Friday, 28 April 2017

Exploring Alberta: Grassi Lakes

Last weekend, we were in Canmore for a birthday party and decided to hike Grassi Lake after we finished up.  It was the first time we were hiking that trail since Finley was a baby.  See how much Greg and Finley has changed since summer 2009.

I am so glad Greg finally quit growing his hair this long, it is so much looking now.  And he is wearing jeans on a hike - he would never ever do that now haha.  This is the carrier we used before we bought our ergo - definitely inferior for sure!

There are two ways to get up to Grassi Lakes - the hard way and the easy way.  We had planned to take the hard way up and the easy way down but unfortunately the hard way was closed and so we were forced to go  up and down the easy way, which, in my opinion, wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  It was cold and I wasn't really in a hiking mood.  

The day had started out relatively warm and sunny but by the time we started hiking, it had gotten chilly, cloudy and not overly nice out.  But there is something to be said about the mountains when it is eery outside.  

If you look down, wayyyyyyy down, you can kinda see where we parked.  Seriously, isn't this view amazing??  I always feel so much gratitude when I see views like this - it is such a privilege to have this all in our backyard.

Here is Lower Grassi Lake.  They lie at an elevation of about 5003 feet and they receive their water from the Spray Lakes Resevoir on the Spray River.  The land is part of the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, which is part of the Kananaskis Country park system.

Finley and Penelope doing some exploring around Lower Grassi Lake.  Kitty comes to all hikes and loves to explore.  

This is Upper Grassi Lakes.  The lakes are named after Lawrence Grassi and if you are a hiker in the Rocky Mountains, then you have heard of him.  He paved the way (or moved some rocks around) so that we could hike so many places in the area.  He did a few in Lake O'Hara that we have done and they are freaking amazing.  Thank goodness he took an interest in climbing and building trails for us to enjoy a hundred years later.  

We wanted to go explore the rock caves but we weren't sure how safe they were and there were signs saying that they were falling rock hazards.  As cool as a photo and exploring might have been, it definitely wasn't worth the risk in our opinion.  The Grassi Lakes are part of the Cairn Formation, a fossil reef that formed during the Late Devonian period.  The primary reef forming organisms were stromatoporoids, a long extinct type of bulbous sponge.  Rock painting that are more than 1000 years old can be found near the top of the canyon beyond the lakes.  They are believed to have been painted by the ancestors of the Kootenai Indians (Thanks Wikipedia for the information)

When I was pregnant with Finley I attended a week long geology class and I don't remember who taught it or a single thing I learned but I do remember him saying 2 things that you most definitely should do and one was to hike Grassi Lakes because he called it one of the geological wonders of the world.  And he wasn't wrong.  It is such a beautiful place and impossible to capture all of its beauty in a mere photo.  If you ever find yourself in Canmore with an hour to spare, I definitely recommend that you do this hike.  It is super easy and good for everybody!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Good Bye April AKA Pity Party For One

I am not in any way sad to see April come to an end in a few short days.  It has not been a good month for me.  I have had more days then not dealing with migraines, terrible headaches and migraine hangovers.  And these migraines got the best of me in the end.  I started the month off still succeeding in my sugar hiatus.  I was finally adjusted and no longer craved my sweet delicious tea.  I was still drinking a cup or two a day but used stevia instead of sugar.  It is not even remotely the same but it works.  I was running well, stretching, strengthening, boot camping and eating great - I was on a roll and I was happy with it.  My mom was in Calgary for an extended visit, my sister was coming for Easter and we were having the whole family for dinner for Easter.

My migraines were so frequent and so awful that I caved back into my bad eating regiment.  The sugar hiatus was gone and I was drinking starbucks and slurpees and eating chips and chocolate bars. The only good thing was that despite all of this, I never ever went back to sugar in my tea.  I guess that counts as a small victory right??  I kept telling myself with every drive through order, that this was my last time and tomorrow I would quit again.  But tomorrow never came.  I didn't even try.  I was disappointed in myself after all that I accomplished the month before and that even further made me delve into the sweets and starbucks.  My blog suffered tremendously,  I have piles of laundry to be washed, dried, folded and put away.  My house constantly looks like a natural disaster zone hahaha.  Thankfully I have a great husband who never ever complains about the state of our house no matter what - except for when I sweep and just sweep everything into a corner and not dustpan it right away.  He hates that but I am much much better at that.

This morning Finley stayed home from school because she wasn't feeling good.  I was annoyed that she had to be sick today.  Why not yesterday or tomorrow?  I had bootcamp today and wanted to go.  I immediately felt bad for thinking this and thankfully she was feeling better and went for the afternoon.  But then I was starting to feel like I had a  head cold coming on.  My head felt full of pressure, my ears hurt, my throat was sore, my whole body ached and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I had 3 naps and was feeling very down and sorry for myself.  I have a race on Saturday that I am not overly prepared for since I have been revamping my running form, my hips were aching because I have stretched and done my hip strengthening exercises like 3x this month, my knee was sore and my toes still ache on occasion.  It was seriously not a pretty site.  And I hated that I was doing this.  Having a pity party is not my style and rarely do I have one especially one of this magnitude.

I found some Advil Cold and Sinus Plus and popped 2 pills and perused Pinterest while I waited for it to be time to go get the girls from school when I came across this pinned quote:

I was really moved  by this quote and while it doesn't all apply to me, a lot of it did and does.  Self Destruction is not an option for me and it will never be.  I don't claim to be a perfect human, far from it in fact, but I think I do a good job of living my life in a positive way most of the time.  I started thinking as I walked to school but everything that I felt.  I had every right to be frustrated by migraines but I never should have let them win and make me stray so far from who I am.  I mean not only did I let it impact my diet, I wasn't sleeping great, I wasn't getting up early in the mornings, I was barely up when it was time to get the kids up.  I let it control every aspect of my life and run me down which is probably why i feel this head cold is coming on.  I did nothing to stop it and everything for it intrude on me.  I needed to make my tomorrow today and it had to start now.  Not tomorrow, but right that second. 

I picked the girls up from school and came home and had a long hot bath.  Then I figured out how to clean out the drain in my bathtub because it was clogged with my hair and not draining right.  I was very happy that I was able to do that.  Instead of getting back into my pyjamas, I got dressed and brushed my hair.  Even though I had no where to go, I knew I had to do it to make myself feel better.  I went back downstairs, started a load of laundry and finished watching the last 2 episodes of GirlBoss. I even managed to read a few chapters of the new Lauren Graham book too!   I started supper and enjoyed the company of my family instead of being bitter about how awful I was feeling.  The rest of our evening was uneventful: me cleaning up the kitchen, perusing Pinterest and eventually writing this blog post while the kids did math and played with Greg. 

More good news is that I haven't had a real headache or migraine since last Thursday evening/early Friday morning so fingers crossed that my cluster migraines are gone for the foreseeable future.  I honestly cannot take another month like this one anytime soon, that is for sure.  

I still have the pressure head cold like headache and my throat still hurts.  I don't feel as tired and my ears aren't hurting so that's a bonus right?  This is basically out of my control but I will continue drinking as much water as humanly possible and taking my advil cold and sinus plus ( i swear by this stuff) and hope and pray that it doesn't get the best of me on Saturday morning while I run Eye Ball The Wall.  

Looking back at this month, I can honestly say that today was not the only day of my pity party - it just reached a breaking point where I finally knew I had to change something.  It wasn't healthy and more importantly, it wasn't me.  It was time for me to bounce back.  Not tomorrow, not next week but right freaking now and I did.  I can only hope that when I wake this morning, I still have this positive attitude to get me through the day and all the days going forward. 

Bad days are allowed.  Bad months are not.

I cannot wait for a fresh start in May 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Weekend Recap, A Birthday Party + More Soccer!!

Although this was a busy weekend, it was relatively quiet in comparison with last weekend when we had a houseful of visitors! Friday was pretty quiet around here, we were tired after a busy weekend turned into a busy week for all of us, plus both kids returned to soccer on Wednesday too.  It was nice to kinda kick back and not do much.

I had seen this cookbook at Chapters a few weeks earlier and requested it from the library.  I had picked it up Friday afternoon and went through it before supper that night.  It was ok, definitely not something I would recommend someone to buy.  I think I might try one or two but that is about it.  After supper, I got a few chapters in on a Gloria Steinam book that I saw recommended in an article that I read.  Greg and I finished off the evening watching the second episode of the 4th season (or is it third??) of Orange Is The New Black.  We are so far behind in this series but neither of us have been very inclined to watch it. 

On Saturday, I was up before everybody and so I watched the first few episodes of GirlBoss on Netflix and so far it is so good.  I enjoyed some tea while I perused my recipes books so I could meal plan for the following week.  Soon Penelope was up though and my peaceful morning was over.  

Penelope has wanted to be a part time animal trainers since we re were in California in November and went to the animal training show at Universal Studios.  This basically means she torments the cats (and by cats I mean just Pizza) and just stuffs them full of treats.  That morning though, Pizza was playing fetch with her with a crinkly ball that both her and Luci love.  And she was loving the treats so much haha. 

And here is a photo of me that I took in the car Saturday morning.  So rarely is a photo of me ever posted on my blog so I thought I would post this for fun.  My hair is getting so long which surprises so many since it is always in a very messy bun.  I like long hair but i hate my hair in my face and basically anywhere not in a pony tail which makes me think I should go shorter again since I was forced to actually do something with it haha.  

Eventually Greg and Finley both got out of bed and we all got ready to head to Canmore for a birthday party.  The traffic wasn't too bad and the mountains looked oh so pretty with the snow on them.  There is nothing more pretty then snow on mountains haha.  It sucks that it eventually has to melt for the warmer months. 

The weather was really nice so the kids spent a good portion of the beginning of the party outside with a bubble machine.  It was a bit of a pain to have to keep filling it up all the time but the kids loved it.  I might have to look at walmart and get one for the girls this summer. 

We were in Canmore celebrating the third birthday of Greg's cousin's daughter.  She had a mickey mouse theme and they did a great job with the cake.  Penelope had part of the ear and her teeth, tongue and lips were all black and she loved it.  Thanks for having us out to celebrate your birthday!

And since you can't go to the mountains without going on a hike of some kind, we headed to Grassi Lakes for a quick hike before we headed back home.  You can read more on that tomorrow.  Saturday night saw tons of rain but I still snuck out for a late movie at the cheap theatre with my friend Steph.  We went and saw The Shack and it was so good.  I remember reading the book a long time ago but I am pretty certain that I never finished it because there was so much I couldn't remember. Plus any opportunity to eat movie theatre popcorn is one I never turn down haha. 

Sunday morning I got up and went for my run.  I am trying to turn Sunday's into my short runs but I still got 10km done.  The rain had mostly stopped and there was just a light mist when I started it but it didn't last long.  Penelope was also up early with me and I am sure fed the cats lots of treats with their breakfast because there are now no treats left haha.  

After my run,  I had a quick bath before making waffles and bacon for brunch.  I then followed that up with some omelette cups for the week and some coconut flour protein pancakes for my post workout hunger.  Hopefully I like them haha!

Finley had her first soccer game of the season and Penelope was so excited to see that SWU home field this outdoor season had a really cool playground to play at instead of being forced to watch her sister.  As luck would have it, one of her teammates from indoor and soon to be teammate on outdoor was there watching her brother so they played together and had lots of fun.

Finley is playing on virtually the same team as indoor as well.  They dropped one player and picked up two.  Outdoor soccer is very different from indoor - more players, an extra position and a much bigger space.  We were bumped up from Tier B to Tier A and it was definitely good to play competitively.  They ended with a 1 - 1 tie but Izzy had 4 missed goals - she was unreal with all the open space.  Finley struggled a bit and wasn't sure where to play and didn't rush for the ball like she should, but like the coach said, there will be a learning curve for the kids plus they are still just kids and are bound to make some mistakes.  She just needs to pay attention more when she is on the bench and see what the other players are doing instead of being silly on the sidelines.  I also wish the coaches would enforce that too though.  It would make it a lot easier.  The kids were excited to be back at a

After Finley's soccer game, she and I went home and did nothing - it was wonderful - while Greg and Penelope went and got groceries.  I have been headache free since late Thursday night/early Friday morning and that is really good news.  Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come.  That, or I just jinxed it.

A thunder storm hit our area around dinner time and we spoke about thunder and lightning and how they are the same and why you see the lightning before you hear the thunder.  Pizza hated the thunder as did penelope.  We had a great dinner of farmers sausage and perogies - very saskatchewanian of us haha.  After supper, the girls had showers and baths and I worked on this blog.  Time for me to make lunches and go get ready for the week.  Hope you had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Local Eats: Provision

On Saturday Greg and I decided to go for lunch and Greg wanted to go to Boxwood Cafe which is in Central Memorial Park.  I had remembered that it was no longer Boxwood but that it had changed ownership so we decided to go check it out.

This is the view from the street.  It is located at 340 13th Ave SW.  There is no parking lot but there was ample street parking when we arrived.  Provision, according to Google, means with food, drink, and equipment, especially for a journey.  I love that they chose provision for the name of their new restaurant.  The people behind this place are also the people behind Avec Bistro which is also very good.  

This is the view from one of the windows.  I was sitting in front of it.  I picked the bench instead of the chair and I really should have picked the chair so I could people watch out the windows instead. 

We had never made it to  Boxwood Cafe so I don't know if the decor or concept is the same but it is really nice inside.  There is a lot of natural elements with the wood beams and walls but also some industrial design too which really works well together.  I also loved that the kitchen was open concept so you can see them work and what it is like too.  

Greg's favourite part were the wood beams and the windows in the roof.  There is so much natural light in here!!  I pointed out that Joanna Gaines uses a lot of beams in her projects too.  He just rolled his eyes at me hahaha.

Since we arrived later in the afternoon and the restaurant was mostly empty, our food came quickly.  I ordered the crispy pork belly, brussel leaf and fried onion omelette and it was legitimately the greatest omelette of my entire life.  I occasionally make myself one for breakfast but I don't know how I will ever do that again given what I tasted on Saturday.  It was freaking amazing.  If you do decide to come to Provision, you must eat this.

Greg had the breakfast sandwich which came with spolumbo sausage.  He enjoyed his too although probably not as much as I did. 

And here is a photo of the super cute restaurant located in a municipal park.  It is small so seating is of course limited but the great news is that they are on open table now so you can make reservations. They also have a large patio that will be quite busy once it finally gets warmer here.  I cannot wait to come back again in the evening and give their dinner menu a try.  I have no doubt that it will be as fantastic. 

If you would like to find them on social media, their handle on both Instagram and Twitter is @provisionyyc.  Let me know if you check them out, I can't wait to hear what you think!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Weekend Recap

Our Easter weekend got on its way with a 15km run at the Glenmore Resevoir for Greg and I.  We took advantage of having my mom at our  house to go for a run.  It wasn't a great run and we probably won't run together ever again but that's for another post hahaha.  

After our run, we came home and used our new blender to make smoothies for everyone.  Adults got beets and blueberries and the kids got blueberries with apples.  I didn't like the adult one but I loved the kids one so I drank Finley's when she didn't like it.  I am excited to try out our blender for more fun food things. 

Later that morning, Greg and the girls decorated easter eggs while we waited for Kristy and her boyfriend to arrive.  This is basically where my Good Friday ends.  Shortly after Kristy + Dan arrived, I got hit with a massive migraine and spent the rest of the day in bed while everybody else went out to celebrate an early Mother's Day with my mom.  They got back around 8pm and I was able to get out of bed but I still wasn't feeling really great.  We watched part of the Oilers hockey game before I went back to bed.  

Saturday I was still feeling really crummy but Penelope and I decided to head to Cobs to pick up some cinnamon buns for breakfast for everybody.  I had planned on making donuts but I wasn't up for that.  But we got back home and I didn't even want my cinnamon bun as my stomach was still upset.  I was dealing with what I call a migraine hangover and it is not fun.  Soon after we had breakfast, Aunty Kristy took the girls to go see Beauty and The Beast which they all loved but decided that the animated version was still superior.  Greg and Dan stayed home while they were at the movies and mom and I went to Walmart to pick up a birthday present for a party Finley was going to and then to Michaels for a few other things.  We then met back up at our house before Mom, Kristy, Dan and Penelope headed to Red Deer to have dinner at my cousin's place while Greg and I took Finley to a birthday party at Lloyd's. 

Greg and I took advantage of having 3 whole hours to ourself and headed downtown to MEC.  We both realized we were hungry and that I hadn't had anything to eat since Thursday night so we stopped at Provision and had a late brunch.  It was amazing.  Read all about it tomorrow on here.  Then we headed to MEC where Greg tried out backpacking pillows, bike shoes and looked at water filters while I tried on hydration packs.  I found one that I loved but it was $185 and I refuse to spend that on a water carrying device no matter how much I loved it.  We spent over an hour at MEC and realize that we should probably head back to Lloyd's as her party was nearing an end.  

We were approaching Lloyd's when we realized we would be too early.  I suggested a coffee place but we ended up at Campers Village.  The best part about the store is the swinging bridge connecting the two upstair parts together.  It is loved by both kids and adults alike.  If you ever find yourself at this store, don't hesitate to check it out.  You won't be disappointed haha. 

We still got to Lloyd's a few minutes early but that allowed us to watch Finley do some laps around the rink.  She's come a long way since she had her birthday party here in October.  She had so much fun and she nearly collapsed when she took her skates off because her legs and feet were so tired.  She fell a few times and that left her with some ugly looking knees but they seemed fine the next day.  After picking her up, we headed to Michaels and IKEA because I wanted to buy a few things but upon seeing both items up close, we left empty handed much to my dismay.  I did however, find another pouf at Walmart for $40 which was perfect to add to our living room for extra seating.  It sure came in handy the following day.  

We ended up eating out again for dinner which normally doesn't happen so often but neither of us felt like cooking and we had no supper plans to think of at home and we were tired so Finley picked Li Ao Sushi which is our neighbourhood sushi place.  It is delicious.  Finley enjoyed having some one on one time with us both without Penelope around.  It is a rare feat for sure to happen.  

We came home just as the snow started to fall which was kinda nice until I realized I didn't have enough eggs for the dessert I was making so I had to go back out.  That was not fun.  It was so cold and windy!!  I made our easter dessert and then went upstairs to watch the flames game with Greg and Finley.  Kristy brought her new kitty Smyth to Calgary and since he is named after Ryan Smyth, former hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers, we thought it would be funny to dress him up in our Build A Bear Flames Jersey and call him Iggy.  Kristy didn't find this as funny as we did haha. 

Finally, the crew arrived home from Red Deer and I got Penelope into bed and was finally able to hide the easter eggs.  I hate hiding easter eggs and I cannot wait until my kids don't want to hunt for eggs anymore.  I suck I know hahahaha.  

Because I had gone to bed so late the night before, I decided not to set my alarm on Sunday morning to get up at 530 for my run and just let my body decide when to get up.  However, like clockwork, I woke up at 5:21am.  I laid in bed for a bit but finally got dressed and was out the door by 6:15.  I am trying to convert Sunday into my short run so I only ran 7 or 8 km that morning.  And I was able to run along some fresh bunny tracks in the snow which the girls got a kick out of.  I was worried the snow and rain would cause the sidewalks to be really icy but except for a few small spots, they were clear!

I was sure that because both kids were up so late the night before that they would sleep in on Sunday morning but both were up by 730am.  It didn't take them long to find all the easter eggs the bunny had hid for them but I think they were disappointed to open them all up and they were all filled with hair ties and erasers.  I did throw in some good chocolate into their easter baskets though and they got tons from family members so they definitely had enough chocolate. 

For breakfast I made some donuts.  I made some cinnamon sugar ones which were delicious and some powdered sugar ones that were not.  For some reason, I have never had good tasting powdered sugar ones and I have no idea what it is I am doing wrong.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.  

For Easter supper dessert, I made gluten free cupcakes above and then I made rice krispy easter baskets that are shown below.  The cupcakes were a bit dry but not too terrible.  I made the icing myself which is why it doesn't look very good.  Usually I make Greg do the frosting but he was still sleeping when I did the decorating.  They were all eaten in the end.  

Making the baskets/nests were a lot of work and I don't think I would do it again.  Getting them into the muffin tins was a nightmare and took forever.  Squares it will forever be.  These turned out great and were delicious.

After breakfast, Greg and I went for groceries at Superstore which I hated every minute of.  I told him we should have clicked and collected but he enjoys wandering the aisles looking for things.  It was so cold in there too.  After we finished there, we headed to IKEA which was still very quiet since it was so early and bought a new shelf thingy for our family room.  It was the quickest I have ever been in and out of IKEA haha. 

The girls spent some time outside playing with some new Easter toys and colouring and writing in their new notebooks.  It was a pretty chill afternoon.  

Penelope helped daddy build our new shelf thingy while our Easter supper cooked and before our guests arrived.  I probably shouldn't have asked Greg to do this because he got stressed out and angry.  Once he finished though we were all happy hahahha.

We had a full house for Easter Dinner: We had Greg's brother Brad and his fiancee Kari, his dad Don, my mom Roxane, my sister Kristy and her boyfriend Dan from Sask, my cousin Jimmy, his wife Nancy and their kids Madi + Tanner from Red Deer and my Aunty Leslie + Uncle Doug over.  We had 16 people which is a lot but I love having my family altogether especially given all we have been through this last year and a bit.  The supper was great and it was really nice seeing everybody too!

After supper everybody headed home but Don, Kari + Brad who took the girls for a bike ride while Greg and I cleaned up the main floor.  Finley got a new bike that she wanted to try out and Penelope (much to her dismay) got Finley's old bike.  Don used one of Greg's bikes to go out with the girls which the girls loved.  As soon as they went home, we got the girls to bed and I was out like a light soon after.  I was exhausted after a busy but fulfilling weekend - even with the crappy migraine on Friday.  How did you spend your easter??

Monday, 10 April 2017

New Website, Weekend Recap + Love Warrior

First things first, you can find me at instead of although I do believe you will get redirected to the new address if you go to the old one automatically.  I always wanted my own domain but it seemed so complicated and expensive.  When I made the switch to the new blog name, I looked into it and saw that google offered this and it was easy to do since google owns blogger.  However, it was only available in the US until the last few days because last night when I went to write this blog, it gave me the option to buy my domain for $17 a year.  Basically all I had to do was pick the site address, enter in my payment info and it was done.  It was so easy!!!

Our weekend was so quiet and lame and it was completely welcomed and appreciated.  We have had crazy busy weekends every single weekend since September with soccer and birthday parties and more soccer and then some more soccer.  Finley did have evaluations this weekend and it was literally all we did.  It was a nice break since we have a busy week coming up and probably no free weekends like this again probably until September hahaha.  

Saturday morning, Penelope was up wayyyyyy too early so I handed her her iPad and told her to go play a little while longer so I could get some sleep. I was tired after doing a 10km followed by bootcamp the day before (that's what i get for being lazy on Thursday haha).  She had just gotten her iPad back the day before after they both lost them for a week so she was happy to do so.  

I recently found a donut maker on my local buy n sell site for $1 and it was in a neighbourhood close by.  Yay us.  I finally got around to trying it this morning and made these cinnamon sugared mini donuts.  The batter was delicious so I knew the donuts would have to be too haha.  You can find the recipe HERE and you can make them if you have a donut pan too, you don't have to have a donut maker.  But it is handy.

After donuts, we walked over to the soccer fields closest to us to play some soccer.  As I said earlier, Finley had her 2nd + 3rd evaluations for the outdoor season today and on Sunday at 4pm.  She doesn't call for the ball or mark up properly so we went to work on that.  Penelope is a phenomenal passer and calls for the ball better then most kids.  We thought it would be a win win scenario since Finely needed the help and Penelope really missed soccer since her season ended.  Her season ends sooner then Finley's.  Finley still has tech training on Tuesdays!!

However, playing against your sister is not the same as playing against teammates in practice or other soccer players.  Penelope had melt down after melt down before we decided to head home.  

Finley got this cool science kit for her birthday that makes things like lotions, soaps and lip glosses so we (and by we, I mean those in the photo above) made lotions and some soaps.  The smells were giving me a headache something fierce.  Thankfully it didn't linger and the kids loved what they had made. 

Greg and Finley went grocery shopping so I perused a book that I had gotten out of the library the day before.  I have loved her recipes on pinterest and was so excited to see she had a cookbook.  There are so many great recipes that I cannot wait to try!!!

For some reasons that I don't know, both kids voluntarily cleaned up the backyard.  They picked up the garbage that they had left behind in the fall and put away all the toys that had been buried in snow.  They were supposed to do this in October but I guess this has gotta count for something right? The now melted skating rink will be turned into some raised vegetable gardens soon and I could not  be more excited.  Actually we are all very excited.  Well, Greg might not be because he knows he will have to do all the work while I reap the rewards hahaha. 

We finished Saturday off by watching Malificent.  We usually spend our Saturday nights watching movies but I almost never watch with them because either I don't like it or I am busy cleaning and doing other stuff I should have done already.   I watched this one though because I really wanted to see it.  I really liked it and I figured out who would save her before Greg did which made me really happy.  All I could think about watching it though was Angelina Jolie's cheekbones and the amazing red lipstick that she wore.  I need to find glistening lipstick like that in a colour better suited for me haha. I recommend you watch this movie, it is currently on Netflix Canada. 

Sunday morning saw me get up and head out for what was to be my long run.  I had originally planned on running 15 but decided to run 10 because I was running 15 on Friday with Greg at Glenmore Resevoir and its a tough route so I need to take it easy but actually only ended up running 8km.  It was raining which I enjoyed it but my legs still felt fatigued from my double run/bootcamp on Friday plus I had killer cramps that made me want to lie down on the grass in fetal position on more then one occasion.  By the time I got home, I was just relieved I was able to finish. 

Greg and the girls worked on making more soap and some lip gloss today.  They are really enjoying this kit and so is Greg because it is easy to do and it's science-y which he loves even more. 

Greg made breakfast pizza's for brunch for him and the girls that were fried eggs, spolumbo sausage and hash browns on naan bread.  I had eggs and toast after my run earlier that morning so I just had some hash browns.  Greg makes the best ones.  The rest of the afternoon was spent not doing too much.  I read and Greg helped the girls get past some levels on whatever game they are into now.  I don't game of any kind on electronic devices so I am no help to either of them.  

Finley combed Greg's hair and made him look like Jim Carrey in Dumb + Dumber.  I thought it was funny.  They rode their bikes to Finley's evaluation since it was at the private school not far from our house.  It had quit raining by that point but it started again later on and they had to bike home in the rain.  Finley said her hands and forehead were really cold after they got home.  

Here is a photo of Pizza looking cute so I decided to share it.  Penelope lost the privilege of petting or holding or playing with Pizza for most of the day because she steals her from her sister and then locks the cat in her room and they Finley loses her mind.  Penelope always does this so I decided to punish her for it in hopes that maybe she won't continue doing this going forward.  

I finished reading this book on Sunday afternoon and it was really good.  I love reading memoirs and this one is probably one of the best.  The honesty that is shown in every word in this book is so refreshing and appreciated.  This book is mostly about her marriage, the struggles they both had, infidelity and finding their way back.  They met when she was an alcoholic and all they knew was sex and booze and then she got pregnant and then they had to grow up.  They got married because they thought that was best given the situation.  But the sad part was that they didn't even know each other and they were just so incompatible with one another and they both just dealt with it their own ways and none were good in a way to keep their marriage going if that makes sense?  Marriage is hard and when you just don't know each other, it makes it even harder.  One of my favourite things though about how they handled their separation and eventual divorce was that she insisted, and he complied, that they spend the holidays and special occasions together as a family no matter if they both remarried or if only one did.  I love this and I wish more divorced families would do this.  Jack Layton and his family did that.  He and his first wife divorced and both remarried and they always spent the holidays and stuff together.  I know it is not possible in all situations but it is pretty wonderful when it does happen.  Plus think of all the time the kids would save going forward when they don't have to have 8 Christmases (And I am speaking from experience from this perspective).  Anyways, this book is really good and you should read it.  I gets a bit to spiritual/religous towards the end but still I recommend you pick it up if you can.  I waited 3 months to get it from the library, so you might want to request it now if you like to not buy books haha. 

When Greg and Finley were at evaluations, I tried to have a nap with the 2 kitties snuggled on top of me.  

However, Penelope had plans to drive me crazy for that time instead.  I swear her nose, hands and feet are all over my coffee table. I could clean this thing 40x per day and it still would be covered in marks.  But I love it so much so I have to suck it up haha. 

For supper, we ordered Verns Pizza and Penelope was trying to stop Finley from getting the first slice haha.  Finley had 5 slices of pizza  which is just insane to me.  She said she was the hungriest girl in the whole world, which I doubt is true, but she did just come from an intense 90 minute soccer evaluation.  

After supper, the girls went and had their showers and got ready for bed.  I headed downstairs where I did some core, some strength training and some stretching.  Then I folded up my treadmill and pushed it against the wall where  it hopefully will stay until December hahaha.  I can''t wait to get rid of the teal walls and that carpet down there!  October can't come soon enough!  Then I came upstairs and made the kids lunches, prepped our fruit and veggies for the week and worked on this blog before finally heading to bed at 10pm.  A lazy weekend turned into a busy sunday night!

Did you do anything interesting and exciting over the weekend?