funny. They just started filming Season 3 a few weeks ago and they do have a St. Patty's Day special coming up later in March.  I cannot wait!!  Again, this streams currently on Crave TV. 

This came heavily recommended on social media and was nominated for an Oscar in best documentary feature but lost to the one below.  Ava DuVernay explores the history of racial inequality in the United States and how the prisons in that country are filled for the most part by African Americans.  It gets its title from the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which is the Amendment that abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime.  This documentary is completely fascinating and even more amazing is that the racism is still just as prevalent today as it was when Rosa Parks rode the back of the bus, it just takes on different faces so to speak.  I really recommend you watch this but make sure you give it your undivided because it needs it. It is available to stream on Netflix Canada.  

This was the last thing I streamed in February and it won the Oscar for the best documentary feature. This one was produced by ESPN and featured interviews and news commentary from the days of the events, after the events and before the events.  It had 5 episodes in this documentary and each one was about 90 minutes long.  I was as obsessed with OJ Simpson as I was the Gilmore Girls and I am not even exaggerating.  Do you remember where you were when OJ Simpson was found not guilty on that October 3rd day??  I was in high school still and I was walking along the science  hallway when the intercom came on and they put the verdict on live so we could hear it.  I don't remember much else about that day but I do remember where I was.  Funny how that happens.  After watching all 5 parts, I googled all the people involved to see where they were now, what they were doing, what they thought about OJ and found that Mark Fuhrman, the famous cop who was racist and accused of planting evidence, lives in Sand Point, ID which is where we will be for a week in July and I told Greg I wanted to find him hahaha.  I have even requested books by those involved in the case who have written books.  Seriously, OBSESSED.  I don't remember ever watching the trial on TV at all, although I did remember him trying on the gloves found and being too small for him so I don't know if they showed all the graphic photos of their bodies and blood on TV but it is shown in this documentary and it is very disturbing.  I remember thinking back then that he didn't do it but he probably hired someone to do it.  Now I am sure he did it and did it himself.  The reason the gloves were too small is because he didn't take his arthritis meds for a few weeks before hand and they swelled up so much he never could have put them in there.  And then he gets off free, moves to Florida and tries to screw the families out of their civil suit money and then decides to break into a hotel in Vegas with a gun and hold people captive demanding they give back all his stolen memorabilia.  Turns out he get hosed because they had nothing and he ended up getting sentenced to 33 years in jail on the anniversary of the day he was acquitted of murdering Nicole + Ron.  33, incidentally, is the amount of money he was forced to pay their families in the civil suit.  They say he should have only gotten a few years for what happened in Vegas and the judge did what she did to make up for what happened years before.  It is all so crazy.  Anyways, it was really interesting to see the life of OJ and how it went from promising football star to whatever he is now. All five parts are available to stream on Crave TV right now and you really should do it.  

Did you stream anything exciting this month??

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