Monday, 10 April 2017

New Website, Weekend Recap + Love Warrior

First things first, you can find me at instead of although I do believe you will get redirected to the new address if you go to the old one automatically.  I always wanted my own domain but it seemed so complicated and expensive.  When I made the switch to the new blog name, I looked into it and saw that google offered this and it was easy to do since google owns blogger.  However, it was only available in the US until the last few days because last night when I went to write this blog, it gave me the option to buy my domain for $17 a year.  Basically all I had to do was pick the site address, enter in my payment info and it was done.  It was so easy!!!

Our weekend was so quiet and lame and it was completely welcomed and appreciated.  We have had crazy busy weekends every single weekend since September with soccer and birthday parties and more soccer and then some more soccer.  Finley did have evaluations this weekend and it was literally all we did.  It was a nice break since we have a busy week coming up and probably no free weekends like this again probably until September hahaha.  

Saturday morning, Penelope was up wayyyyyy too early so I handed her her iPad and told her to go play a little while longer so I could get some sleep. I was tired after doing a 10km followed by bootcamp the day before (that's what i get for being lazy on Thursday haha).  She had just gotten her iPad back the day before after they both lost them for a week so she was happy to do so.  

I recently found a donut maker on my local buy n sell site for $1 and it was in a neighbourhood close by.  Yay us.  I finally got around to trying it this morning and made these cinnamon sugared mini donuts.  The batter was delicious so I knew the donuts would have to be too haha.  You can find the recipe HERE and you can make them if you have a donut pan too, you don't have to have a donut maker.  But it is handy.

After donuts, we walked over to the soccer fields closest to us to play some soccer.  As I said earlier, Finley had her 2nd + 3rd evaluations for the outdoor season today and on Sunday at 4pm.  She doesn't call for the ball or mark up properly so we went to work on that.  Penelope is a phenomenal passer and calls for the ball better then most kids.  We thought it would be a win win scenario since Finely needed the help and Penelope really missed soccer since her season ended.  Her season ends sooner then Finley's.  Finley still has tech training on Tuesdays!!

However, playing against your sister is not the same as playing against teammates in practice or other soccer players.  Penelope had melt down after melt down before we decided to head home.  

Finley got this cool science kit for her birthday that makes things like lotions, soaps and lip glosses so we (and by we, I mean those in the photo above) made lotions and some soaps.  The smells were giving me a headache something fierce.  Thankfully it didn't linger and the kids loved what they had made. 

Greg and Finley went grocery shopping so I perused a book that I had gotten out of the library the day before.  I have loved her recipes on pinterest and was so excited to see she had a cookbook.  There are so many great recipes that I cannot wait to try!!!

For some reasons that I don't know, both kids voluntarily cleaned up the backyard.  They picked up the garbage that they had left behind in the fall and put away all the toys that had been buried in snow.  They were supposed to do this in October but I guess this has gotta count for something right? The now melted skating rink will be turned into some raised vegetable gardens soon and I could not  be more excited.  Actually we are all very excited.  Well, Greg might not be because he knows he will have to do all the work while I reap the rewards hahaha. 

We finished Saturday off by watching Malificent.  We usually spend our Saturday nights watching movies but I almost never watch with them because either I don't like it or I am busy cleaning and doing other stuff I should have done already.   I watched this one though because I really wanted to see it.  I really liked it and I figured out who would save her before Greg did which made me really happy.  All I could think about watching it though was Angelina Jolie's cheekbones and the amazing red lipstick that she wore.  I need to find glistening lipstick like that in a colour better suited for me haha. I recommend you watch this movie, it is currently on Netflix Canada. 

Sunday morning saw me get up and head out for what was to be my long run.  I had originally planned on running 15 but decided to run 10 because I was running 15 on Friday with Greg at Glenmore Resevoir and its a tough route so I need to take it easy but actually only ended up running 8km.  It was raining which I enjoyed it but my legs still felt fatigued from my double run/bootcamp on Friday plus I had killer cramps that made me want to lie down on the grass in fetal position on more then one occasion.  By the time I got home, I was just relieved I was able to finish. 

Greg and the girls worked on making more soap and some lip gloss today.  They are really enjoying this kit and so is Greg because it is easy to do and it's science-y which he loves even more. 

Greg made breakfast pizza's for brunch for him and the girls that were fried eggs, spolumbo sausage and hash browns on naan bread.  I had eggs and toast after my run earlier that morning so I just had some hash browns.  Greg makes the best ones.  The rest of the afternoon was spent not doing too much.  I read and Greg helped the girls get past some levels on whatever game they are into now.  I don't game of any kind on electronic devices so I am no help to either of them.  

Finley combed Greg's hair and made him look like Jim Carrey in Dumb + Dumber.  I thought it was funny.  They rode their bikes to Finley's evaluation since it was at the private school not far from our house.  It had quit raining by that point but it started again later on and they had to bike home in the rain.  Finley said her hands and forehead were really cold after they got home.  

Here is a photo of Pizza looking cute so I decided to share it.  Penelope lost the privilege of petting or holding or playing with Pizza for most of the day because she steals her from her sister and then locks the cat in her room and they Finley loses her mind.  Penelope always does this so I decided to punish her for it in hopes that maybe she won't continue doing this going forward.  

I finished reading this book on Sunday afternoon and it was really good.  I love reading memoirs and this one is probably one of the best.  The honesty that is shown in every word in this book is so refreshing and appreciated.  This book is mostly about her marriage, the struggles they both had, infidelity and finding their way back.  They met when she was an alcoholic and all they knew was sex and booze and then she got pregnant and then they had to grow up.  They got married because they thought that was best given the situation.  But the sad part was that they didn't even know each other and they were just so incompatible with one another and they both just dealt with it their own ways and none were good in a way to keep their marriage going if that makes sense?  Marriage is hard and when you just don't know each other, it makes it even harder.  One of my favourite things though about how they handled their separation and eventual divorce was that she insisted, and he complied, that they spend the holidays and special occasions together as a family no matter if they both remarried or if only one did.  I love this and I wish more divorced families would do this.  Jack Layton and his family did that.  He and his first wife divorced and both remarried and they always spent the holidays and stuff together.  I know it is not possible in all situations but it is pretty wonderful when it does happen.  Plus think of all the time the kids would save going forward when they don't have to have 8 Christmases (And I am speaking from experience from this perspective).  Anyways, this book is really good and you should read it.  I gets a bit to spiritual/religous towards the end but still I recommend you pick it up if you can.  I waited 3 months to get it from the library, so you might want to request it now if you like to not buy books haha. 

When Greg and Finley were at evaluations, I tried to have a nap with the 2 kitties snuggled on top of me.  

However, Penelope had plans to drive me crazy for that time instead.  I swear her nose, hands and feet are all over my coffee table. I could clean this thing 40x per day and it still would be covered in marks.  But I love it so much so I have to suck it up haha. 

For supper, we ordered Verns Pizza and Penelope was trying to stop Finley from getting the first slice haha.  Finley had 5 slices of pizza  which is just insane to me.  She said she was the hungriest girl in the whole world, which I doubt is true, but she did just come from an intense 90 minute soccer evaluation.  

After supper, the girls went and had their showers and got ready for bed.  I headed downstairs where I did some core, some strength training and some stretching.  Then I folded up my treadmill and pushed it against the wall where  it hopefully will stay until December hahaha.  I can''t wait to get rid of the teal walls and that carpet down there!  October can't come soon enough!  Then I came upstairs and made the kids lunches, prepped our fruit and veggies for the week and worked on this blog before finally heading to bed at 10pm.  A lazy weekend turned into a busy sunday night!

Did you do anything interesting and exciting over the weekend?

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