Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Weekend Recap

Our Easter weekend got on its way with a 15km run at the Glenmore Resevoir for Greg and I.  We took advantage of having my mom at our  house to go for a run.  It wasn't a great run and we probably won't run together ever again but that's for another post hahaha.  

After our run, we came home and used our new blender to make smoothies for everyone.  Adults got beets and blueberries and the kids got blueberries with apples.  I didn't like the adult one but I loved the kids one so I drank Finley's when she didn't like it.  I am excited to try out our blender for more fun food things. 

Later that morning, Greg and the girls decorated easter eggs while we waited for Kristy and her boyfriend to arrive.  This is basically where my Good Friday ends.  Shortly after Kristy + Dan arrived, I got hit with a massive migraine and spent the rest of the day in bed while everybody else went out to celebrate an early Mother's Day with my mom.  They got back around 8pm and I was able to get out of bed but I still wasn't feeling really great.  We watched part of the Oilers hockey game before I went back to bed.  

Saturday I was still feeling really crummy but Penelope and I decided to head to Cobs to pick up some cinnamon buns for breakfast for everybody.  I had planned on making donuts but I wasn't up for that.  But we got back home and I didn't even want my cinnamon bun as my stomach was still upset.  I was dealing with what I call a migraine hangover and it is not fun.  Soon after we had breakfast, Aunty Kristy took the girls to go see Beauty and The Beast which they all loved but decided that the animated version was still superior.  Greg and Dan stayed home while they were at the movies and mom and I went to Walmart to pick up a birthday present for a party Finley was going to and then to Michaels for a few other things.  We then met back up at our house before Mom, Kristy, Dan and Penelope headed to Red Deer to have dinner at my cousin's place while Greg and I took Finley to a birthday party at Lloyd's. 

Greg and I took advantage of having 3 whole hours to ourself and headed downtown to MEC.  We both realized we were hungry and that I hadn't had anything to eat since Thursday night so we stopped at Provision and had a late brunch.  It was amazing.  Read all about it tomorrow on here.  Then we headed to MEC where Greg tried out backpacking pillows, bike shoes and looked at water filters while I tried on hydration packs.  I found one that I loved but it was $185 and I refuse to spend that on a water carrying device no matter how much I loved it.  We spent over an hour at MEC and realize that we should probably head back to Lloyd's as her party was nearing an end.  

We were approaching Lloyd's when we realized we would be too early.  I suggested a coffee place but we ended up at Campers Village.  The best part about the store is the swinging bridge connecting the two upstair parts together.  It is loved by both kids and adults alike.  If you ever find yourself at this store, don't hesitate to check it out.  You won't be disappointed haha. 

We still got to Lloyd's a few minutes early but that allowed us to watch Finley do some laps around the rink.  She's come a long way since she had her birthday party here in October.  She had so much fun and she nearly collapsed when she took her skates off because her legs and feet were so tired.  She fell a few times and that left her with some ugly looking knees but they seemed fine the next day.  After picking her up, we headed to Michaels and IKEA because I wanted to buy a few things but upon seeing both items up close, we left empty handed much to my dismay.  I did however, find another pouf at Walmart for $40 which was perfect to add to our living room for extra seating.  It sure came in handy the following day.  

We ended up eating out again for dinner which normally doesn't happen so often but neither of us felt like cooking and we had no supper plans to think of at home and we were tired so Finley picked Li Ao Sushi which is our neighbourhood sushi place.  It is delicious.  Finley enjoyed having some one on one time with us both without Penelope around.  It is a rare feat for sure to happen.  

We came home just as the snow started to fall which was kinda nice until I realized I didn't have enough eggs for the dessert I was making so I had to go back out.  That was not fun.  It was so cold and windy!!  I made our easter dessert and then went upstairs to watch the flames game with Greg and Finley.  Kristy brought her new kitty Smyth to Calgary and since he is named after Ryan Smyth, former hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers, we thought it would be funny to dress him up in our Build A Bear Flames Jersey and call him Iggy.  Kristy didn't find this as funny as we did haha. 

Finally, the crew arrived home from Red Deer and I got Penelope into bed and was finally able to hide the easter eggs.  I hate hiding easter eggs and I cannot wait until my kids don't want to hunt for eggs anymore.  I suck I know hahahaha.  

Because I had gone to bed so late the night before, I decided not to set my alarm on Sunday morning to get up at 530 for my run and just let my body decide when to get up.  However, like clockwork, I woke up at 5:21am.  I laid in bed for a bit but finally got dressed and was out the door by 6:15.  I am trying to convert Sunday into my short run so I only ran 7 or 8 km that morning.  And I was able to run along some fresh bunny tracks in the snow which the girls got a kick out of.  I was worried the snow and rain would cause the sidewalks to be really icy but except for a few small spots, they were clear!

I was sure that because both kids were up so late the night before that they would sleep in on Sunday morning but both were up by 730am.  It didn't take them long to find all the easter eggs the bunny had hid for them but I think they were disappointed to open them all up and they were all filled with hair ties and erasers.  I did throw in some good chocolate into their easter baskets though and they got tons from family members so they definitely had enough chocolate. 

For breakfast I made some donuts.  I made some cinnamon sugar ones which were delicious and some powdered sugar ones that were not.  For some reason, I have never had good tasting powdered sugar ones and I have no idea what it is I am doing wrong.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.  

For Easter supper dessert, I made gluten free cupcakes above and then I made rice krispy easter baskets that are shown below.  The cupcakes were a bit dry but not too terrible.  I made the icing myself which is why it doesn't look very good.  Usually I make Greg do the frosting but he was still sleeping when I did the decorating.  They were all eaten in the end.  

Making the baskets/nests were a lot of work and I don't think I would do it again.  Getting them into the muffin tins was a nightmare and took forever.  Squares it will forever be.  These turned out great and were delicious.

After breakfast, Greg and I went for groceries at Superstore which I hated every minute of.  I told him we should have clicked and collected but he enjoys wandering the aisles looking for things.  It was so cold in there too.  After we finished there, we headed to IKEA which was still very quiet since it was so early and bought a new shelf thingy for our family room.  It was the quickest I have ever been in and out of IKEA haha. 

The girls spent some time outside playing with some new Easter toys and colouring and writing in their new notebooks.  It was a pretty chill afternoon.  

Penelope helped daddy build our new shelf thingy while our Easter supper cooked and before our guests arrived.  I probably shouldn't have asked Greg to do this because he got stressed out and angry.  Once he finished though we were all happy hahahha.

We had a full house for Easter Dinner: We had Greg's brother Brad and his fiancee Kari, his dad Don, my mom Roxane, my sister Kristy and her boyfriend Dan from Sask, my cousin Jimmy, his wife Nancy and their kids Madi + Tanner from Red Deer and my Aunty Leslie + Uncle Doug over.  We had 16 people which is a lot but I love having my family altogether especially given all we have been through this last year and a bit.  The supper was great and it was really nice seeing everybody too!

After supper everybody headed home but Don, Kari + Brad who took the girls for a bike ride while Greg and I cleaned up the main floor.  Finley got a new bike that she wanted to try out and Penelope (much to her dismay) got Finley's old bike.  Don used one of Greg's bikes to go out with the girls which the girls loved.  As soon as they went home, we got the girls to bed and I was out like a light soon after.  I was exhausted after a busy but fulfilling weekend - even with the crappy migraine on Friday.  How did you spend your easter??

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