Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Race Recap: Calgary Marathon

This past weekend, I participated in the Calgary Marathon.  It kinda irritates me that the whole weekend is called the Calgary Marathon because when I tell people I am running in it, they say you  are doing a full marathon and I reply no I am just doing the half.  And I hate that I always say "just" doing the half because a half a marathon is a lot of blood, sweat and tears to accomplish.  I wish it had a whole other name so it wasn't half of something.  Anyways I digress....

On Friday morning, I decided to go see Dr Curtis at Southcentre Health + Wellness for one final crack of my back/shoulder before Sunday's race.  It was nothing major and he went easy on me because he didn't want me to wake up Sunday morning and be angry at him when it hurt a lot more because that was a possibility.  Thankfully that did not happen when I woke up. After my appointment, I peaked in Lululemon and saw this when I entered so I put my feet on it and took a photo and then thought long and hard about how I would feel on Sunday when I finished.  Really it all depended on how and when I crossed if that makes sense??  Basically I thought I would feel relief when I finished and I wasn't wrong but it was a different kind of relief that I felt.  More on that later. 

After my chiropractor appointment, I headed down to the Big 4 to pick up my race package.  I wasn't in there too long.  I grabbed my bib and then quickly walked through the expo, stopping only at the Altra booth and being disappointed that they didn't have my current shoes in my size because they were selling them for $90.  I grabbed my shirt and then went to find my name on their wall of race participants.  I found my name and highlighted it with my distance and my goal time.  At that point, my goal was to not die, but I didn't want to put a negative vibe on the wall haha.  

This is the front of the tech shirt we got for running in the Calgary Marathon.  I think the concept is neat but I don't particularly love it.  I am not upset that I don't love it because I rarely wear them anyways except on an occasional run or bootcamp class. Greg really loved the shirts this year. 

My biggest problem with the shirt was the word "finisher" on the back because not everybody finishes the race and not everybody who registers, gets their race package even runs it and they all have a shirt that says finisher on it.  It was really disappointing and I was not the only one who was disappointed by this.  This was my first complaint of the race weekend.  I was happy to see some people with tape over the word finisher while they ran so they could remove it once they crossed the finish line. That was a brilliant idea. 

On Saturday morning, Greg, the girls and I headed down to Eau Claire for the introduction of the pace bunnies and the flag bearers and the 3km friendship run put on by the Calgary Marathon.  I was impressed with Finley's running skills but I shouldn't be considering she is currently playing soccer 5x a week.  Her running form is amazing and I may be a little (or a lot) jealous of it.  The only thing she needs to work on is her breathing technique.  By the end, she was having trouble breathing properly but I fixed her up quickly.  She was a head of my friend Jenny pretty much the whole time. 

Penelope ran with Greg and they took it a little slower but they both still enjoyed getting outside and participating in a run!

Saturday night I went to bed early but had trouble falling asleep.  I woke up around midnight after I had a bad dream that I slept through my alarm and missed the start of the Calgary Marathon.  I must have been paranoid after that because I woke up every 2 hours before finally waking for the day at 442am. Greg also had his alarm set too so I really was going to be ok.  I met my friends at the train station at 6am and we headed down to the Stampede grounds for the start of the race. 

Here we are all just before we all headed to our corrals.  My friend Terra said I looked gangster in this photo but really it was because I was so cold and I knew I was going to be warm fast so I didn't want to bring anything to take it off 2km into my race and it was the right decision.  This leads me to my second complaint/disappointment of the race: the starting corrals.  They had the Confederation 150, the 50, the full and the half marathons all starting at the same time which led to the corrals looking and feeling like a can of sardines. They were so full that Shannon and I couldn't even get into a corral until the gun went and people started running.  We had to wait for people to move forward so we could get in and start the run.  And we were not the only people who did this, there were 100s of people on the side waiting to start.  I don't know why they don't stagger the start times: 150 + 50 at 6am, the full at 630 and the half at 7am, it would make for less congestion at the beginning and during the first 8km before we split up.  

 I have no photos from during the run since I was obviously running so I took this one from the LululemonYYC instagram story on Sunday.  You can see how packed the bridge was.  Regardless of the congestion, this is still one of my favourite races.  This year though, the race route was altered because of the removal of the old zoo bridge and the new bridge not being completed.  We skipped Inglewood this year but we still went through Bridgeland via Memorial Drive which was harder hahaha.  We ended up going through the East Village 3x though which wasn't the greatest.  

And here I am just after I crossed the finish line with a time of 2 hours and 28 minutes which is my second fastest half marathon time.  I did it only by a minute but I still did it and that is all that matters at this point haha. I felt really good throughout my run and I was really surprised where all the speed came from because I was way faster then most of training runs and I sustained it for the whole race in the gross heat.  My back/shoulder only hurt once I crossed the finish line and stopped running so that was a  huge relief.  I was happy with all of the water stations throughout the race and thought that there were ample and liked that they had both water and electrolytes so that i could try to stay hydrated.  And despite drinking 140oz of alternating water and electrolytes I was still so dehydrated.  I was so hot and just generally tired that the last 3km were really tough on me but it was nice to see one of my bootcamp buddies cheering me on when I needed it most!  My biggest complaint was that one of the course photographers was smoking a cigarette around km 19-20 and it was so gross and the last thing I wanted to breathe in at that point.  It should go without saying that smoking a long the course should be a no no.  I stuck with the 2:15 pace bunny for a while before I fell behind with the 2:30 pace bunny.  I was happy that I was in-between the 2 bunnies up the 18km mark.  Both the 230 run/walk and continuous bunnies were fantastic and one of them made sure I crossed the finish line before him and that I was under 2:30.  Pace bunnies run the race for us and I really appreciate their help and encouragement and motivation when i needed it the most.  

After I got the medal and my swag bag of food, I got my smoothie form Jugo Juice.  When I ran 2 years ago, it wasn't very good and when I volunteered last year I never tried it but the one this year was delicious.  All i know about it was that it had kale and no added sugar and so so good.  I went and found my friend Melanie who was our photographer for the day and her husband who ran the race and waited for all of my friends to finish.  It was really amazing to see Justin Kurek, who is from Calgary, cross the finish line as a guiness world record holder as the faster person to run a marathon dressed like a cowboy.  It was really cook to see the Team Mito girls cross the finish line all attached together.  They also broke a guiness world record too.  But most amazingly was seeing Dave Procter cross the finish line after running 150km all on his own.  He is also a patient at Liv Active too.  He was amazing and inspiring and such a cool thing to see him cross the finish line and he looked like he could have ran another 150 too.  That being said, every single person who managed to cross that finish line one way or another and for any distance is just as amazing.  Way to go Calgary Marathoners

Here is a photo of my medal.  I kinda though it would be like a gigantic maple leaf or something to go with the Canada 150 theme but it was a twoonie and it looked pretty cool.  This medal was definitely well earned. 

After we all finished, we caught the train down south where we met back up for lunch where we had the worst service I have had in a long time.  She had so much attitude it was so annoying.  We all wore our medals so that they would know why we all smelled so bad hahahaha.

Greg and the girls weren't at the race with me as Finley had a soccer game at 10am and once it was over, they were going canoe camping with Greg's dad, brother and his fiancee. Both girls each made me a photo for me to come home too and I loved it so much.  Their canoe trip was not to be though, because at 915pm, Parks Canada showed up with their interpretive boat to evacuate everybody from the campgrounds.  Some backpackers were eating supper at a campsite 12km from Greg's and a bear just showed up and starting eating their garbage and their supper.  They abandoned all their equipment and flagged down someone boating on Lake Minnewanka and then notified Parks Canada. Because everybody in these campgrounds are backpackers or canoers they decided to evacuate as a precaution since nobody had a car to escape to.  They got home at 2am after a very long day.

This is the one that Finley made me and it was incredible that she actually drew me in a twoonie since the medal I received was a twoonie and she said it was because the tooth fairy had brought her a twoonie on Friday night and it was sitting on her desk as her inspiration.  Pretty crazy that it happened haha.

Once I got home on Sunday, I had a wicked headache so I filled up my water bottles and poured myself a glass of chocolate milk and went to have a nice long epsom salt bath.  I then went to bed and slept for a few hours and then watched 2 episodes of the Property Brothers.  I realized I was out of water and hungry so I walked downstairs to the kitchen to make my supper of lucky charms haha.  Walking down those stairs might have been the hardest thing I did that day.  Once that was done, I went back to bed where I remained until 630 the next day.  I did a lot of well deserved sleeping haha. 

I woke up on Monday and felt great so I went to bootcamp.  Then we went for lunch and to the zoo with Greg's dad and despite hydrating like crazy, my legs stiffened up late Monday afternoon and as I  type this on Tuesday afternoon, they have not gotten much better.  I hate when the soreness is delayed like this, I would much rather wake up sore then feel good like I did.  I am going to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from everything but stretching and go out Thursday for my next run.  My next half marathon isn't until August so I have lots of time for recovery.  

Despite my 3 very small complaints, I love Calgary Marathon weekend.  I love all the people on the board of directors for the Calgary Marathon and all the work they do year round working on this weekend, I love all the volunteers who sacrifice their time to come help out.  Without their support, their would be no half marathon.  I appreciate all the time and work that the City of Calgary Police do in closing the roads and keeping sneaky drivers off the roads so that we stay safe.  But most of all, I appreciate all the ordinary people who hung out in their front yards, outside coffee shops and along the streets throughout the race course who cheered us on - you guys are amazing and you have no idea how much I appreciate it and I know so many runners do too.  Thank you to everyone who makes this race the success that it is.  We are the best city in the world!!

364 days until the 54th Calgary Marathon but who's counting....

Monday, 29 May 2017

Our Deck Oasis

Today was supposed to be a recap of yesterday's race but I was far too tired to write it up.  I was able to upload photos but once that I was done, it was 8pm and I could barely keep my eyes open so I decided to find something quick to post about.

So here is a photo of my deck oasis instead.  I actually bought a really cool second flamingo photo from Walmart but it didn't make it in this photo.  I love our deck even if I wish it was bigger and it opened in the middle and not on the right side.  I hope to spend a good chunk of my day out here today recovering and working on my race recap post for tomorrow!!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Favorites #3

Since I am running the Calgary (Half) Marathon on Sunday, I thought I would use Friday's Favorites to write about all my favourite things before, during and after the run.  

These are my favourite recovery items.  I love the foam roller and I actually own 3 of them plus a travel one.  I have one on my main floor, one in my bedroom and one in the workout area of my basement.  I use the foam roller almost exclusively on my quads and it band.  I can legitimately watch  a 30 minute tv show and roll my quads out and enjoy every second of it.  It's probably why I never ever have sore quads haha.  The black roller I get Greg to use on calves usually after a tough long run and almost after every half marathon.  It hurts so freaking bad but it's worth it in the end.  All 3 balls are used for various things: tight butt muscles, getting deep  in the hips, doing a calf smash, rolling out my feet and so many other things.  I used to have a lacrosse ball which I found at Source For Sports in Okotoks for $5 but Penelope always steals it.  A tennis ball kinda works but I found the green ball hockey at walmart for $2 and it is more comparable to a lacrosse  ball and does the job better then the tennis ball.  The red band I use for all of my hip and ankle strengthening exercises which I should be everyday but I have been struggling the last month or two.  The purple resistance band, I use for stretching my hamstrings, it band and hips.  I buy all of my resistance bands on ebay that way you can get all the same strength.  I find if you look at Winners you have to get 3 different strengths which is wasteful for me.  Plus ebay is way cheaper.  Just keep away from your cats if you have them because they love these and it doesn't take much for them to eat through them.  I usually buy 4 or 5 at once and store them in a basket in my workout area.  

Next on my list is favourites is my running shoes.  I bought a pair of Altra Intuitions at the running expo in San Francisco for super cheap and thought they were so ugly.  But they were so cheap and I wanted to try them.  I am so glad that Greg convinced me to do it because it has literally been the best (and most expensive) investment ever.  However, last June I had so many problems with my intuitions that I decided I needed to switch.  I got it in my head that they were the source and so I needed to make a switch.  I decided to try out the Altra Torin's and wow have they been amazing.  I love them so much better the the intuitions by a long shot.  Hopefully these hold out on Sunday.  I buy mine on Amazon and they are not usually the latest model but they are significantly cheaper which is what I like better then the latest.  

Next is my hydration.  I never used to everything and I always complained to Shannon (friend + bootcamp instructor) how sore I always was after running and bootcamp and she suggested I add some electrolytes to my hydration and told me about replenish by isagenix. It's been two years this summer and I still really like it.  I also added in extra protein since like most women, I don't get nearly enough as i should.  I have struggled to find a protein supplement that isn't like a creamy gross texture because I don't like that stuff.  My bff back home tried the splash and said it was like juice and it had no sugar in it.  I gave it a try and love it.  I use the watermelon flavour and it is great and it's for real like juice and not some creamy like drink.  The small container on the left is bcaa's which is also used to prevent soreness after a run and/or a workout.  They claim they flavour matched it to the watermelon protein but they didn't.  The protein drink is wayyyyy better then the bcaa version. 

These are energy chews in cherry blossom flavour.  I love these even though I am not totally convinced they actually give me energy but what they do is distract me momentarily and work in a pinch if i feel hungry during a run.  They taste really good and are a great source of distraction haha.  They are like $2.80 a bag and can buy them at Running Room, MEC + Sportchek and probably a billion other stores in a variety of flavours.

This is how I stay hydrated at home.  I tell myself the prettier the water bottle, the more water I drink.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.  I have however been really good at drinking enough water each day so that makes me happy.

On every single run, I will be wearing an energy bra and a cool racer back from lululemon.  Always.  I never ever deter from this.  On the bottom, I will be wearing speed shorts, wunder crops and pants.  I never ever deter from these 3.  It is all from lululemon but you are able to find a lot on the buy n sell sites so that you don't run out between laundry.  I only have 2 pairs of wunder under pants which i rotate throughout the winter months.  Both I purchased brand new only because I am super picky about the wunder under pants and it is too much risk to buy them second hand.  I have 4 pairs of wunder under crops and 2 were purhcased new and other 3 were purchased second hand for a combined total of $35.  I am also picky about my crops and the material used but it's less of  a risk to buy second hand then it is a full pair of pants.  

Depending on the weather, I could be wearing one, two or all three of these during a run.  The one on the left is from Under Armour and is my rain jacket.  I love it to pieces.  It was a great investment and works perfectly on those rainy day runs.  The other 2 items are from Lululemon.  I did have a great running pullover from lululemon but I had to damage it out because it was pilling and leaking the fluff on the inside all over my layers of clothes and ruining them.  It was a sad day when I had to do that and hope that I can find something as awesome but better quality come winter time. 

This is a bunch of random favourites in one photo.  The water belt I only just invested in and seriously it has been worth every penny as i did my long runs for the calgary marathon during some warm mornings.  I can't believe I went so long without one.  Below that is the fanny pack sorta thing. I use it to store my iPhone and chews for short runs and races where i don't use the water belt.  It is fantastic and I like it way better then my flip belt.  I got it for $6 at Winners.  To the right of that is 2Tom's Sport Shield which is fantastic for chaffing.  It works wayyyy better then body glide and won't ruin your clothes like using vaseline or coconut oil.  You can buy it at the Running Room for like $14 or maybe cheaper, I don't remember.  Beside that is KT Tape which I use to tape my knee.  I had gone months without using it but after I fell off my bike a few times on a  icy bike ride, it's kinda not ever  been the same so i tape it up during my long runs.  I tried buying stuff on ebay because KT Tape is so expensive but I was allergic to whatever they use for the adhesive and so I am back to using KT Tape.  If anybody has  a good cheaper alternative let me know.  It is usually $23 where sold but sometimes Shoppers Drug Mart has it on sale for $19.  On the bottom row on the left hand side is my headlight.  It was purchased for camping but I usually only use it for my early morning runs when it is still dark outside.  Mine is from kid section at REI (american equivalent of MEC) because I wanted a pink one but they are available at most camping stores for about $20.  The final item on the bottom right hand side is used during those races where you need to wear a bib and don't want to poke holes in your pretty lululemon.  At least that is why I use it haha.  I paid $12 at the Running Room for it last year but I have seen them at Winners for about $6. 

My last photo of my favourite running things is all about keeping warm or the sun and hair out of our face.  On hot days or even sunny days, I wear a hat because it keeps me cooler and I don't wear sunglasses when I run so it keeps the sun out of my eyes too.  I have quite the collection of hats these days - 5 or 6 now.  3 are free for finishing the Lululemon SeaWheeze, the one shown is from our trip to California last November and a couple from when I had short hair and needed my hair out of my face when it was too short for a hair tie.  The buff on the left I purchased at Running Room because it is breathable and can be used in a multitude of ways.  Ironically, Calgary Marathon had a photo contest on Instagram where you #showyoucanada and I won it and got a free buff - which is identical to the one that I already had.  It was great because Greg couldn't steal it but now both girls probably will haha.  These are available at all camping, outdoor and running stores for about $23.  The grey headband below the hat is used for a ear warmer on the not so cold days.  It's really wide and in my opinion, too big for a headband so it's really quite perfect for a ear warmer.  Below that is my mittens that i use when it is cold out and they are perfect.  I am currently missing one though so I hope i find it because I don't want to replace them in the fall.  On the far right is the top knot toque and it has an opening for your hair to come out.  It is fantastic and I love it so much.  And below that is an actual headband that I use a headband very very rarely.  Mostly because I think it makes my ears look big. 

If you look closely, I seem to be missing 2 things, my running watch and my headphones.  I like my running watch but I forgot to include it until I was finishing it up.  I have loved everything about my Apple iWatch Series 2 Nike Plus since I got it at the end of October - except for the running app - which was why I got that watch in the first place.  Most of the running apps were crap and didn't work properly or consistently or was just plain inaccurate.  However I found an app earlier this month which is the highest rated running app for the iWatch and once I figured out how to use it and fix what I saw on the screen, I was really happy with it.  Here's hoping it holds out for me haha. 

The second thing missing from this list of running favourites is headphones/earbuds.  And that's because I haven't found a pair that I have liked.  I have tried beats by dre, bose, apple, monster, skull candy, jaybirds, yurbuds and so many more that I cannot remember.  I hate something about all of them or they end up being expensive pieces of junk.  I have been disappointed so many times that I refuse to spend real money on them anymore.  I ordered a pair of the Happy Plug Sport earbuds from Best Buy and they should arrive today and I hope they hold out on me during Sunday's race.  I would love a pair of the Apple Air Pods but they are over $200 and are backordered for like ever.  

And so there you have it, all of my favourite running things.  What are your favourite running things?

Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Collection Of......

I love tea mugs.  Or coffee mugs if you will.  Sometimes mine even hold chocolate milk after a half marathon.  One of the most thoughtful gifts a person can get me is a tea mug that they know I will love.  I get the majority of mine from Winners or made locally.  I love that i can so easily have one custom made here at home instead of paying astronomical shipping fees from Etsy.  Also, if you receive a mug from me as a gift, it is probably because I think highly of you that I need to share it.  I already have great mug ideas in my head for christmas gifts this year!

This is where I store all of my mugs.  Greg says I am at the point that I have to get rid of one every time I bring a new one home.  I disagree.  I mean, 32 mugs really isn't a lot, is it?   But I am going to have to get more creative in storing them because I am running out of space haha. 

My sister had this made for me for Christmas last year and I love it.  It sits on my wall just like this though because I am terrified if I put anything on it that my kids or myself will bump into it and I will break my mugs and wine glasses.  Greg already broke one of the wine glasses that my sister bought me with this and I don't want to risk having anymore broken.  

Winners always has such cute mugs and if I didn't hate large mugs so much, I would have so many more then I have already.  These 3 and the ones below are all from winners.  My mom bought me the one on the right.  It's funny.  Finley thinks it is hilarious but Penelope doesn't get it yet. 

These 3 are also from winners and yes i have no shame in saying that i bought the one on the left for myself because although I don't think i am the best mom ever at least I can kinda pretend haha. 

These 2 were gifts from my best friend Michelle.  The one on the left she bought me when she went to Hawaii this past spring and the one on the right she gave to me right before she went to Hawaii.  She didn't want to hold on to it until my birthday in September haha.  

These 3 my sister had made for me for Christmas last year.  All 3 make me laugh - especially the one on the right because she thought it said she was the awesome one but really it is me hahahhaha.

These 4 I had made by my friend Hillary.  You can find her at  

These 3 were also made locally but only one was actually made custom for me.  Can you guess which one? Haha.  I need to get one that says Sweat Like Becky!!

The Canada one on the left is my newest one that I found at Winners last week.  You can't see it in this photo, but the detail on this mug is pretty awesome.  Instead of city or areas being named, they have what you can do in the area or what they are famous for.  I love it.  The one in the middle is a Kate Spade one and it is one of my favourites.  You can get this particular cup online at Chapters or you can buy her new designs at the Kate Spade store in Chinook.  The one on the far right was from Michaels around Valentine's Day but I use it year round.  

I love my beyonce mug and even Greg who thinks I have far far too many mugs likes this one too.  And the best part is I won it for $1 on a local buy n sell auction site.  The one in the middle is from Anthropology.  Winners had bunny versions around Easter time that I bought but it is now put away with the Easter stuff.  The glasses one is from Shoppers Drug Mart that I got for $2 on clearance  after Valentines day. 

These 4 are all from Chapters.  The typewriter one is a valentine's day one but i think it is pretty cute so i keep it out year round.  The one on the far right is from my oldest friends Jenn  and by oldest I mean time wise not age wise haha.  Chapters always has cute mugs and sometimes you can get them 25% off or for $5 if they go on clearance.  

These 3 are all from our trip to Mexico last January.  I did the one on the right and they did the one on the left.  For some reason,  i don't seem to collect mugs from places that i visit but that might because i did bring home mugs from both seattle and hawaii but Greg broke the hawaii one while we were waiting for customs and i broke the seattle one right after we got home.  I think i was tired of broken cups haha. 

And here is my last mug, all by itself because I was using it while I took the photos and didn't realize it until after and I didn't want to have to take all the mugs down again to take the photo with all the mugs.  This one was made locally and i won it for a few bucks on an auction site.  

So as you can see I have a lot of mugs but I love them all for various reasons.  I do have Halloween, Christmas and Easter themed ones but they are kept put away and only come out during their seasons.  

Do you collect anything fun?!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Local Eats: Royale

For Mother's Day this year, I wanted to try Bridgette Bar for brunch and luckily for us, it is family friendly during their Sunday brunches.  I made the reservations for brunch in March and was eagerly awaiting the day to arrive. Then, Finley's soccer schedule was released and we now had a soccer game in Tuscany at 11am, which was the same time as our reservation.  We needed to move our reservation to 1pm which no longer worked with Bridgette Bar since brunch was over at 2 and kids wouldn't be allowed.  The crunch was too tight so I went with my next choice which was Royale Brasserie. 

It is located on 17th Ave and 7th Street where the old Melrose used to be and most recently where Corbeaux Bakehouse used to be.  I missed Corbeaux and loved it so much and was happy to see that they retained a lot of the what Corbeaux had done to the space.  Royale opened last August and has been bustling every since.  

Finley is obsessed with all things france + french and was super excited to be eating at a french restaurant.  Look how excited she looks in this photo! Not too bad especially since she was mad she forgot to bring shoes to change into and was wearing soccer cleats with her outfit haha. It also could be lingering happiness from their first win of the season. 

Penelope isn't obsessed with french culture like her sister, but she was super excited to see sea salt caramel pancakes with a chocolate sauce on the menu.  She was sold instantly. Finley was originally going to have a chicken burger but at the last minute decided to have the same as Penelope. 

Mimosa's were on special for $5 so we each had one.  I always find that most mimosa's taste the same but these ones were really good.  The champagne was super bubbly and I loved it. 

And seriously, this flooring.  I love it and would like to have in all of our bathrooms and laundry rooms like yesterday.  I was in love. 

I loved how they left a lot of what made Corbeaux so pretty but still added a lot of their own elements to make it new and fresh and their own.  You can see more detailed photos of their restaurant on their instagram page.  Their handle is @royaleyyc.  It is truly spectacular. 

This was the pancake breakfast that the girls ordered.  Neither kid loved the whipped cream with the salted caramel sauce but combined with the pancakes and the chocolate sauce it was mouth watering so delicious.  Penelope ate her pancakes caked in chocolate and Finley scraped all of her stuff off.  Such strange children I have.  

I tend to always err on the side of caution when it comes to breakfasts.  I am a far more adventurous supper eater haha but I think lots of times, breakfasts contain a lot of cheese which I don't like.  So I had Le Bacon + Eggs.  It came with 2 poached eggs although I had mine sunny side up, bacon, herbed potatoes and sourdough bread.  The herbed potatoes were probably single handedly the best breakfast potatoes I have ever had.  So delicious. 

Greg had the Croque Madame which was ham, b├ęchamel, gruyere and a sunny side egg.  He loved his meal although he did say he wish he would have went with Corque Monsieur.  

This was Penelope's reaction after having some pancakes and chocolate sauce.  How could a kid not love this meal - especially since it is never ok to have chocolate for breakfast haha.  

We really enjoyed our Mother's Day Brunch at Royale.  The food was delicious, the ambiance and decor was fantastic and the service was really really good.  We all left with very full bellies.  The prices for brunch are super reasonable and the supper menu doesn't look too badly priced either.  I cannot wait to go there for dinner sometime soon! We made reservations via the Open Table app which is one of my favourite things in existence.  If you are looking for a new place to check out for brunch, lunch or dinner - you really must give this place a try.  I promise you won't be disappointed.