Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Local Eats: Royale

For Mother's Day this year, I wanted to try Bridgette Bar for brunch and luckily for us, it is family friendly during their Sunday brunches.  I made the reservations for brunch in March and was eagerly awaiting the day to arrive. Then, Finley's soccer schedule was released and we now had a soccer game in Tuscany at 11am, which was the same time as our reservation.  We needed to move our reservation to 1pm which no longer worked with Bridgette Bar since brunch was over at 2 and kids wouldn't be allowed.  The crunch was too tight so I went with my next choice which was Royale Brasserie. 

It is located on 17th Ave and 7th Street where the old Melrose used to be and most recently where Corbeaux Bakehouse used to be.  I missed Corbeaux and loved it so much and was happy to see that they retained a lot of the what Corbeaux had done to the space.  Royale opened last August and has been bustling every since.  

Finley is obsessed with all things france + french and was super excited to be eating at a french restaurant.  Look how excited she looks in this photo! Not too bad especially since she was mad she forgot to bring shoes to change into and was wearing soccer cleats with her outfit haha. It also could be lingering happiness from their first win of the season. 

Penelope isn't obsessed with french culture like her sister, but she was super excited to see sea salt caramel pancakes with a chocolate sauce on the menu.  She was sold instantly. Finley was originally going to have a chicken burger but at the last minute decided to have the same as Penelope. 

Mimosa's were on special for $5 so we each had one.  I always find that most mimosa's taste the same but these ones were really good.  The champagne was super bubbly and I loved it. 

And seriously, this flooring.  I love it and would like to have in all of our bathrooms and laundry rooms like yesterday.  I was in love. 

I loved how they left a lot of what made Corbeaux so pretty but still added a lot of their own elements to make it new and fresh and their own.  You can see more detailed photos of their restaurant on their instagram page.  Their handle is @royaleyyc.  It is truly spectacular. 

This was the pancake breakfast that the girls ordered.  Neither kid loved the whipped cream with the salted caramel sauce but combined with the pancakes and the chocolate sauce it was mouth watering so delicious.  Penelope ate her pancakes caked in chocolate and Finley scraped all of her stuff off.  Such strange children I have.  

I tend to always err on the side of caution when it comes to breakfasts.  I am a far more adventurous supper eater haha but I think lots of times, breakfasts contain a lot of cheese which I don't like.  So I had Le Bacon + Eggs.  It came with 2 poached eggs although I had mine sunny side up, bacon, herbed potatoes and sourdough bread.  The herbed potatoes were probably single handedly the best breakfast potatoes I have ever had.  So delicious. 

Greg had the Croque Madame which was ham, béchamel, gruyere and a sunny side egg.  He loved his meal although he did say he wish he would have went with Corque Monsieur.  

This was Penelope's reaction after having some pancakes and chocolate sauce.  How could a kid not love this meal - especially since it is never ok to have chocolate for breakfast haha.  

We really enjoyed our Mother's Day Brunch at Royale.  The food was delicious, the ambiance and decor was fantastic and the service was really really good.  We all left with very full bellies.  The prices for brunch are super reasonable and the supper menu doesn't look too badly priced either.  I cannot wait to go there for dinner sometime soon! We made reservations via the Open Table app which is one of my favourite things in existence.  If you are looking for a new place to check out for brunch, lunch or dinner - you really must give this place a try.  I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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