Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Summer 17 So Far....

Back in June, I posted about our Summer 17 Bucket List and while I have dedicated blog posts to some of the items we have checked off, some don't warrant an entire post to themselves.  So here are some of the things we have completed prior to us leaving for vacation on July 15th.  So far we have checked off 19 different items from our bucket list!!

This was when we explored the Bow Valley Pathyway and walked from Mallard Point at the edge of Fish Creek to the edge of Quarry Park where the girls played at the park.  The highlight of this 6km walk was the pelicans hanging out in the river.  The girls loved that. My personal favourite was seeing a seniors bike club called the Old Spokes, I hope they exist when I get to be their age.  They even had cool tech shirts with their name on it. 

We checked out the Stampede Breakfast at the Coach + Horses in Millrise.  We go to this one every year since it is close to home. Normally, we get there late and have to wait forever but this year, Finley had a soccer game at 1:15 and we had to be there for 12:30 and had to leave at 12 to get there on time and wanted her to be sheltered from the heat prior to her game so we got there before the 9am start time and didn't have to wait for anything at all.  Finley got her face painting on her arm since she would have to wash her face before her game.  She was happy when her kitty was still on there after her game. 

The girls had their eye appointments earlier this month and both had almost no change in their prescriptions which is great news!

We headed to Lake Chaparral with a friend on Finley's soccer team who's younger sister is bff's with Penelope so it's great and we get along well with her parents too.  It was a scorching hot day so the cold lake water felt really good. 

We have made 2 trips to the library and on our first trip we joined the summer reading program and the girls have been reading machines which is really great to see!

The girls beat the heat with slurpees and sprinkler.  They also put the sprinkler onto the slide to make a water slide.  

They had a sleep over and they slept in! 

Our summer has been really busy thus far and I am sure as you guys read this, our vacation is keeping us busy too!  Hopefully August finds us some chill time!  How is your summer going so far??

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