Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Long Long Weekend Recap

The Bachelorette started again last night! I watched it for the first time last year and mostly hated it.  I took a one week hiatus from it because I thought I was done but I was back because I needed to know what happened.  I did not watch The Bachelor because I can't even imagine how 26 girls would be considering how whiny and annoying the 26 boys were.  There was no way I could handle 26 Jo-Jo's and still be sane.  I haven't decided if I will watch it this time around but if I do, you will see the recap on here at some point. 

It was an extra extra long weekend with both Greg and the girls being off Friday and Monday.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family but I am not sad to see them return to work and school today haha.  As you saw in my blog yesterday, my weekend started off with unexpected eye surgery to relieve the pressure and fluid in my eyes.  It went well and after a afternoon nap, I was feeling pretty good.  Greg had a dentist appointment at 1230 and then went to walmart to fill my prescription for eye drops and to Home Depot to buy some wood to fix our front yard. 

For years I have wanted to dig up the strip of grass on the side of the house where we have our bins because it was a magnet for weeds and our neighbours on that side don't care much for picking weeds.  I had gotten rid of a bunch of it by laying rubber pavement squares for the bins to sit on.  I added more this year too because we get our green bin next month or the month after.  

We used the wood to make a box on 3 of the sides, and used old bricks from our old garden a few years ago.  Next summer we might buy another piece of wood and cut it to fit where the bricks were but we opted to save some money and reuse what we had.  The mulch I bought a few weeks ago for $3 a bag from Walmart.  It needs another bag or 2 but that will get done sometime this week.  Probably next year we will plant 3 shrubs here after we see how it is going forward.  I really want to plant Kochia Scoparia but I am not sure if it can grow here or not.  I found it on pinterest and have been in love ever since.  

After we completed the mulch graden, it was almost supper time.  I had planned on homemade pizza's when I meal planned earlier in the week but that was before I needed to have eye surgery or displaced my ribs which has caused (and is still causing substantial pain).  So we ordered Vern's Pizza instead.  It's my favourite pizza to have.  I was especially tired so I went to bed at 730 and the kids went soon after while Greg stayed up late watching tv. 

Thanks to going to bed so early and having difficulty sleeping, I was wide awake at 443am so I decided around 530 to hit the trails for a run.  I hadn't ran since Tuesday and the run wasn't that great, I was in substantial pain running and even worse while on my walk breaks.  I was terrified that I wasn't going to run Calgary the following weekend.  This duck was hissing at me and seeing him with his tongue stuck out literally made my day. 

When I got home from my run around 630am, I was expecting everyone to be sleeping and I would sneak out to Starbucks and get a tea and drink it in peace at home before anyone else got up but that was not meant to be.  Penelope was waiting on the stairs, fully dressed and ready to go to my Aunty Leslie's where she was headed to later on that day for a sleepover. Since she was up, she accompanied me to Starbucks for a treat.  

Once I finished my drink, it was time for a quick bath before my first ever Chiropractor appointment that was quickly approaching.  If you see in the top left corner, you will see a tin flower pot with a fake flower in it.  I have one on the opposite side of the window ledge too.  Shortly after this photo was taken, Pizza jumped on the window ledge like she always does but this time, she didn't like the flower pot where it was.  Keep in mind, those pots have been there since last April so it's not like it is a new thing for her.  She batted the pot with her paw and smoked me in the head with it.  Let me tell you, it hurt like you would not believe.  Seriously, how much more was my poor body going to have to endure.  Thankfully it didn't bruise, there is a giant lump on the left side of my eye that is quite sore to the touch.

Saturday morning was so nice out, Penelope spent a lot of time playing on the swing set while Finley and Greg still slept.  Soccer on Friday night and Saturday afternoon was cancelled so it was nice to have some soccer free days haha.

As I wrote about yesterday, I some how displaced a rib which causing me pain in my back, right shoulder, neck and arm.  I had tried massage and cupping but it didn't help.  Greg suggested a chiropractor but I am legit terrified of going to one but I was desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.  I went and he was freaking amazing and I didn't die or end up paralyzed so that was a bonus.  I made another appointment for Monday and I am glad I did because although I feel better in so many ways, I still feel just as bad in other ways.  It is very discouraging thus far.

I bought some mr freezies and promised the girls they could have one if they picked up all the weeds.  They complained a lot but they did get it done.  Getting weeds is out is a never-ending thing for us.  And it doesn't help when the house behind you has never ever landscaped their yard and it looks like a mustard field back there.  I hate it so much but because it doesn't face a green space and can't be seen, the City of Calgary does not care.

While I relaxed on our deck, Greg and Penelope started building our raised flower bed.  We are reusing the wood from the hockey rink that Greg insisted on building last winter.  We still need to fill it with soil and Greg is currently sourcing where the best deal to get soil is.  We started with one to see how we do with it and then maybe next year, we will build another one.  We had a garden in that very spot until we got a trampoline and that is where we put it.  We are really good at growing zucchini but when you go away for 2 weeks in july, stuff dies and that happened the last time we had a garden.  And as luck would have it, we will be away for the last 2 weeks of July again this year.  Hopefully it will survive.

Greg and Finley went and got groceries for the week and I decided to cut the grass in the backyard and then do our neighbours + our front yard.  We have a battery operated lawnmower which I love, but it doesn't seem to be as powerful as it was last year or the year before. I don't really want to have to buy a new one this year so fingers crossed it holds out for us.   After I finished, I was tired, hot and sore so Penelope and I went for slurpees that tasted so delicious.

Soon, Finley and Greg were home and the girls finished packing for my Aunty Leslie's house and Greg and I got ready.  The girls were so excited to go sleep over at my Aunt's place.

It was mine and Greg's 11th Anniversary on Saturday and it is probably the first time we have celebrated without snow or rain since our wedding day.  We clearly had a miracle that day back in Saskatoon haha.  We got to Inglewood a little early, so we walked through the East Village River front to kill some time.  St. Patrick's Island which you can see across the river, is one of my most favourite places to be in Calgary.

We went to the Deane House in Inglewood for the first time and it did not disappoint.  It was delicious.  It will be on my blog probably next week as this week is filling up fast.  The food was good and the views even better.  It was a great way to celebrate year 11.

Sunday morning I was up so early but not quite as early as I was the day before.  I was disappointed that I couldn't use this opportunity to sleep in more while kidless.  I started to watch season 3 of Kimmy Schmidt that was released on netflix on Friday.  I actually ended up binge watching the entire thing and i have zero regrets that I did that haha. I also did 2 loads of laundry, the dishes 2x and made some muffins and energy balls and cookies.  I also prepared the burger mix for Greg to make burgers for supper that night.  

While I was busy Netflix + chilling, Greg picked up the girls from my Aunty Leslie's house and took them  hiking to Prairie Mountain.  Penelope was going through Greg's hiking book coming home from soccer one night and came across this hike called Hamilton Lake and told Greg she wanted to do it.  I have no idea what that hike entails but it is apparently pretty hard.  He said that if they could successfully hike Prairie Mountain then maybe she could do Hamilton.  They were originally planning on doing Prairie Mountain on Friday but since I had to have eye surgery and a ride home, they postponed until Sunday morning.  They made it up in about 2 hours and 40 minutes and were showered with complements from strangers impressed with their hiking abilities.  They have officially hiked harder hikes then me and I don't even care.  I love the views that I get from a hike but I don't love the work getting there.  I tend to hurt myself a lot on hikes which then affects my running which makes me instantly hate any hikes that are not flat.  

After supper, Penelope went to bed very early because she was full of attitude and sass and I did not appreciate it.  Finley had to put her laundry away that had been sitting in a laundry basket since last week.  It drives me crazy.  Greg and I went to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  Pizza was dying to come out and cried at the open window and tried clawing the glass of the door to come out so I caved and let her out.

She loved being outside and only ventured off the deck once and we quickly brought her back up.  There was a helicopter flying over that kinda stressed her out but it didn't last too long. She spent about an hour outside and when we came back in for the night, she cried at the door to come out.  This was surprising since Pizza rarely makes a noise, outside of purring, unless she is locked in the girls bedrooms at night.  I have created a monster.  My beloved cat Quincy ran away 4 years ago next monday and I am terrified of having that happen again.  So I decided to get her a leash and harness for her to be contained and safe outside. 

Sunday night, Greg and I finished watching the last 3 episodes of The Big Bang Theory and the season finale was epic! We then decided to watch the final 2 episodes of Shameless which aired in March 2016.  We never finished season 6 or got to Season 7.  I remember being annoyed with season 6 and I think I needed a  break and clearly it was a long one.  Once we finished season 6, Greg insisted that we watch the first episode of season 7 because he had to know if he went in or not.  So we watched that and I didn't get to sleep until almost 1am which is never a good thing for me hahahaha.  Greg stayed up even later watching some program, crazy guy. 

After being up so late Sunday night, I was able to "sleep in" until 630 haha.  I am so lame.  I got up and got my running clothes ready but my back was so sore, that I opted to wait until tomorrow to run in hopes that the chiropractor appointment for later today would relieve some of the pain I was feeling.  It also got me thinking to my pillow.  I think we have just cheap basic pillows from Walmart haha.  But I have no idea how to figure out how to find the perfect pillow.  I know I don't like them too fluffy but that doesn't help me much.  If anybody knows the answer to this, let me know! I went to Walmart when it opened at 7am and bought 4 more bags of mulch for the front mulch garden and to freshen up the mulch around the other trees and the other side of the house.  I also got Pizza a leash and a harness.  Walmart didn't have the cork screw thing that you put in the grass to put the leash on so I have it tied to the deck rail.  I bought the 10 foot one that was designed for cats and dogs under 25 lbs.  She kept getting herself tangled up around the chairs and tables out there so I had to keep moving things around.  She finally was like ok with it when I dropped my weeder tool on the deck and scared the crap out of her.  Now she kinda just proceeds from caution and mostly enjoys the fresh air from sitting on the ledge of the door looking out. 

After completing almost everything on my to do list for the day, it was 9am and sunny outside and best of all everybody was sleeping so I filled my water bottle and grabbed my macbook and headed outside to work on this blog and get photos ready for other blogs.  It was so beautiful.  

Unfortunately my peace didn't last long because soon after, everybody was up!  At least I made it this far in my weekend recap blog!  The kids were happy being outside until I told them they had to go eat breakfast.  Who knew that eating breakfast was like the worst thing in the world???

Apprently, Penelope's glasses were loose and bent and so Greg tried to fix them and then broke something at the same time.  He was so not happy with anybody at that moment and then a pipeline is a leaking at site and so he has spent the last few hours doing some work.  He has his laptop and found an old monitor in the basement and has a nice little workspace set up on the kitchen table.  I am fine with it as long as it does not stay on the table until he goes back to work tomorrow. 

I was tidying up from the gigantic mess I made making pizza dough earlier this morning when I overheard the girls playing outside.  I heard Finley say: "I am sorry but your gymnastics journey is now over." They created a gymnastics version of master chef junior hahaha.  Penelope won the challenge, Finley was Gordon Ramsay and their imaginary friend was the one who got sent home.  They wanted to walk to the park by themselves but I was like not a chance, you can go for a walk but can't play at the park.  Greg thought I was being ridiculous for not letting them go to the park alone but I worry too much about something happening there.  So they walked around the block with umbrellas because they had to shield themselves from the sun.  They look ridiculous but can't fault them too much for being sun safe haha. 

When they got home from their walk around the block, they took some games out to the deck to play.  Finley was cheating at the Shopkins version of Go Fish which caused a whole lotta drama but they both calmed down and played the shopkins version of trouble.  Greg continued to work on his work stuff and I worked on Wednesday's blog post, tidied up the kitchen again and photographed some items for a running edition Friday Favorites on Friday. 

The rest of Monday afternoon (until I left for my chiro appointment) was spent outside on the deck and me picking more weeds because that is all that I seem to do hahahah.  I was able to get some good roots out and that always makes me happy when that happens.  

When I left for my chiro appointment, Greg and the girls were on the deck but I have no idea what transpired when I was gone.  I left a little early to grab some crazy cali rolls from the sushi place in southcenre.  I love these so much and they do them so well.  Even though the mall was busy and loud, it almost felt serene eating my lunch in there after being home all day with the girls haha.  Penelope is having a baking party for her birthday party in 2 weeks and wants some type of donut and /or cupcake design on her outfit.  I found a romper that had donuts, pizza and emoji's on it and so I sent a photo to Greg to see if Penelope would wear it to her party and he said she would.  But tonight before bed she told that greg didn't tell her it was for her party and now she is not sure.  I guess I will have to to go to walmart and carters tomorrow to see what they have for baking themed clothing.  

My purpose in going to the mall on such a beautiful day was to see my chiropractor for the second time since Saturday.  I went to the same clinic but saw a different chiropractor and as much as i liked the first one I saw, i really liked this one.  He did more cracking and man did it hurt but I felt some relief.  He said he normally wouldn't be so rough on a brand new patient but because of my race on Sunday he was treating me as an elite athlete.  My neck and upper back was so super tight with the worst being on my right side.  He did a bunch of cracking and stretching and some moves to do at home with Greg's help.  He advised no rolling of any kind on Tuesday to let it all heal and relax and then I go back to see him on Wednesday afternoon which is good since i probably have to return the romper I bought today haha. He said I feel much looser tonight and notice a difference tomorrow.  As I write this Monday night, I am looser but still really hurting. 

On my way home from the mall, I stopped at 7-11 and bought a round of slurpees for the famjam since it was so nice out.  I don't know why I buy them for myself anymore since I have like 3 sips and then it melts away.  I laid on our outdoor couch and read the book on the bottom and had a nap.  It was perfect.  Soon, Greg and Penelope started supper which was our homemade pizzas.  They were delicious. 

After supper both girls did some reading on both raz kids and real books before heading upstairs for bath time and early bed times after the long weekend.  I am not sure when we have had such a wonderful may long weekend and am trying to not to be discouraged by Wednesday's forecast for Calgary. 

Spoiler: it's not good.  

After the girls went to bed, Greg and I caught up on last night's John Oliver and an episode of Shamelss.  It might take us forever but we will get season 7 done haha. 

Hope you guys all had a great long weekend and a good rest of the week. 

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