Monday, 26 June 2017

Weekend Recap, Parties + A Close Soccer Game

Our weekend started off like it always does at Finley's tech training.  We left our house and it was so nice out but by the time we got to tech, the sky was black and it started to pour.

Thankfully, it only lasted about 12 minutes before the sun came back out and it was pretty hot for the rest of the training session.  

Penelope spent the entire tech playing with her soccer bff colouring and eating smarties.  They love each other and get very upset when they each have soccer and miss each other at games and practices.  They are super cute together.  

Greg went on a great adventure after work on Friday and rode his bike 80km home from work.  His office is not even close to 80km away from our house but he went all the north to like COP and Hidden Hills and then all the way back home.  He was really sore on Saturday and spent a lot of time rolling out his legs but was back to being relatively ok on Sunday.  We were both super tired from long weeks and days so we were asleep just after the girls went to bed.  It was clearly an exciting night in our house hahah. 

On Saturday morning, I tried desperately to sleep in but only managed to sleep in until about 730 and so I got up and made some cereal bars and 2 types of energy balls for our upcoming camping trip as well as some chocolate chip cookies because I promised Penelope + Mia that I would bring them some on Sunday for the soccer game.

Penelope had her final tech training that afternoon so Greg took her while cleaned up the house and got ready for her soccer party at Lake Sundance.  

The coach of Penelope's team lives in Sundance so he had a team party for the girls and the parents, it was a great afternoon filled with food, fun and sun.  The girls were so tired out after this that we got home, had supper and were in bed early.  Greg sat on the deck for awhile and I had a bath and watched MasterChef and he watched TV while I fell asleep.  

Sunday I got up early to go for my run and it was so beautiful out.  It was so quiet and peaceful and just a really great morning.  I got 6km in and ran it really fast which made me happy but my hips not so much.  I had a quick shower and ate breakfast before getting the girls (and Greg) up for Finley's soccer game. 

Pizza loves being outside and she attacks the door like a dog thinking that it might get her outside.  She is such a funny cat.  

On Sunday morning, Finley's team played their 5th and final game against the Foothills A team.  We have had 2 semi close games against them and 2 absolute blow outs.  We kept up against them for the entire game and with like 10 seconds to play, Foothills scored and we lost.  The girls were not nearly as crushed as the parents were but they were excited to have played so well against them and not gotten blown out like they did last week.  Hopefully this momentum holds up for their game on Wednesday night and their city finals next weekend!  

Penelope ate too many cookies and then got spun on the tire swing too fast and too much and then barfed up all her cookies into the bag holding her water bottle.  Why she didn't barf on the ground I don't know but she was fine after that so that's good.  She said she thinks she was allergic to fastness hahaha. 

After soccer, we came home and Penelope brushed her teeth and had a quick shower before she went to one of her best friends birthday party.  Her best friend is moving to Windsor, ON in August and they are both very sad about it.  

Greg and Finley dropped her off at the party while they went for lunch and to get groceries.  I stayed home and worked on this blog and some other blogs and some laundry since I have another busy last week of school coming up.  

I went upstairs to the bonus room so I could unload the photos off of my iPhone and was horrified at what I saw.  I rarely ever go into the bonus room and so I tend to forget about it and it was an absolute disaster.  Books, clothes, toys, paper, and garbage everywhere!  I am really going to have to crack down on this room with the girls over the summer and going forward.  There is no reason for it to be as messy as it was.

I had to take a photo of both sides because I doubt the cleanliness will last for very long.  I needed photographic evidence haha. 

Finley came to visit me while I was uploading the photos because it was taking forever.  Penelope was downstairs doing failed science experiments in the kitchen causing massive messes.  Escaping that was the only good part of my iMac being so slow that it took like 2 hours to get the photos off.  My aunt and uncle also stopped by to drop off some cat stuff and for a little chat.  

Penelope helped Greg make supper Sunday night and we had Princess Kitty Leia and a giraffe family who recently adopted a pink giraffe.  

Greg and the girls played outside while I cleaned up the supper dishes and prepped all of our fruits and veggies for the week ahead.  After that, I went to Chapters to get a gift card and then I met Michelle at the movies to see Rough Night.  It had some funny parts but I didn't realize that the storyline was quite what it was.  I would recommend waiting to watch this when it is on tv or netflix. That being said, I enjoyed getting out and eating popcorn with my best friend.  It was a great way to end our weekend.  

We are essentially super busy every weekend going forward until...well basically forever.  I am not even exaggerating.  Well the girls and I will be home for a weekend at the end of August because Greg is going on a crazy backpacking trip with a buddy.  I was trying to figure out the next weekend where we had no plans and it was the weekend of September 30th and most likely both girls will have soccer evaluations.  At least summer is coming and we will have our week days free!

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