Monday, 24 April 2017

Weekend Recap, A Birthday Party + More Soccer!!

Although this was a busy weekend, it was relatively quiet in comparison with last weekend when we had a houseful of visitors! Friday was pretty quiet around here, we were tired after a busy weekend turned into a busy week for all of us, plus both kids returned to soccer on Wednesday too.  It was nice to kinda kick back and not do much.

I had seen this cookbook at Chapters a few weeks earlier and requested it from the library.  I had picked it up Friday afternoon and went through it before supper that night.  It was ok, definitely not something I would recommend someone to buy.  I think I might try one or two but that is about it.  After supper, I got a few chapters in on a Gloria Steinam book that I saw recommended in an article that I read.  Greg and I finished off the evening watching the second episode of the 4th season (or is it third??) of Orange Is The New Black.  We are so far behind in this series but neither of us have been very inclined to watch it. 

On Saturday, I was up before everybody and so I watched the first few episodes of GirlBoss on Netflix and so far it is so good.  I enjoyed some tea while I perused my recipes books so I could meal plan for the following week.  Soon Penelope was up though and my peaceful morning was over.  

Penelope has wanted to be a part time animal trainers since we re were in California in November and went to the animal training show at Universal Studios.  This basically means she torments the cats (and by cats I mean just Pizza) and just stuffs them full of treats.  That morning though, Pizza was playing fetch with her with a crinkly ball that both her and Luci love.  And she was loving the treats so much haha. 

And here is a photo of me that I took in the car Saturday morning.  So rarely is a photo of me ever posted on my blog so I thought I would post this for fun.  My hair is getting so long which surprises so many since it is always in a very messy bun.  I like long hair but i hate my hair in my face and basically anywhere not in a pony tail which makes me think I should go shorter again since I was forced to actually do something with it haha.  

Eventually Greg and Finley both got out of bed and we all got ready to head to Canmore for a birthday party.  The traffic wasn't too bad and the mountains looked oh so pretty with the snow on them.  There is nothing more pretty then snow on mountains haha.  It sucks that it eventually has to melt for the warmer months. 

The weather was really nice so the kids spent a good portion of the beginning of the party outside with a bubble machine.  It was a bit of a pain to have to keep filling it up all the time but the kids loved it.  I might have to look at walmart and get one for the girls this summer. 

We were in Canmore celebrating the third birthday of Greg's cousin's daughter.  She had a mickey mouse theme and they did a great job with the cake.  Penelope had part of the ear and her teeth, tongue and lips were all black and she loved it.  Thanks for having us out to celebrate your birthday!

And since you can't go to the mountains without going on a hike of some kind, we headed to Grassi Lakes for a quick hike before we headed back home.  You can read more on that tomorrow.  Saturday night saw tons of rain but I still snuck out for a late movie at the cheap theatre with my friend Steph.  We went and saw The Shack and it was so good.  I remember reading the book a long time ago but I am pretty certain that I never finished it because there was so much I couldn't remember. Plus any opportunity to eat movie theatre popcorn is one I never turn down haha. 

Sunday morning I got up and went for my run.  I am trying to turn Sunday's into my short runs but I still got 10km done.  The rain had mostly stopped and there was just a light mist when I started it but it didn't last long.  Penelope was also up early with me and I am sure fed the cats lots of treats with their breakfast because there are now no treats left haha.  

After my run,  I had a quick bath before making waffles and bacon for brunch.  I then followed that up with some omelette cups for the week and some coconut flour protein pancakes for my post workout hunger.  Hopefully I like them haha!

Finley had her first soccer game of the season and Penelope was so excited to see that SWU home field this outdoor season had a really cool playground to play at instead of being forced to watch her sister.  As luck would have it, one of her teammates from indoor and soon to be teammate on outdoor was there watching her brother so they played together and had lots of fun.

Finley is playing on virtually the same team as indoor as well.  They dropped one player and picked up two.  Outdoor soccer is very different from indoor - more players, an extra position and a much bigger space.  We were bumped up from Tier B to Tier A and it was definitely good to play competitively.  They ended with a 1 - 1 tie but Izzy had 4 missed goals - she was unreal with all the open space.  Finley struggled a bit and wasn't sure where to play and didn't rush for the ball like she should, but like the coach said, there will be a learning curve for the kids plus they are still just kids and are bound to make some mistakes.  She just needs to pay attention more when she is on the bench and see what the other players are doing instead of being silly on the sidelines.  I also wish the coaches would enforce that too though.  It would make it a lot easier.  The kids were excited to be back at a

After Finley's soccer game, she and I went home and did nothing - it was wonderful - while Greg and Penelope went and got groceries.  I have been headache free since late Thursday night/early Friday morning and that is really good news.  Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come.  That, or I just jinxed it.

A thunder storm hit our area around dinner time and we spoke about thunder and lightning and how they are the same and why you see the lightning before you hear the thunder.  Pizza hated the thunder as did penelope.  We had a great dinner of farmers sausage and perogies - very saskatchewanian of us haha.  After supper, the girls had showers and baths and I worked on this blog.  Time for me to make lunches and go get ready for the week.  Hope you had a great weekend too!

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