Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Local Eats: The Deane House

Greg wanted to go to the Deane House for our anniversary supper as he had heard good things about it.  I went to Open Table and was able to get a reservation for our anniversary night.  The one good thing about being married on May Long Weekend is that you don't have much trouble getting a reservation for dinner.  Every year we go somewhere different, we have celebrated most recently at Rouge, Notable and Wurst.  There are more previous to that but I don't recall what they were but probably weren't as good the ones I have remembered haha.  Although on our first anniversary, we had supper at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle and for our 4th anniversary we had dinner at a really cool place in San Francisco that was ruined by Finley deciding on that trip that she hated both strollers and high chairs.  It was a memorable meal for all of the wrong reasons haha.

When we first sat down, I wanted the seat that looked out although you had great views from no matter where you were sitting in this section.  It was so pretty, there is not much better then a restaurant with great views. 

But eventually, sitting in the chair was too hard on my back and we had to trade so I could rest my arm above my shoulder on the edge of the bench.  Seriously it was like I was 90 years old haha. Greg had some type of beer that was on tap and I had the Deane71.  I don't remember what was in it other then proseco and maple sugar.  It was really delicious, I had 2 of them!

See the view was the same no matter where I sat, we had the option to sit outside since it was so nice out but with it being mid may you never know how cool it would get once the sun went down so we stayed inside with some pretty views. 

The Deane House is really awesomely laid out.  They turned the porch into closed in seating and put the kitchen and bar inside and then had rooms for bigger groups.  I didn't go upstairs but I assume there was seating up there like there is at Rouge. 

Just like we did last year at Rouge, we went with the blind chef's tasting menu which is still a big step for me since I don't like a lot of things.  I always ask if there is a course with cheese in or on it because I don't like cheese unless it is gruyere on my blue star diner honey dijon chicken burger or crumbled up goat cheese in a salad.  They start you off with a palate cleanser and it was mussels on sea salt.  I have tried mussels once before with my friend Terra at Modern Steakhouse in Kensington (so good) and I was kinda on the fence where I enjoyed the flavour but not the texture.  I was still not loving the texture of it but the flavour was really good, I was kinda happy with myself.  I even texted Terra to tell her that I finally tried them again and didn't hate it.  

I am not sure what was all in this aside from cucumbers and some smoked bacon flavours but it was surprisingly really good.  I polished off this course quite quickly. 

Next we got some sour dough bread which is my favourite kind of bread (and Aviv Fried/Sidewalk Citizen make the best). I can't remember what kind of butter it was but I don't really eat butter so I didn't try it. 

This was by far the most disappointing of the dishes (for me) and here is why.  As I said earlier in this post, I asked before I committed to the Chef's Table if any of the courses had any cheese in them since I didn't like cheese.  The server told me that she didn't think there was any cheese in anything other then crumbled cheese in a salad.  I was ok with this.  So imagine  my surprise when she brought out pasta filled with ricotta cheese.  I was not happy.  Actually when she described what the dish was, I missed her saying the word ricotta so I tried it.  And then I wanted to vomit once I tasted and then swallowed it. Greg had heard it was ricotta and just wanted me to try it.  So I tried it and didn't like it.   When we did this at Rouge last year, they made me my own special cheese free course when there was a cheese based one.  I was really disappointed that Deane House didn't do that for me. Greg enjoyed getting to eat 2 of these. 

Time for round 2!!  You can see the maple sugar in the bottom of the glass. 

This was one of my favourite courses.   It was a duck sausage patty in a beef consumme and it was freaking amazing.  Like I loved it so much and it may be in my top 5 favourite meals of all time.  

The main course was sliced duck with some amazing jus and fiddle heads and polenta.  Duck was freaking amazing and I  had never had fiddle heads before but OMG were they delicious.  And apparently they grow in the wild or something like that.  Either way, really good.  I didn't love the polenta.  I hated the texture so much that I don't know if I would have liked the flavour or not.  I was told that maybe I would like baked polenta better but I am not sure I would even try it again. 

Dessert was a vanilla cheesecake with a rhubarb compote which was pretty good.  I love most things with rhubarb though.  My Aunty Sandy used to make this amazing Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp and I miss it (and her) so much.  

Another shot of the view from our window.  How perfect was this to celebrate Year 11 of marriage and Year 16 of being together (as of June 21).  

The blind Chef's Table at Deane House was really good.  The only complaints I have was the cheese course like I mentioned above and the other thing was that our servers at Rouge better described and explained what we were eating and how it was cooked and I really appreciated having that input.  I still highly recommend you check Deane House if you are looking for a great local place to eat with equally fantastic views!

The Deane House is located right on the edge of the East Village and Inglewood.  It does have a parking lot but it isn't too big but there is a lot of street parking near by.  You can find them online the following ways:


And you can make reservations by using the Open Table app which is such a fantastic app!

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