Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hiking: Athabasca Falls

On our way back to Calgary last Monday, we stopped at Athabasca Falls for a quick walk.  We weren't planning a stop here but we voted and only Penelope voted against it so we stopped and got out. 

We rarely stop here because it is so busy.  Like crazy busy full of tourists who don't want to hike but want to reap the rewards of a hike.  Because really for it being just a short walk, it is pretty fantastic. 

You get lots of gushing water and water falls.  It is not the biggest waterfall in Jasper but it is by far the most powerful and the sound of the water crashing is pretty awesome.  It is 80 feet high and 60 feet wide 

And you get some amazing canyon views too.  Like if you are not into hiking, then you should really check it out.  You could even wear stilettos and skinny jeans and be successful with this walk.  It is super short and they say it will take you 30 minutes but you can be in and out in less then that. 

Jasper National Park isn't as busy as Banff is no matter what the occasion, but it is seriously worth the drive out there every year or two to experience the beauty that Jasper has to offer.  

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  1. This is my kids kind of hike! I'll pack my stilettos. haha