Monday, 3 July 2017

June By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

June was a pretty good month running wise considering I slacked off the last week big time.  I skipped my last Tuesday run altogether and my last Thursday run was supposed to be 22km and I only did 6km because I was just not mentally in the game.  

That being said, I still managed to get 108.81km ran in the month of June.  Which is great compared to my June 2015 total which was 36.95km and slightly better then June 2016 which was 102.85km.  

My goal for km ran in 2017 is 700,  which means I have to run a minimum of 58.33km each month and I have reached that minimum amount 5 out of 6 times so that is great.  In order to reach my 700km goal, I should be at least at 350km at the end of June and I am at 540.32km which puts me a 190.32 ahead of my goal and only 159.47km to go!

I ran for a total of 13 days out of a possible 31.  I seem to hit 13 days ran every single month haha.  Here is how my days broke down: 
Sunday - 3 runs
Monday - 2 runs 
Tuesday - 3 runs 
Wednesday - 0 runs 
Thursday - 5 runs 
Friday -  0 runs 
Saturday -  0 runs

I used 3 different running apps and am still loving and hating various things about all of them.  Hopefully one day I find a good app for my apple watch series 2.  All my runs were completed wearing my Torin 2.0's which I have accumulated 328.33km since I got them on March 25th.

I went on 2 bike rides in June - Once to bootcamp and back and a second time taking Finley to a birthday party one community over.  This could change by the time you read this though since today is June 29th and we are heading to Jasper tomorrow and there is a good chance I could be on my bike at some point on the 30th.  So 2 bike rides for sure possibly 3.

Also, I haven't done any hiking this month but I know I will be doing one tomorrow for sure so that will count but no photo since I am getting this ready early since I won't be able to. 

I only made it to 6 bootcamp classes this month.  I missed one as I had a follow up appointment with my eye surgeon, one because I was volunteering at the girls' school, one because I desperately needed a self care day and the last one which was this past wednesday was because I just had too much to do.  Weak excuse I know!!!

I did better this month with my stretching and strengthening but still need to be better going forward in July.  I did 12 days of strengthening, 13 days of stretching and 7 days of foam rolling.  I also meditated 4x this month and trust me, I should have done this more!!

My shoulder/back/neck still continues to plague me although it has improved greatly.  I had one chiropractor appointment and one acupuncture appointment where she also did cupping.  I no longer have pain when driving or sitting in a vehicle which is great news.  On the 26th of June, I was able to do 10 push ups 2x at bootcamp which was a huge accomplishment for me.  I focused on core and legs after that as I don't want to do too much and ruin the progress I made.  On the 28th of June, I mowed the front yard of my house and my neighbours and it was sore a little but fine by the next day.  10 days ago when I mowed my lawn, my shoulder hurt for 3 days so I am hopeful the end of this ordeal is near.  

How was your month?  Any big accomplishments??

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