Monday, 12 June 2017

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was spent playing soccer as it usually is but this time Finley was in a soccer tournament in Airdrie.  At first, it seemed like a good idea that it was "so close" to home but it really isn't considering we all live in the deep south and we had to make a trip there and back 3 days in a row.  We spent a lot of time driving that is for sure.

Finley's first game was Friday night at 7:15pm. We have to be at the field by 630 and I had to pick Greg up from downtown so it was going to take us even longer to get there.  We left our house at 5 and got to Airdrie right around 630.  It was nice in Calgary but it was cloudy and windy when we arrived there which did make for great watching conditions.  Thankfully I keep a quilt in my car plus I had a pair of lululemon street to studio pants to put on over my crops to keep warm.  We were playing a team that we play regularly during our outdoor season so that was kinda disappointing but it was a really great game for us.  We played really well and were really strong positionally.  Our team usually plays really well the first half and then kinda falls apart during the second half because they are tired.  This didn't happen tonight and it was a really fun game to watch.  Finley had by far her best game of the season and made the play to steal the ball and get it to her striker for the game tying goal.  She also had about 3 missed opportunities.  It ended up in a 1 - 1 tie which wasn't necessarily good for a tournament where goals for and against were used in calculating your pool standing for the finals on Sunday.  Regardless, we were happy with how well the girls played.  

We drove back to Calgary getting home just after 9 and the girls went to straight to bed and I soon followed since we had to be up at 7am on Saturday to get to their second game. 

On Saturday, the girls had a game in Airdrie at 915 which meant we had to be there around 830.  The parking was awful but we were able to park in a cul de sac behind the school that had a path leading to the soccer fields.  It worked out well for us because there was no parking near by to be found.  When we left Calgary, it wasn't bad outside, but when we got to Airdrie, it was a whole different story.  It was cloudy and windy and rainy and so cold.  It was really gross but unless there was lightening, the game would go on.  Greg has a tarp he brings in case of rain but it was so windy we couldn't get it up  so another parent used a sun umbrella to protect the girls from the rain and we staked it in so it wouldn't fly away.  Then I gave the girls my quilt so they could keep warm when on the bench.  Their coach had them running down the field on the sidelines before their shifts so they could warm up.  Penelope spent the game in a truck watching a movie with the little sister of a girl on Finley's team.  It was just too awful for them out there.  We were playing another team from Calgary but this time it was the Foothills B team which we had played in indoor when we were a B team but not since then.  The girls on both teams worked so hard and played so well despite the terrible weather conditions and we played to a scoreless tie.  This was even worse then the day before because now we only had one goal for and one goal against.  It was gonna take a miracle for us to finish 2nd in our pool. 

By the end of the game, none of us had feeling left in our hands or our feet and we were all wet (except Penelope) so we stopped at Tim Hortons for some donuts and hot chocolate.  It was full of lots of soccer players wet and cold haha.  

We finally made it back to Calgary where it then started raining too.  Greg and Finley worked on some soccer stuff on a white board while Penelope got ready for a birthday party.  Her tech training was rained out which made her happy since she didn't have to go late to her friend's party.  It was just across the street and around the corner from us so it was a quick walk.  I came back home and had a nap because I had slept so terribly the night before.  Once Penelope was home from her birthday party, we watched an episode of MasterChef before meeting my family at Boston Pizza on Memorial Drive for my cousin's birthday party.  Finley fell asleep on the way home and was in bed for the night before 7 and she slept until about 830 this morning so she was definitely tired. Penelope went to bed soon after. 

Greg met a friend for beer so I snuggled in with Pizza and finished reading Caitlin Jenner's new book about her transition and her struggle with gender dysphoria.  I try to avoid anything related to any Jenner or Kardashian but I was interested in reading it.  It was better then I thought it would be but it was still boring and dry in a lot of areas.  

Once I finished reading my book, I put on my new Mary Kay Charcoal mask and watched Beat Shazam which is one of my favourite shows.  I love this new mask so much.  It is easy to apply, it hardens fast and is so super easy to get it off.  You keep it on for 20 minutes 2-3 times a week and that is it.  My skin feels so soft this morning.  If you are interested in checking it out and don't have a Mary Kay consultant, check out Carol's Sales on Facebook.  She is amazing!  I washed my mask off and went to sleep!

I was also religiously stalking the tournament website to see how the other match in our pool went.  If we finished second in our pool, we would play for bronze at 2:15 but if we finished 3rd in our pool we played for 5th place at 11:45.  We ended up finishing 2nd in our pool because the team we tied 1-1 with lost 3-0 to the team we tied 0-0 with.  

Sunday's are usually my run days but not this day.  I was awake early enough and I  just kept putting it off and then i just didn't get outta bed until like 10am.  My allergies have been so bad lately and I am so congested and have so much sinus pressure that it's been tough.  Plus I haven't had much motivation mostly because I didn't take any time off after the Calgary Marathon and I think I am just tired.  I got up and cleaned up the house a bit and then worked on a few blog posts.  

Penelope had soccer photos so Greg and her went to that and then to get groceries while Finley built her space shuttle lego that Santa brought her last year.  She had a game later that afternoon and I wanted to make sure she was well rested for it.  

On Sunday afternoon, we made the drive out to Airdrie for Finley's bronze medal game.  Thankfully the weather was much better then saturday and I was definitely overdressed haha.  We played the U9 Airdrie FC Girls team and it was a good game and was scoreless until the last 10 minutes of the game  and then we scored on a penalty shot and got another one a few minutes later.  The girls all played really well and we kept up for the entire game.  It was a really well played tournament for the girls and we are all so proud of them. 

Finley getting her medal from her coaches.  She had a really strong tournament too.  She has improved so much since the first outdoor game of the season. Now it was back to the city.....

Finley had soccer photos at 445 and we decided the girls should wear their white jerseys since they had worn the red ones all weekend and were pretty dirty and probably smelly. We got to the Cardel South for photos about 30 minutes early so we went to Wendy's for 99 cent Frosty's as a celebration tweet.  

We finally got home around 530 and Penelope stole my iPhone and took like a 100 selfies.  This one was the funniest. 

Penelope helped Greg make supper and made some delicious brown butter mushrooms for our hamburgers. 

After supper, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful Sunday night.  We had the hockey game on the iPad and Greg was enjoying a beer while playing some iPhone game and Penelope was reading a book while Pizza was eating her feet.  It was so perfect that you knew it was too good to last...

Penelope lost her mind doing soccer drills with Finley.  I knew she was exhausted so I told her it was bedtime and she clearly did not agree haha. Eventually she came inside to her room but she was not happy about it.  

Despite playing in a soccer tournament all weekend and getting very little time off from soccer, Finley was outside trying to get better at dribbling and doing it faster since it is one of her weaker areas.

Soon though, it was time for her to go to bed since she was pretty tired after a  busy weekend.  I watched the hockey game in bed while writing this (hopefully pens win haha) while Greg booked things for our upcoming summer vacation (one month 3 days).

Hope you guys had a great weekend and have an even better week!

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