Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday Favorites #4

1.  I found this adorable fake plant and plant holder at Michaels back in April I think it was.  It was BOGO but I really only needed one of them so I used a 50% off coupon and got it for like $11.  It is super cute and I love it so much and it looks perfectly on my coffee table which I actually really hate but that's for another day.  

2.  The last time I was pregnant, I craved and ate snow peas so much that after he was born, I quit eating them.  They had lost all appeal for me and for good reason haha.  I need to eat more veggies and I don't particularly care for veggies in general so I added them to the grocery list and I have been eating them regularly for the list 6 weeks or so.  I still probably don't get enough veggies but I am still better then where I was 2 months ago. 

3.  My friend Tracy is selling Tiber River which is a relatively new company and I decided to try their Maid in A Bottle and so far, I am loving it.  It does a great job cleaning and while I don't love the smell of it, I still prefer to use it over any other cleaning company.  The only complaint is that this sprayer completely fell apart and I am not sure how it happened or how to fix it but other then that, I highly recommend you give Tiber River a try.  You can check out my friend Tracy's page here if you want to order something: Tiber River Naturals with Tracy.

4.  I have been in desperate need for new dish towels for ages.  Mine are looking ragged and not so fresh.  I hate the typical ones you find at Walmart and Superstore so I try to buy them always at Winners but they haven't had any that I have liked in a long time but I spotted these a few weeks ago and had to buy them.  They are so cute and fun and I like fun dish towels.  

5.  My mom made me a scrubber (top left) at Christmas time and I loved it so when she was visiting in April, I got her to make me a few more plus some dish cloths too.  I love these little scrubbers so much and they work as good, if not better, then sos pads!

6.  I hate my backyard for the simple reason is that I hate all the weeds.  I have a weeder tool that is super amazing and allows me to pull up weeds like the one shown below but it gets so bad as the season goes on that I just cannot keep up.  I have tried every type of weed killer that I can find in Calgary now that my girls are older and don't play in the grass like they did when they were babies.  But it never works or at least not for long because the people who live directly behind us don't have grass.  They have so many dandelions that their yard from my bedroom window looks like a mustard field you see driving down the highway.  It is gross and awful and they have lived in that house longer then we have lived here and I am beginning to suspect they are the original owners in the house and just don't care about it.  It is so frustrating though.  Why is this a Friday Favorite you ask?  Because I absolutely love my weed tool and there is little that makes me more happier then the pulling out a weed of this size!!

Do you have any favourite things right now??

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