Monday, 31 July 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Pizza!!

Today we celebrate Pizza's birthday since it was a year ago today that Jack rescued her and her siblings from under his garage and brought her to our house.  She just around 2 weeks old at this point and could barely walk.  She weighed just 250g!!  It's hard to believe that she is the cat we have today!

Pizza on her first day with us.  She looks nothing like she does today.  She was so scared and missed her siblings so much.

Finley made this for Pizza to welcome her to our family. 

Pizza's first night with us.  The girls made her a mini pizza out of paper so she wouldn't feel so sad and lonely. 

Feeding her was such a struggle.  She almost looked like a drowned rat when she got fed - especially when I did it haha. 

Playing with her pet pizza toy haha 

Trying to show the world how tiny she was.  

Because it was easiest to feed her on the table for me, she developed her bad habits early.

She was so playful.  She is still a super playful cat.  Watch  your feet when you are at our house!

Sleeping with her fur babies.  The girls were convinced that this would make her miss her siblings less.  She slept through most nights only waking at 5am to eat so it was a success.  

Feeding time.  She loved to eat and that also hasn't changed.

her favourite place to sleep and she still sleeps like this despite her size.  I wake up sweating and itchy from her on my face 

I still remember this day like it was yesterday.  Watching her drink milk herself out of a bowl is seriously one of the best moments ever.  No more needle feedings!  She also lost all of her short grey fur due to stress and lack of nutrition that you can only get from mama kitty but she was still healthy  otherwise. 

Finally she could climb the stairs and then we lost her all the time

She didn't care much for collars so listening for her bell didn't last long.  Here, she was wearing Quincy's collar.

Always basking in the sun

They still fight like crazy but mostly they ignore each other until Luci wants to bathe her

bad kitty.  I have no idea how much sugar we ended up throwing out.  Now I keep it in a glass jar unreachable by her.

She still sleeps like this and is crazy long.  she is also a patriots fan

wasn't me.

Our back screen is currently no longer attached to the door.  bad kitty.

she loves sleeping in penelope's bed and it is where you will find her for her afternoon naps. 

She wants all the attention and makes sure you know this. 

She went to the vet and got fixed.  she hated this thing like you would not believe. 

Pizza always goes to the bathroom with me.  It doesn't matter which one, she is always right behind me.  When I bathe, she jumps up and plays with the water for a little while before jumping off and sleeping on the bath mat in front.  

She loves being outside.  See how big she has gotten!

She loves sleeping in drawers so we have to make sure they are always shut.  Once, Greg and I thought she ran away and were searching the neighbourhood at midnight but turns out she was sleeping locked in Penelope's drawer the whole time. 

Trying to catch her some flies.  

Thank you Pizza for coming into our lives just when we needed you most.  I never thought I would get another kitty after Quincy ran away.  It devastated me and broke my heart so much that I couldn't bare the thought of anything like that happening again, but then there you were underneath Frunkl Jack's garage and needed to be loved.  And we needed to love you. 

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