Monday, 1 May 2017

April By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

 I thought my April were numbers were going to be terrible and they mostly were but what surprised me the most was that I actually ran 106.66km which is my 2nd HIGHEST EVER!!  I was so surprised because I had missed 1 run and had cut some runs short.

Here's a look at the rest of my numbers:

So with my 106.66 km ran, that brings me to a total of 317.85km so far in 2017 which means I am only 382.15km from my goal.  

To reach my goal of 700km ran in 2017, I need to run a minimum of 58.33km/month.  Through 4 months, I would need 233.32km to meet this goal by years end, so that means I am 84.43km ahead of my goal so far!  This is awesome!

I ran for a total of 13 days:

5 Sundays
0 Mondays 
3 Tuesdays 
0 Wednesdays 
2 Thursdays 
2 Fridays 
1 Saturday 

I also did 1 single lonely interval run. 

I ran in my first race of the year: The Eye Ball The Wall.  (more on this race on the blog Wednesday)

I went on 2 bike rides for a total of 15km.  There are 0 photos of me on my bike so this one of Finley that we did on April 1st on Highway 66 will have to do. 

I only made it to 6 bootcamp classes and missed 3 due to migraines and doctor appointment about migraines.  I am hoping for a better May. 

I did sooooo bad with foam rolling, stretching and especially strengthening:

9 days of stretching
4 days of strength 
7 days of foam rolling 

And most of these were done in the last week.  This has to get better or running is gonna kill me.  

I did 2 core sessions at home  and got in 2 meditation sessions.  I have added meditation to my morning routine and this should increase dramatically next month too.  

We did 2 hikes this month: Elbow Falls (shown above) which is a nice, family friendly hike and we did Grassi Lakes which is also a nice family hike!  Neither were very long or substantial for distance or elevation.  

I had 2 trips to Liv Active Physio to visit Shari.  I had inflamed tendons in my toes which is EXTREMELY RARE!!  Like almost never ever happens.  It is from running on my toes which I am trying very hard to quit doing.  As long as I correct my running form, stretch my toes and roll them out on a golf ball, I should be ok. 

I got 1 new pair of shoes: Altra Running Torin 2.0's and they are amazing.  I thought I loved my Altra Intuitions but these are like walking on clouds. They fit so better and I am so happy I switched to these shoes.  

I had 5 days of inactivity all due to migraines.  They really got the best of me.  I worked out through several bad headaches/migraines but some were just too much.  

I am really happy with what I was able to do this month considering how bad I felt for most of it.  May has me running my first half so I really need to continue getting my km's up and most importantly, stretching + strengthening!!

How was your month? 

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