Thursday, 24 August 2017

Confederation Park Natural Playground

The second park we visited on Friday as part of Penelope's birthday celebration was the brand new Confederation Park Natural Playground which just opened up as part of a grant given in honor of Canada's 150th birthday.  I had never been here before and I actually thought that Confederation Park was the park on 14th street that had the Christmas lights around the holidays but I was wrong.  I mean, it does include the Festival of Lights but it also includes so much more then that.  It is massive!!

The address we used to find it was 905 30th Ave NW.

Confederation Park is a very large urban park in the NW of Calgary and it is really nice.  There is tons of green space, bridges, water and pathways.  They apparently have the new natural playground and an older park but that was Greg telling me that and I am not sure if that is true or not.  There is lots of parking closer to the park and a bit further away which is where we parked.  It's not terrible parking at the further parking lot because it is so nice to walk through. 

This was our view of the park as we approached it for the first time.  It didn't look very big and it looked very busy.

They have a lot of benches like shown above, metal benches around the area with fire bbq stands and lots of green space for picnics and relaxing.  I don't recall seeing any picnic tables. 

This was the main structure that Finley and Penelope played with,  They liked climbing the rope to reach the first level and then climbing up inside of the house, as they called it, to get to the slide. 

The second best thing was the upside down canoe that you could climb on top and underneath.  The girls really liked this part of it. 

This is the rubber swing on the end of the swing set that housed the traditional kid swings.  This was the least busy part of the park.  My girls very seldom hit up the swings but Finley did try out this one briefly.  There was also a monkey bar for the girls to play on.

This is the toddler section with sand, baby swings and smaller slides.  It is a good little area to keep the little ones safer from the big kids. 

The girls loved that the slide was long and curvy and pretty fast.

This playground also had the turny thing you sit in and spin around and around and around forever and ever.  The girls decided to go on it together and the laughter that came from this was second to none.  It is not often these two get along well anymore so it was a nice treat.  

I do like that they had separate areas for the bigger kids and the little kids, I like the natural vibe of it, i loved the canoes and the slides but I felt like it was missing something.  It didn't keep the girls occupied as long as Thomson Family Park did earlier that afternoon and to me that is a negative feature of the park.  A successful park visit is one where you can spend at least 30 minutes without complaining about being bored - especially when you visit one as far away from your house as we did.  

I do recommend visiting this park but only if you are in the area.  I wouldn't make the drive from South Calgary just to visit the one playground. It worked for us since we were going to Country Thunder at Prairie Winds Park.  They have a second natural park opening in Confederation Park that I plan to check out when it opens - probably will be on next year's summer bucket list haha. 

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