Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Favorites #2

In honour of Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, this week's Friday Favorites is dedicated to the few photos of just me and the girls.  I had no time to go through all the albums on our iMac especially since it is archaically slow so here are some ones I found on Facebook as I scrolled through my photos.  Every photo with me and my girls are my favourite and these ones were picked for no other reason then they were on Facebook and were easy to save.  

1.  This one was taken in Disneyland in November 2016.  It was our first day in the park and all three of us got some new Minnie Mouse ears for the trip. 

2. This one was also taken on our trip to California in November 2016 but it was in Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.

3.  This one was from a family photo session in August 2015 at the SAIT parking garage.  

4.  This one is from Mother's Day 2015.  We were going to The Nash for brunch and then to the mountains. 

5.  This was also taken on Mother's Day but I cannot remember what year, I am thinking it was 2013 or 2014.  Probably 2014. This was taken at Lake Louise in Banff National Park. 

6.  These were from our family photos in September 2013.  This is at the red building in Fish Creek Provincial Park near the Bow Valley Ranche. 

7.  This was taken in August 2013 at Disneyland.  We love Jessie still to this day. 

8.  This is the only photo taken of us in Hawaii in January 2013.  I was pregnant with baby M (surrogacy in case you are not familiar) and I was at that stage where you can't tell if I am pregnant or just really out of shape.  In reality it was both hahhaha.  This was taken at the Iao Needle in Maui. 

9.  This was taken at the Redwood National Forest in July 2012.  This place is pretty cool if you have never been.  We will be driving back through here this summer on our way to San Francisco. 

10.  This was also taken on the same trip as above in July 2012 at Crater Lake National Park which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  We are also heading back here this summer and I am very excited about it.  

11.  This one was taken last summer at St Patrick Island which is one of our favourite places in Calgary!  

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