Monday, 5 June 2017

May By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

I was really reluctant to calculate my km for the month of May because even though I started off strong, having eye surgery and hurting my back plagued my last 2 weeks of physical activity big time.  However, I was very surprised to see that I ran 111.31km, which like last month, is my second highest ever.  I am happy that I did that well but I know this would have been my best month ever had I not hurt myself so I find that a little frustrating.

So with 111.31km ran in May, that brings me in at 431.06km for the year and only 268.94km away from my goal of 700km in a year which would be my best year of km ever.  

To reach 700km, I had to average 58.3km per month and I was 53.01 above that for May.  I need to be at 291.50km to reach it and I am already at 431.06km so this makes me really happy!

I ran a total of 13 out of 31 days.  

Tuesday x 4
Thursday x 2
Sunday x 3
Monday x 1
Saturday x 3

I never run on Wednesdays because that is typically my rest day.  Mondays and Fridays are usually bootcamp days so not sure how I got a 2km run in this month on a Monday but I did somehow haha. 

I ran 1 half marathon on May 28th in 2:28:11 (the seconds might be off).  It was my second fastest by about 40 seconds which I will take because it means I have seen some improvement haha. 

I am the one in the shorts in the middle coming up the hill on Marshall Springs

I made it to 5 out of a possible 8 bootcamps.  I missed 1 for eye surgery, 1 for my back and 1 because I don't do bootcamp 2 days before a half marathon.  I don't want to risk being tight at all.  

Stretching x 6 days 
Strength x 5 days 
Foam Rolling x 7 days 
Meditation x 6 days
Home Workout x 1 day 
Core x 1 day

This area definitely needs some improving on for sure but it probably won't be until fall since my summer is so busy and it's hard to find time to do stuff like t his while camping in the mountains or on a 2 week vacation.  So we will see how this goes haha. 

No physio appointments this month but I had 1 massage appointment where they did some cupping and 4 chiropractor appointments.  This was all in hopes of fixing my back/shoulder/neck.  The good news is that most of the pain is gone in my back and neck but still in my shoulder which makes bootcamp still kinda suck since i am doing modified workouts and driving is by far the worst thing.  I go again on Wednesday to get cracked so  hopefully that works.  If anybody has any other suggestions that would be great too. 

How was your month? Any great and fantastic accomplishments?


  1. I really need to keep track of my workout stats like this!

    1. I do it all manually too as I can't find an app that does exactly as I need it. I thought about just creating my own app but I think it is might be above my head haha