Monday, 3 April 2017

By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

March was a FANTASTIC month for me.  FANTASTIC.  Finally all of my hard work has paid off.  Here's what I did:

In March 2017, I ran for 101.61km.  That's right over ONE HUNDRED KM RUN!   Compared to 33.74 in 2016 and 66.69 in 2015.  And in 2015 I ran one half marathon at the end of that month so this March was like totally the best March ever.

It was my 3rd  highest month of KM ran ever and my 3rd month over 100 since I started to keeping track in October 2014.


Treadmill runs are finally less then outdoor runs!!!!!  I only ran on the treadmill for 3 runs!!  You guys, you have no excited that this makes me.  My high kilometres run is definitely reflected in this.  

Out of a possible 31 days in March, I ran 14 of them:

Sunday - 1
Monday - 0
Tuesday - 3
Wednesday - 2
Thursday - 5
Friday - 0
Saturday - 3

This was a run that maybe should have been run outside but I still pushed out 10km despite my feet being so wet that the last 2km made my hurt so bad.  I thought for sure I was going to have blisters from running with wet feet and shoes when i got home, but it was ok surprisingly.  Thankfully I only had one other wet run that month.  It could have been worse.

As you can see, I went through a plethora of weather changes in March.  It was kinda crazy but it was a great feeling when it was finally warm enough to run OUTSIDE in a tank top!!!

My goal each month is to run a minimum of 58.33km so I can reach my goal of 700km ran in one year.  So far I have ran 219.19km which makes me 480.81km away from my goal.   With me running 101.61km, I am now +44.17 ahead of my goal!!  And I am on a good pace going forward to destroy it. 

I ran 2 runs with Greg and 1 run with Greg and Penelope on her bike.  I don't know if this month would have been as successful without his help and encouragement.  This was the last run we ran together in the month of March.  It was definitely an adventure for sure - but most outdoor things with him are hahaha.

I had 2 runs that month that started at 5am because the kids were on spring break and I needed to get my runs done before Greg left for work.  For the most part, I don't mind running that early.  It's nice to get them out of the way.  

I started off the month foam rolling, stretching, strengthening and rolling out my foot with a tennis ball pretty strong but it faltered by the end of the month and boy could I tell.  I was sore after runs although could be the constant increase of km but I am sure most of it was because of lack of stretching on my part.  My hamstrings were so tight I could barely walk and my sesamoiditis came roaring back.  I must make sure I am really focusing on getting this done going forward because I have several races coming up quickly.  I stretched 13 days, I did strength on only 7 days and form rolled on 11 days.  Not terrible but I must be better!!

I made it to 7 out of 8 possible bootcamp classes in March.  The one class I missed was because of a migraine that was fairly bad.  

I only had 2 home workouts outside of running and one was pretty weak.  This one above I did during spring break since Shannon took the week off.  I won't lie, my inspiration for this workout was to break a 100km in the month of march but I didn't really want to run a extra day so I combined the two and it worked out well.  

I worked on mediation 4x this month which was more then both January and February combined.  Obviously this is something I need to work at, but am happy with the progress. 

2 core workouts were completed on my own.

1 bike ride was done on a sunny Sunday morning where I biked nearly 16km around the Glenmore Resevoir.  

I was fortunate not to have to visit my physiotherapist and unfortunately no hiking was done thanks to the never-ending indoor soccer season haha.  And I bought a jump rope too which I used once hahahahahaha.

How did you sweat last month??