Monday, 10 July 2017

Hiking: Valley Of The Five Lakes

I really wanted to do this hike, like for months.  It was in one of those articles shared on Facebook but certain hikes you need to do and this was one of them.  It was another hot day in Jasper but this time we were all dressed appropriately.  

Greg said that this barely counted as a hike but was more of a stroll so I wasn't expecting too much.  

I actually thought it would be a lot like Moraine Lake or Johnson Lake or something like that where you got out of your car, walked down a path and walked around a lake but instead of walking around one lake, you would walk around 5 of them. 

This rock was the perfect spot for a photo of these 2 and Posing Penelope was out in full force.  Finley looks far too grown up in this one.  Stop getting so big!!

So this hike was nothing like what we thought it would be, it was definitely not a leisurely stroll like Greg said it would be but it wasn't really hard either.  There were some somewhat difficult parts but the problem was we went in with a different mindset then what we should have.  It was the level of difficulty and elevation as Maligne Canyon, it is just quicker.  

The first lake we encountered was Fifth Lake.  Apparently it is easier to do them backwards and when we were finished, I would agree with that.  It was very pretty. 

Finley decided to walk into the lake.  Penelope touched it with her hands and then went and stood on the dock with the normal people.  There were a lot of people who were in and out of the water. 

Greg wanted to jump into all 5 of the lakes.  Kale + Tanner joined him at this lake. 

The beginning of lake four.  Now that we were up high, it was nice walking along the lake and seeing all the beautiful views along the way. 

Greg was the only one to jump into the forth lake and he said it was warmer then lake five.  Finley dipped her feet in but that was as far as she got in this one. 

Lake Three was actually attached to Lake Four and would be easy to miss if you didn't know that.  I didn't know that and thought Lake Four was huge.... alternatively, if you came from the other direction, you would think that Lake Three was huge. I loved the different colours of the water in the lake. 

Penelope leading the way again towards Lake Two and Lake One.  

Seeing scenery like Lake Two makes me so grateful to be able to live so close to such majestic beauty.  It is a shame that not everybody will get to see something like this in their lifetime.  

Lake One was the hardest to get a photo of. I had to walk down into the rocks and then over a few rocks and logs to get this photo but it was so worth it.  Another amazing view.

This hike was really hot and really awesome and even though it wasn't the leisurely stroll we were expecting, it was still a really awesome, mostly easy hike that I would recommend you do if you find yourself in Jasper with a few hours to spare.  The hike took us 1:40 but that could be shortened or lengthened depending on how long you spend taking photos or viewing the lakes or hanging out at the lakes.  My watch said it was just under 5km round trip.  

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