Thursday, 6 April 2017

What I Streamed In March

Here is a look what I streamed the month of March and no,  I have still not finished the final episode of The Gilmore Girls Revival.

The first thing I streamed was the new Amy Schumer special on Netflix.  I was fortunate to see her in Calgary when she was here in November and I loved every second of it.  If you missed out on it, this special is almost identical to what you saw if you were at any of her shows although I don't recall her talking about her love of Family Feud on the special.  I swear she is my spirit sister haha.  It's still available to stream on Netflix Canada so go check it out.  You won't be disappointed.  

The second thing I streamed this month was Fed Up at the recommendation of my friend Melissa.  Mid March I gave up refined sugar after reading a book and realized that i needed to make a change.  I haven't  had a cup of hot sugary tea since then but have cheated a few times on other things.  Sometimes I felt nothing and other times I felt really crappy - the good news is that I am still trying to eliminate all added/refined sugar but it is definitely a struggle.  I had starbucks for the first time on Wednesday in months as I tried quitting it earlier then the refined sugar and I was so sick that I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  Lesson learned.  It is an ongoing struggle for sure but I am doing so much better and feeling a lot better too.  This documentary will blow your mind.  Sugar is in EVERYTHING and it is so bad.  If you are into documentaries and are wanting to give up sugar or some sort of healthy change, watch this.  It is currently available to stream on Netflix Canada.

I had high hopes for this movie.  Everybody I knew loved it.  It stared 4 of my favourite people.  How could it be bad?  Well it wasn't bad but it wasn't really great either.  It is a good way to pass time with a few funny parts here and there.  I was able to stream this from the Shaw Free Range App on my iPad but it should be on demand if you have the movie channels with your provider.  

Season 2 of LOVE hit Netflix Canada in March which left me very excited.  I think the second season was better overall then the first but it still had it's moments where I was left frustrated and annoyed.  That being said, I still recommend you give this show a chance if you haven't already. 

Seriously this has got to be one of the best shows Canada has ever done.  It is super funny and hilarious and really you need to watch it.  CraveTV currently has the first 2 seasons and this funny special that came out in March.  The seasons are short so it is not a huge time commitment and you will love it.  Season 3 is currently being filmed.  Also fun fact for any Calgary Flames fans out there: our old assistant coach and coach Jim Playfair's son Dylan is in the cast.

Season 2 was available to stream in March too.  After taking a bit to get into the first season, I really came to enjoy it.  I loved how the opposite happened in the season 2 premier then you thought would happen but other than that it wasn't that great.  They made the whole season tie in together instead of separate crimes each episode.  I loved the ridiculous humor that was still prevalent in it but I hated the story line.  That shouldn't deter me from watching a third season haha.  It is available to stream on CraveTV.

I didn't watch a lot of different shows but a lot of a few shows. What did you stream this month that was worth watching?

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