Thursday, 13 July 2017

Biking For Ice Cream

On Sunday after Finley's soccer game, we decided to go for a bike ride down to Village Ice Cream.  We parked at the parking lot for the Beaverdam Flats Park, which is currently closed for restoration work. 

I really love the bike/walk/run pathway system here in Calgary and I love that the goes along major roads because there is something really cook but going under deerfoot trail and biking along it.  This particular spot was right near the intersection close to my Aunty Leslie's house and the girls were happy about that. 

Riding over the river

It was pretty cloudy when we started our bike ride but blue sky and the hot sun were pushing to come out and make the bike ride even harder.  It's not a bad ride when you get to look at the Calgary Tower and the downtown landscape..

I like this photo of all three below me as I stand on the bridge. 

We stopped at Harvie Passage for a break from the biking and heat for some water, views and what turned out to be some strawberries.  There are strawberry patches along the pathway leading to Harvie Passage.  I really wanted to have my family photos done here this  year but the rest of it is closed off for renos and it's not looking as nice as it did last summer.  Back to square one in that area 

Isn't she the cutest kitty cat bike rider you ever did see??  She looked pretty happy considering she was grouchy most of the time. 

When we go to Village Ice Cream in the East Village, you have to leave the pathway system and drive along the streets without bike lanes to get there.  Normally Sunday's aren't too busy but this right near the Stampede grounds and it was rarely busy and stressed me out a bit but it wasn't for very long so it worked out.

Greg and Finley had the birthday cake seasonal ice cream, Penelope had her usual melted chocolate and I chose cookie dough instead of my usual toasted coconut and I was not disappointed. We were pretty hot eating our ice cream so we decided to keep going to St. Patrick's Island to cool off in the water. 

Greg was surprised by not very busy St. Patrick's Island was but it was like 430 on a Sunday so I bet a lot of people had already come and went by now.  We had a great time playing in the water and cooling off before getting back on our bikes and heading home. 

The photo opportunity from this point was pretty fantastic but I was fairly annoyed with Greg as were both girls.  We took a different route home and the pathways were closed for some of it so we had to detour up this very steep hill with zero shade.  

Greg ended up biking to the top and then coming back to walk both girls bikes back up.  Finley was getting tired at this point and we were still a long way from our vehicle.  

Up high above Telus Spark.  It was so hot up here.  Greg offered to turn around and all of us head back downtown and then he would bike back to the vehicle and come back to get us.  Penelope really wanted to keep going so we did but I knew it would not turn out well.  At least the views were great. 

We took the pathway on the opposite side of the river back home for part of it and we were gifted with even more great views of downtown.  There is something so awesome about being able to see the Calgary Tower and this is a feeling that has followed me around since I was a little girl spending the summer with my Aunty Patsy and Uncle Wilf.  

Another hill Penelope refused to bike up.  Another hill Greg had to haul up a bike.  Finley made it on her own this time.  

Eventually, Penelope decided she was done biking and I knew she would do this haha.  We stopped at a park with no playground and hung out in the shady section and drank warm water while Greg biked to get the vehicle and make his way back to us.  Interestingly enough, neither of us knew where we were and he had to use strava to find us haha.  Thank goodness he used that to track our run.  It took him 10 minutes to bike to the car and 12 minutes to drive back to get us. 

Penelope's face paint had started to smear and not look great because it was hot and she was sweaty and decided to use the leftover warm water while we waited to get the paint off but then was frustrated when we had no towels to help the process so she took her shoes off and used a sock.  I advised her not to do this because it was gross on so many levels but she didn't care and just thought it was funny. 

Finally Greg arrived to pick us up and we went and got some sushi and slurpees and went home to watch Moana in the basement where it was nice and cool.  It was an eventful bike ride where all  of us were tired and frustrated thanks to the heat but it was a lot of fun.  Finley was a serious trooper too considering she had played her heart out earlier at  her city final bronze medal game.  

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