Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Trains, Playgrounds + Simons!

When we were on spring break last week, we ventured downtown via the c-train to play at the newly opened Devonian Garden Playground.  The girls were most excited to ride the train though more then anything else.

They love love the train and getting their ticket to ride it.  Their excitement made the other people around us laugh.  They liked seeing the various buildings and sights from the train that normally would see from our vehicle.  And they enjoyed using the same form of transportation that daddy uses to get to and from every day.  Their favourite part for sure was going under all 3 tunnels as we rode downtown.  Once we got off at the train station downtown, we stopped at Second Cup for some hot chocolate that I promised them for good behaviour on the train.  

We stopped at H+M first before heading to the playground because Finley has grown had literally no summer dresses and they have the cutest dresses with fun patterns for only $6.  That is such a great deal!  They each picked out a dress and we were on our way.  I left empty handed despite trying on a few items. 

When we approached the playground, the girls were disappointed at how small it was.  I was more disappointed in how busy it was.  

Penelope really had a great time though because she was small enough that she could easily play on everything.  

Finley really tried to make the best of it though despite the fact that it lacked excitement and adventure.  

This is basically the extent of the playground for the kids plus they had a climbing wall.  They have lots of tables and chairs around the perimeter for parents to sit at.  Once they finish fixing all the mistakes in the actual gardens from the last renovation, it might be a fun place to visit for kids of all ages.  I thought those renovations were finished too, not just the playground.

This was definitely where the most fun was had for Finley and the least busy part of the playground which they both enjoyed.  They spent a good chunk of their time climbing the wall even if it wasn't very tall the red blocks made it a challenge. 

This was the way to the slide but Finley was too tall to go through this.  Penelope got annoyed at the kids in front of her taking too long to go through.  They both didn't finish this part. 

I am always impressed with Penelope's athleticism.  I have no idea where she gets it from but she seems to be naturally good at everything she tries.

Finley eventually went and stood in line between the rings and the slide and went down that way.  It would be the only slide ride either would go on.  Everything else was more fun I guess.  

Eventually I convinced them to leave so I could go check out Simons and we could meet Greg for lunch (see yesterdays post).  I was so excited for Simons to be opened and was annoyed I couldn't make it down for their first day.  However, now that I have been there and see it, I am disappointed.  I hate the layout and the huge maze to find anything. I much prefer the WEM Simons store and it's layout.  I left disappointed and empty handed. 

After lunch, Greg came back to the playground for a few minutes of play before heading back to work.  Much to my surprise, it was even busier then we were there before lunch.  I have no idea if it is the norm or just because of spring break but it was insane.  We stayed a little while after Greg went back to work but then I bribed them with beanie boo clips from Indigo so we could leave.  

The train back to our car was more busier and the 3 of us crammed into a 2 person seat.  I am very thankful for the young man and lady who gave up their spots for the girls to sit down.  Nobody else even offered.  

The playground is a neat idea but I think my kids are a bit on the older side of it and we probably won't be back to it.  Finley much prefers the one in eau clair and I would probably take them to that one over this one.  It's much larger and far less busy.  I would say this park is good for the 3 - 6 year olds for sure.  Anything younger or older would have a tough time having fun and staying busy there.  

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