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2016 - 2017 TV Season In Review

Back in October, I blogged all about my favourite tv shows going into the fall season and the new shows that were coming on. You can read about it HERE.  About 6 weeks later, I followed up with what I thought about all the new shows HERE and which ones I continued with.  

This post is like a recap of the first blog post and what I dropped and what I loved and what I was sad was cancelled.

First with the favourites going into the fall 2016 TV season: 

Greg's Anatomy (ABC) - I didn't finish the season before this one because I was so angry with what Shondra Rimes did to Alex Karev's character.  He had been my favourite for so long and had come so far only to be destroyed over something so stupid and incredibly disappointing.  I didn't delete it prior to this season because I hoped it would start 6 months later and it would be water under the bridge but it didn't.  I just kept reading spoilers every Friday morning waiting for when I could start watching again but the time I could, too much had past and I had no idea who were some of the characters even were anymore so I deleted it and I was ok with it.  I thought I might miss it but I think the reality was that I was over it a long time ago.  I did read about the finale on a thread of a group I am on and it was clear that I haven't missed much and would be even angrier with the goings on of it.  

Modern Family (ABC) - I quit this one.  I had been on the fence forever and every time I said I was going to quit, I would get sucked back in with a good episode followed by 3 bad ones and the cycle would continue.  However, I committed to not watching it again and have stuck to it.  It is still on our PVR because Greg wants to watch it but since I decided to quit it, he has watched one and we still have like 14 episodes on our PVR. 

Law + Order SVU (NBC) - Sadly, I quit this one too.  The story lines weren't great and seriously most of the dept in SVU should have been split up or fired a long time ago.  It was a great run but it is now over. 

Dancing With The Stars (ABC) - I had been watching this off and on since Kate from Kate Plus 8 was on there but haven't watched a full season in a long time.  I don't have the time anymore to commit to watching it.  Same goes for The Bachelorette (ABC).  Monday is my only free night and so it was an easy decision to drop that show too.  I don't miss either. 

Shameless (Showtime in USA/TMC in Canada) - We never finished Season 6 and had a whole season 7 on our PVR.  I didn't love season 6 which is probably why we never finished it.  However, 2 weeks ago, we decided to finally finish up season 6 and 7 and I am glad we did.  Season 7 was much better with more positivity that I have seen in a long time.  It was fun to watch. If it doesn't come back for an 8th season, they did a good job with it ending the season the way they did. 

Brooklym 99 (Fox), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Criminal Minds (CBS) and Hells Kitchen/MasterChef/MasterChef Junior/MasterChefCanada (FOX, CTV) - all made the cuts for what I will continue to watch.  I can't lie, I am bored with Big Bang, Criminal Minds redeemed themselves with clearing Reed, 99 seems to rehash the same story lines over and over.  Like how many times will the 99 face their squad being closed??

America's Got Talent (NBC) - Greg watched this show during the summer before I did and I only got hooked because I loved Nick Cannon so much. He was perfect for this show and his interaction with the contestants and the judges was superb.  I went to watch the first episode of this season last week on my iPad and I saw that Howard Stern was gone and then I heard Tyra Banks' name and I assumed she was replacing him as a judge.  I was like whatevs, but what she was doing was replacing Nick Cannon.  And she does not do it like him.  I watched about 20 minutes before turning my iPad off and deleting the tv series from my PVR.  Such a sad sad day. 

New Shows for the 2016-2017 that I am still watching: 

This Is Us (NBC) - Everybody loves this show and I thought I did too.  In fact, I said I loved it in the Fall TV Season Update in November but it turns out, I really don't love it.  Most times that I do watch it, i am not even sure that I like it.  I finished the season and will probably watch it going forward as it has been renewed for a second and third season, but it is one of those shows that I make myself watch when there is nothing else to watch.  I know I am in the minority on this but it isn't all that great. 

Lethal Weapon (Fox) - Turns out this is my favourite show from the new group of shows that were added.  I had no idea that I would enjoy it as much as I do but I really like it.  

Shows I Quit Watching: 

Pitch (Fox) - I was bored first episode in so I dropped it. 

American Housewife (ABC) - I am not easily offended but this show offended me in all kinds of ways.  I went through them all HERE

Notorious (ABC) - never finished an episode of this one either. 

The Good Place (NBC) - I didn't like this show at all.  I tried hard to love it since I knew the people behind it were the people from The Office, Parks + Rec, and Brooklyn99 but I just didn't.  Greg really liked it and loved the ending of the first season and will continue watching it going forward. 

Divorce (HBO) - I love Sarah Jessica Parker but this show was horrible.  I quit a few episodes in and have no idea if it was renewed for a second season but I will not be watching it. 

Conviction (ABC) - this one I quit watching but it wasn't by choice, it was cancelled by ABC.  I really liked this show but it was just not meant to be.  

The other shows I mentioned in the first post of the Fall TV Season that aren't mentioned here are the ones that Greg watches and still watches.  No matter how bad a series is, he will never give up and watch until the bitter end.  We are different that way. 

A new show came out in January 2017 and it is called The Mack (Fox) and it is with Dee from Always Sunny In Philadelphia and it is fantastic.  It is raunchy and hilarious and most importantly, renewed for a second season! I can't wait for that show to come back, it has easily become a favourite. 

Also on Fox, is Beat Shazam, which debuted 2 weeks ago.  It is a game show where you have to get the name of the song right with a chance to win a million dollars.  I love it and I am better then Greg at it which makes me happy haha.  It is currently on Thursday nights so check it out if you haven't. 

And that is it for the 2016 - 2017 TV Season.  I don't watch much television anymore but that can change with every new show added although I always hope that I don't like them so that I don't watch any more tv  hahahaha.  I also won't watch any tv show that I can't watch on my iPad since I watch almost all of my tv while doing things around my house and we don't have a tv on our main floor. 

What were your favourites this season?

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